Aug 14

Wordy Wednesday: Deep Thoughts

Hi Boney,
My name is Ellie and my mom is friends with Moby’s foster mom, Emily. They work together at Great Plains SPCA. She has loved keeping up with Moby and learning about you too! In fact, she says you remind her of me because we are both elder-dogs who look kinda grumpy (her words, not mine!). I’ve attached my photo, so you can be the judge. Well, looks like I’m being kind of wordy too, but my question to you is, what occupies your mind all day? You look like you are a wise dog with deep thoughts – what’s going on in that Boney brain? :)
Dear Ellie,
First off, let me say that you look very pretty in your scarf and not grumpy at all. I think sometimes our moms get jealous of how wise we look and in turn, make believe that we are grumpy. I guess it’s just a cross that we, beautiful and handsome squishy face elder dogs, have to bear.
So, what does this handsome wise pug think about all day long? Well, I think about a lot of things.
Sometimes I wonder why I wasn’t enough Pug for mom and dad and why they felt like we needed to adopt Moby.
Sometimes I think about how lucky I am that mom and dad adopted Moby, because he really does keep me entertained during the day with all of his moaning and groaning and repositioning. Perhaps with age he’ll realize that if he just doesn’t move, the day goes a lot faster.
Sometimes I think about how the world would be so much better if everyone had a Pug. Pugs are excellent cuddlers, but we still know how to scold in a loving “woo-woo-woo” way. My grandma realized how important it is to have a Pug in your life, which is why, when she realized that dad wasn’t going to give me up, she’d have to get one of her own.
Sometimes I think about all the treats and how far out of my reach they are and if I could only teach Moby to get them for me…
Sometimes I think about which bed is going to be the most comfortable on any given day. I usually lay in the same place every day, but some days you just have to mix it up, you know?
Sometimes I think that maybe I smell. Like when it’s been a long time since I’ve seen my Aunt Betsy and something just doesn’t quite smell right? I don’t always know if it’s me or Moby. I guess it’s probably Moby because Pugs always smell good (and have good breath).
I guess I think about a lot of different stuff. I don’t have too much to really worry about though. I have a good home, loving parents and a “little” brother that I can tease. All in all, I guess I think about the love that surrounds me.


Aug 14

DIY Fleece Rope Bones

Moby goes through rope bones like they are going out of style! And at $20+ each, that can get pricey ($$ better spent on more collars, right?!?) So, I did a little online research, bought some fleece (I bought blizzard fleece at JoAnn that was 40% off – bought 1/2 yard of 3 different colors and my total was less than $10!!)

New toys? For me?

New toys? For me?


I started out making a simple braid. That was super easy and Moby loved it! But…he destroyed it in less than 10 minutes. And by destroyed, I mean we had little bits of fleece all over our floor (but as Joe said, at least the gray matched the rug).

So, I did a little more research on the internet and came up with what I did below. I found two videos that demonstrated this method, but they were confusing so I had to watch them several times and then had to have Joe watch it and explain it to me. So…I thought I’d put it in pictures with captions that would make it a little easier to understand. With the fabric purchased, I was able to make the one regular braided rope, 1 small box braided rope, 1 medium box braided rope and 2 large box braided ropes. So….all that for under $10!

The “test” rope ended up being Moby’s outside tug. It’s still in one piece. We don’t allow outside toys to come back inside, for obvious reasons. His inside rope, which was a bit thicker and much longer suffered some but it still in “one” piece. For him, I say that’s a win!


Aug 14

Moby Monday: Siriusly Awesome

Some people have too many shoes. Dad says I need a closet for all of my collars. (Disclaimer: these are not all of my collars, just my Sirius Republic ones) Some of these came with me from my Foster Home and some Mom and Dad bought for me after they adopted me. Mom is always trying to keep me in line with the latest trends :) IMG_2965.JPG

Mom likes to make sure I’m well dressed when we go out, so I have collars for a variety of occasions! Here’s just a few gorgeous pictures of me in various collars – and one of mom in HER new Sirius republic gear (Dixie’s old leash transformed to a belt!)









Aug 14


Another new app to make Moby and Boney more awesome than they already are? How can I keep up with these things?!? Petpoc is a new app, similar to BarkCam, but you can do so much more with it! You take pictures directly through the app OR you can upload existing photos from your camera roll!

Petpoc has a diary that keeps all your photos – you can save them to your camera roll or share them directly with friends through the apps. There are a number of “sticker packs” to choose from. A few of the sticker packs are free, but you have to purchase some of them. You purchase them with coins – you can either buy coins, or earn them – by going to the app every day, making pictures, and sharing the pictures with friends! My favorite part of it so far is you can upload to Instagram right from the Petpoc app! Just hit share and you have the option to open the picture in Instragram!

There are also games you can play – with avatars of your pets (you can choose a generic avatar or upload your own picture)! I’m not a big game person, so this doesn’t really appeal to me, but I can see how some might find it fun.

I hope they continue to come out with more sticker packs, I’ve had fun with the free and one purchased, but I can’t wait to get enough coins to unlock another pack :) Be warned…we may be sharing our pictures with YOU! Below is just a sampling of the fun we’ve had with Petpoc (I’m thinking as good as Boney looks in those sunglasses, he might need some Doggles of his own!). Follow Petpoc on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!





Aug 14

Wordy Wednesday: Cuddle Pug

Dear Boney,

Who is the master cuddler, you or Moby?

