Sep 14

Moby Monday: Just the Two of Us


Sep 14

Afternoon Play Time

The boys have been sleeping most of the day lately (probably due to you-know-who waking at the wee morning hours). However, one afternoon this week, I noticed that they were  playing! Enjoy our “reality tv” :)

Sep 14

Getting Reaquainted with The Crate

Such a handsome face to wake up to, right?



Not really.

Boney has three modes of waking someone up.
1) Run wildly around the bed so that you have to get up for fear that he will fall off.
2) Run wildly around the bed and come up to your face to start covering it with bad-breath kisses.
3) Bark like a maniac.

This morning, he did all 3 of those things. At 3 A.M.

I picked him up, took him to the dog door and shoved him outside to go potty. I told Moby to get back in bed and we closed the door to the bedroom. That worked for about 10 minutes. Boney came back in, wandered around for a while and then stopped at the bedroom door where he woo-woo-wooed. I let him back in. He wouldn’t lay down. We put him back out. He woo-woo-wooed. Needless to say, after breakfast, even Moby was ready to skip his morning walk to go back to sleep. By that time, I was wide awake so just tucked the boys back in bed with their dad and went to work out.

So what are we going to do about it? Boney is going to start sleeping in his crate again. We’ll see how it goes. I’m sure he won’t like it to start with, but he seems to be getting up earlier and earlier every day. Joe likes to blame it on Moby and I’ll admit that Moby does “readjust” a lot during the night, but he’s happy to lay in bed as long as we want to.

Brutus, Dixie and Boney all used to sleep in a crate. At that time we “only” had a queen bed and the 5 of us in bed was difficult to say the least. When Brutus got sick, we let him sleep with us. When Dixie got sick, we let her sleep with us. Then Boney felt left out so we let him sleep with us, too. When we got Moby, he had a crate he could sleep in but I felt bad letting Boney sleep with us and not him – so they both slept with us. We’ll be experimenting over the next few weeks to see if we can find a sleeping solution that works for all of us.

Do your dogs sleep in crates? Do they sleep with you?

Sep 14

Wordy Wednesday: Hold Your Head High

Dear Readers,

Sometimes, when you are very wise (like me and Jake), your head gets very heavy. I just wanted to let you know that it’s a-okay to find something to help you keep your head held high. Your person’s arm, leg, lap, chest, the couch, the counter, a pillow…whatever it is it will be there to help you.

What’s your favorite thing to rest your head (or body) on?


Sep 14

In Search Of: A Heavy Duty “Rope”

The title of today’s post was going to be: Multi-Colored Poop: Why We Decided No More Rope Bones, but let’s face it, it’s not very inticing!

As I assume you all know by now, Moby LOVES to play tug. He LOVES ropes. We used to use rope bones, but got concerned about the number of strings we would find all over. So, I made braided fleece bones. For some dogs, those fleece bones last forever (we had one for 5  years with Brutus and Dixie and Moby recently destroyed in about 10 seconds). The fleece seems to keep the bones “intact” longer, but he still likes to chew on them. And lately, we’ve been finding clumps of fleece in his poop.

We’ll still let him play tug with the fleece bones (after all, we have about 20 at the house) but won’t let him chew on them at all. So, I’m in search of the perfect tug toy for my boy. Any ideas?

Sep 14

Moby Monday: Look at My Handsomes

I know you all like to look at my handsomes. So, here’s a few pictures of me to stare at and wish you were petting and kissing me. Happy Monday!

Sep 14

Throwback Thursday

20111130-171442.jpgI miss my boy every day. Some of Moby’s mannerisms make me think of Brutus – lucky for me, their love of cuddling is definitely something they have in common :)


Sep 14

Wordless Wednesday: How to Relax in Style

Dear Readers,

My inbox has been empty, so I guess no one needs advices right now.

What do you mean no one needs my advice anymore?

What do you mean no one needs my advice anymore?

So, I’ll take a breather. Wait, maybe none of you know how to stop and relax (and send a pug an email), so maybe you are ALL asking for advice on how to do so.

