Nov 14

Wordy Wednesday: Be Thankful

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. But we don’t always have to wait until Thanksgiving to be thankful, or to say what we are thankful for! I am thankful that I have never had to know what the inside of a shelter looks like. I’m thankful that I get fed meals twice a day and get lots of treats in between. I’m thankful that I have laps and blankets to lay on. I’m thankful for warm clothes when it is cold. I guess I’m thankful that I have a little brother that lets me kiss him even though he knows I’m trying to annoy him. I’m thankful for a mom and dad that would do anything for me.

What are you thankful for?


Nov 14

Moby Monday: Grammie and Grandpa

This weekend, Grammie and Grandpa came to visit me! Well, they said they came to visit all of us, but I think they just didn’t want to hurt mom, dad or Boney’s feelings. Grammie brought lots of treats which she was happy to hand out whenever she went into the kitchen. Grandpa had a bum shoulder so he couldn’t play tug as much as last time, but he still played a good bit with me. We went for long walks and I showed them around my favorite walking spots. We relaxed a lot too. They had to leave to go home today, but I made sure they had a little dog hair on them so they’d remember what a great time they had with me and come back soon!


Nov 14

Wordy Wednesday: Happy Birthday Mom!


Happy Bark-day to You! Happy Bark-day to You! Happy Bark-day to Mo-om! Happy Bark-day to You!

Mom, I just want you to know that even though dad adopted me first and raised me for the first couple years of my life, I’m glad you came along and gave me a middle name. Your lap is my favorite when you have blankie. You give out more treats than dad. If you weren’t here, how would I get up in the bed to cuddle with dad in the mornings? Thanks for everything you do to take care of me. I’ll forgive you for bringing my brothers and sisters into the house.

Love, Boney


Nov 14

Mastering the “Stink Eye”

How to give The Stink Eye:

Step 1. Find a comfortable space to sit, lay or stand.
Step 2. Shut your eyes about half way (kind of like when you get sleepy)
Step 3. If you have pointy-up ears, slick them back against your head. If you have floppy ears, try to put them back like you’re listening hard for something.
Step 4. Tilt your head just a bit.
Step 5. Get the attention of whoever you are delivering the stink eye to and give it your best!

When to give the stink eye:
You aren’t getting enough treats.
You aren’t getting enough walks.
You aren’t getting enough attention.
There aren’t any/enough toys on the floor.
Dinner is in 15 minutes and you’re starving.
They’re about to leave you to go to “work.”

Here are a couple good examples of what The Stink Eye should look like.

IMG_3633.JPGIMG_3597.JPGLet’s see your best versions of The Stink Eye! Post them here or on our facebook page!


Nov 14

Walking at the Speed of Slow

A while back I read an article about walking the dog. I don’t remember who wrote it or where I read it, so I can’t share of give credit where credit is due (sorry!). But the point of the article was to remind us that walking wasn’t for us, it was for our dogs.


I used to think of going for a walk as a form of exercise. I’ve started to think of it now as Moby’s way to experience the things we take for granted. I had grand illusions of running with him, teaching him agility, playing frisbee and ball for hours. But Moby has different ideas. While he’s extremely athletic, he tires easily. He’d much rather go for a leisurely walk than go for a run. So that’s what we do.

Sometimes I find myself gettting annoyed as a 1 mile walk can take up upward of 30 minutes. Really Mobes? Do you have to smell the same pile of pine straw for a full 60 seconds before moving on? His answer “Yep.”

We have a routine – every morning he wakes me up early, he and his brother have breakfast and then he and I go for a walk. Sometime short, sometimes long, but I’ve been trying harder lately to remember that we aren’t out there for me, we’re out there for him. I let him “stop and smell the roses” or in most cases “stop and eat the cat poop.” If he wants to pull, he can. If he wants to lag behind, he can. As long as he checks in with me periodically and doesn’t act like a fool (this happens occasionally when he’ll see a cat or the neighbor dog on the balcony) I consider our walk to be a good one.

So, walking at the speed of slow is okay with me. If he’s happy, I’m happy.

Nov 14

Wordy Wednesday: Rawhides!