Boomer & Dottie

Dear Boomer & Dottie,
This is probably the easiest question I’ve ever been asked. I am definitely the master cuddler. While Moby loves to cuddle, I am smaller and can therefore cuddle almost anytime, anywhere.

I mean, you don’t see Moby cuddling on a pillow, do you? Dad says that I am such a good cuddler, that sometimes he doesn’t even realize I am on his lap or know how I got there! Again, with Moby, you KNOW he’s there! No sneaking around for him!








Aug 14

Moby Monday: A Long Weekend with Nat

First off, Thursday was my FIVE MONTH adopt-a-versary! And what did mom and dad get me? A new friend!!

Mom and dad left on Thursday to go to Chattanooga, TN for the TN State Silhouette Championship (dad was shooting, mom went for fun). They took Boney to Papa and Grandma’s and they left me all alone to enjoy the weekend with my new friend, Nat. Nat had come over for dinner on Wednesday night to play with me and for mom to give him all my instructions (come on, mom, don’t embarrass me by telling him about my nightmares!).

Nat had to work late on Thursday, so Grandma came over to feed me. It was nice to see her without Allie and Boney – I got some extra love and cuddles!! When Nat came home, I wasn’t really sure what to think, as he’d only been there with mom and dad before. It took me a little while to realize that he was going to be spending the weekend with me, but once he started dishing out the treats and getting all the rope bones out, I knew we were going to have a great time!


We played and played and played. Then we would rest/snuggle on the couch together. Then we played some more. Watched a little TV on the porch and played some more. He even had some friends over that played with me too!! It was super awesome and I got really tired out!

IMG_2870.JPG IMG_2871.JPG

All in all, I missed mom and dad, but I had a really good time and I hope Nat doesn’t wait until mom and dad are gone again to come play with me. Mom told me he was moving away though, so I might not see him for a while. She also told me that I have another friend, Greg, coming to stay with me very soon! I can’t wait!!

Aug 14

Wordy Wednesday: Stop the Head Bopping

Dear Boney,
What were you true feelings the day Moby bopped you on the head? What have you done to ensure that doesn’t happen again or have you decided you like it?
Shelby, Rodney, Maggie, Baby Girl, Mack, Noah, Ceilly, Samora, Dixie, Penny and Jewelie

Dear Shelby, Rodney, Maggie, Baby Girl, Mack, Noah, Ceilly, Samora, Dixie, Penny and Jewelie,
At the time, I wasn’t really sure what to think. I mean, all I thought was “Did he really just bop me on the head? Why isn’t anyone here to yell at him!?” I can assure you that I did not like it. But, I’m a lover, not a fighter so I just kind of acted like it didn’t happen. I figured if I didn’t react, he wouldn’t do it again. Since then, I’ve been sleeping across the room from him whenever possible and sometimes even in a different room.
You seem to have lots of brothers and sisters in your house (shout out to Dixie and Baby Girl – Dixie was my big sister and mom and dad called her baby girl) – does anyone ever get picked on?

Don’t forget to write in with your questions for me! You can comment below or email me at boney@woofssi.com

Aug 14

Moby Monday: Why I Love Rope Bones

I have lots of toys, but my favorite ones are rope bones. Lucky for me, mom buys me lots of ropes!

Ropes are good for flossing, throwing, chewing, fetching and tugging. You can also use them as pillows if you get tired while playing with them. They are really the ultimate all purpose toy! Ropes are also good for giving mom extra house work because they tend to make a big mess!

Do you have any favorite toys?

Aug 14

Wordy Wednesday: Sticks and BFFs

Dear Boney,

Why do you think Moby’s best friend is a stick?

Turk & Rufus


Dear Turkeyman and Rufus,

First of all, I want to tell you how amazing you are for having lived with my brother for over a year. I honestly don’t know how you did it! He’s only been my brother for 4 months and I’m starting to wonder how much longer I can take it before I snap! I try to be tolerant, but last night he used me as a footstool!

Anyway, back to your question. I think you already know the answer though. He’s dumb. Plain and simple. I mean, who a) chooses a stick for your BFF and then b) eats said BFF. He’s not picky either. It can be a big stick, a little stick, an in-between stick, a real stick, a fake stick, basically anything that resembles a stick. And they are all his absolute BFFs while he has them IN HIS MOUTH! (Grandma is my BFF and I have never tried to put her in my mouth!) Then when he loses them, or eats them, they’ve been long forgotten and he’s on to his new BFFs. So basically, he’s dumb. I wish I had a better answer than that, but I don’t.


To our readers: don’t forget to keep sending in your questions! You can comment below or you can email me at boney@woofssi.com

Aug 14

Moby Monday: Yard Work and Snuggles

We had a great weekend! Mom and dad didn’t have any plans so they were home all day Saturday and Sunday! It was great – I wish every weekend was like that!

On Saturday we did a lot of work in the yard. First, mom took me for a long walk and then she mowed. It was about time – my grass was getting pretty long! She said that the battery in her mower had gone bad and she had to get a new one. Whatever the reason it took so long, my grass is now back to a good roll around and sunbathe.


Then mom and dad worked on redoing our pathway in the back. It used to be concrete pavers and stones, but that was sometimes hard to walk on so they replaced it with rubber mulch. That’s much softer on my paws!
I went on lots of walks, played in the yard with mom, dad and my bro Greg, and of course snuggled with mom and dad at night.

After such an eventful weekend, I was wore out!

What did you do this weekend?