First things first – find a comfy lap or chair. If the chair you happen to be sitting in can recline, request that your human do that for you. After all – you’ve had a long hard day of napping, checking out strange noises and wandering around the house. you deserve to kick back! If you aren’t allowed on the furniture (please don’t invite me over), a good pillow, rug or dog bed will do just fine – just make sure it is properly fluffed beforehand. Once you are all settled in, ask for a treat or a bone. It’s nice to relax after a long hard day with something to gnaw on! Then you’ll be all set. Sometimes gnawing on your treat can take it out of you and you have to migrate to another spot for a quick snooze. That’s perfectly okay.

So, go get comfy, put on your thinking caps, and ask away…what do you need advice on? Comment below or shoot me a message at boney@woofssi.com!


Sep 14

Our Trip to Maryland (aka Leaving the Boys in Search of Farm Animals)

On the 5th of September, we woke up extra early, gave Moby a kiss (Boney was already at Grandma and Papas), assured him he would have an awesome time with Greg and started driving north. Our destination? Crystal Springs Farm in Keedysville, MD. It was an 11 hour drive – leaving at 5:30 in the morning, we could have easily done it – but we decided to only go “part way” to Fredericksburg, VA the first day. This allowed me plenty of time to make several rope bones in the car. I ran out of fleece with about 2 hours left!IMG_3126.JPG

At 9 hours, we wouldn’t have too far to go the next day. Joe went to school in Fredericksburg at Mary Washington College WAY back in the day ;) They were having First Friday so a lot of shops and galleries were open later that evening. We enjoyed a nice walk around downtown, stopped at some nice stores (my favorite was Dog Krazy!) and got a good nights rest. As luck would have it, there was a gun show in Fredericksburg that weekend (Joe claims he didn’t know this when we stopped) but it allowed me some time in the fitness center before we started to our final destination.


Dog Krazy selection – couldn’t come home empty handed!

We live in a beautiful area with ocean views, marsh views and beaches. But there’s nothing like the rolling hills of Virginia – especially when you see the open pastures full of horses or cows or my favorite…grapes! We stopped at a cidery on the way to the farm. It was good, but not my favorite. We stopped in small town just 15 minutes from our final destination. Boonsboro, MD was having their Boonesborough Days Festival and Joe’s friend Nick from Duvall Leatherwork had a booth set up. It was good to stop in and see him (I met him for the first time!) He has some awesome leather goods – from belts to dog collars and leashes to growler caddies!

We finally arrived at the farm – just in time to help set up for that evenings entertainment – a fire dancer, a hula hooper and a burlesque dancer were all coming out to the farm from the city! A large group of people showed up and we had a great time. Since that would take up our evening, we had to be sure to feed the animals beforehand (that would become my chore for the week!).

We had to feed Teddy and Sadie (the dogs), Buddy, Holly and Charlie (the sheep), Boarge (the boar), Violet and Chessie (the sows) and Chessie’s piglets. There are also chicken, but they tend to eat everyone else’s food, so I didn’t have to worry about them.

We had a long weekend (into the week) full of visits to a meadery, a cidery, several wineries (Hiddencroft, Doukenie, Breaux, & Hillsborough) and a distillery. Added to this fun was incredible home canned veggies (Carrie is awesome!), cheese, crackers and catching up with friends!

We had some exciting times at the farm (Boarge managed to escape his pen twice – luckily he, like most men, will answer to food), visited Antietam Battlefield, strolled downtown Frederick and Hagerstown, ate some super yummy food, drank some super yummy wine, and relaxed and enjoyed time with friends! We even made time for a morning trip to meet Melvin and Jake (and Tracey)!

We had a great week, but were happy to arrive back home to our own “farm animals.”

Thanks, Emily & Troy for hosting us for the week – we can’t wait to come back and work on some projects with you!

Readers – if you are even remotely in the area of Keedysville, MD, we suggest friending Crystal Springs Farm on facebook – watch for open houses, entertainment and fresh pork! It’s worth a stop in to see the historic farmhouse that also served as a field hospital for the Battle of Antietam!

Sep 14

Moby Monday: My People Are Home!


Mom and dad are back after being gone for a WEEK!! I was so happy to see them! Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time with Greg, but it’s just not the same as having Mom AND Dad home with me! Mom smelled like lots of animals when she got home – it was very confusing for me. But the first thing we did was go for a walk! Then I helped mom unpack and I got a Kong while the rest of the family relaxed. Mom said she’ll tell you all about her trip later this week. I’m just glad to have her home to steal the covers from at night!