I.LOVE.RAWHIDES. They way they start out hard and then get all slimy and slither down my throat. Mom hates when they get slimy. Dad always makes her cut off the slimy end when she takes it back from me because I’ve been known to have super long slimy ends that go WAY down my throat.

I never used to get rawhides because Brutus was very possessive of them. Now, whenever Moby gets a Kong, I get something to chew on also. Since I’m not a huge fan of Kongs (though I do have my very own Kong that Moby isn’t allowed to have), mom usually gives me an antler or a rawhide.

A while back, Grammie sent mom a package and she used rawhides as the peanuts! I always knew Grammie was super smart! Now I have rawhides to last me a year!!

Do you have a favorite chew?



Nov 14

Moby Monday: All Work and No Play

Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit. I have to give a shout out to my mom, who competed in a Crossfit Competition over the weekend. Dad said that she did well and I that I should take it easy on her when Sunday came around, but I could tell she just needed a little stretching and activity to get her going!

So, I woke her up at 4:45 – let’s get breakfast and get on the road for our walk! She got the breakfast hint, but then she made me go back to bed. I pretended to sleep until she looked like she might be ready to get up. Then I was REALLY ready to go!

Come on, Mom! Let's go for a walk!!

Come on, Mom! Let’s go for a walk!!

I got leashed up and mom and I went for a 5 mile walk! It was great – the weather was cool and I got to smell lots of new things! When we got back mom and dad worked in the kitchen for a bit. They got a new gas stove and have had to do some work to get it installed. While dad was over discussing things with Papa, mom told me we could start on our lawn chores. We are breaking down our gardens and using that dirt to even out the back yard so that I can have some more grass to run on (mom said it might be weeds, but I don’t care!). Mom wouldn’t let me shovel, but I got to help spread the dirt!

Mom even threw a few sticks for me while we were working and I found some good roots in the dirt that came from the garden! After all that work (and I guess there was plenty of play in there too) I was exhuasted and zonked out on the couch with dad and Boney. Mom and dad were super proud of me because I don’t every stay on the furniture when they get up. But last night, both dad and Boney got up off the couch and I stayed! It’s only the second time I’ve done that in the whole time I’ve been living with them. I know that I can be on the furniture whenever I want, but sometimes it makes me uncomfortable. Last night I was just soooo tired and didn’t care that I was the only one up there. Besides, that meant I didn’t lose my warm spot when dad came back!IMG_3592.JPGDid you do anything fun this weekend?


Nov 14

Wordy Wednesday: Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is my dad’s birthday! IMG_3390.JPGI am thankful to have a dad that has raised me from my puppyhood into my adulthood (mark your calendars now, I’ll be 10 on February 16). I never had to be in a shelter like Brutus or Moby and I’m thankful for that. He’s been my forever since my mom gave me up for adoption and I’m grateful to her for that every day because I can’t imagine a life better than the one I have now. Here’s to you day – I hope your birthday is as special as you make me feel. I love you!

Nov 14

I May Be Biased

I think Moby is incredibly handsome, but I may be biased. Just to be sure, here are a few pictures of his beautiful self for you to enjoy. What do you think?





















Nov 14

Moby Monday: It’s Sweatshirt Weather!

We woke up Saturday morning and it was REALLY windy outside! So much so, that I decided I would just wait for our walk to go potty (I didn’t like all the things falling from the trees). Then mom looked at the temperature gauge and it was 42 degrees outside! It was FINALLY sweatshirt weather!IMG_1364.JPG

Mom didn’t put on enough layers, so our walk was cut short to just a mile. I spent the rest of the day just lounging around, because as much as I like walks, I really do like to snuggle on the couch too. Sunday morning we all woke up REALLY early due to the time change. Mom bundled up a lot more and we went for a FOUR MILE walk! She took me places that I’ve never been before and I got to smell lots of new things. BUT, apparently, my muscles have gotten HUGE since I moved in with her and dad because my sweatshirt rubbed my legs and I have some almost-raw spots that are a little tender. Mom is now on the lookout for a sweater or fleece that doesn’t have legs, but just has velcro closures. If you know of any, send them her way – I get cold and need my covers :) I hope all of you are enjoying your sweatshirt weather!