Jun 11

Grandma & Ice Cream


Mom got home from work a little early today due to the power going out at her office building from a storm that came through.  On her way, she stopped at Moo Cow Ice Cream to get us some doggy ice treat.  It is a soy based ice cream made with applesauce, peanut butter and oatmeal.  It was pretty frozen, so she set it on the counter to thaw a little while we had dinner.

We finished dinner and I was patiently waiting for my ice cream.  Then mom asked if I wanted to go to Grandma’s…could this evening get any better?!  I love going to Grandma’s.  And I love going in the car.  I only wish that Allie Gator weren’t there all the time.  She gets so irritated with me when all I want to do is give Grandma kisses.  After all, since Allie doesn’t kiss, someone has to take on the responsibility of showing her how much she is loved!

We didn’t stay long at Grandma’s house because they were about to eat dinner.  When we got home, our ice cream had thawed and mom scooped it into three bowls for us to share.  It was sooooo good!  I licked my bowl clean.  Now that my belly is full and I’ve given out my kisses for the night, I think I’ll lay on the couch with dad and watch tv.

Jun 11

Oh so happy…

This morning I wasn’t going to let mommy get out the door without taking me for a run!  Since she didn’t take me on Friday before they left and then yesterday they slept in a little bit, I was anxious to get back out there!  I ran 1.65 miles today.  You can see my route below.

Mom said I didn’t do a very good job today, but it’s just because I was so excited to get out there and see the sights and smell the smells again.  And, it had been awhile since I reminded all the other dogs in the neighborhood that I was still around.  Of course, this included stopping at my favorite poop corner.  I don’t know why mom insists on picking it up and carrying it with us…but she said that it is bad manners to leave it, so I don’t push the issue.

Mom told me that I may not get to run every day this week because she has a race on Saturday and Monday and wants to make sure she gets in her full run time too.  I think she’ll do fine because after I was done running this morning, she went for another 2.3 mile run.  One of these days maybe I can make it that far too.

For now, I’m just content that I got to do my favorite activity with mom this morning.  I think I’ll lay down and nap for most of the day now.

Jun 11

They’re home!

Mom and Dad arrived home from their trip to George L Smith State Park about noon today…just in time for my daily dose of Denamarin. They went up there on Friday afternoon, camped for two nights, canoed yesterday and hiked today.  They always tell me that I am dirty and stinky, but I can’t say that they were much better when they walked in the door.  I was happy to see them despite that!

While they were there, mom got to try out dad’s old Canon 10D.  He doesn’t use it anymore and she wanted to see if she could learn to take pictures.  She always complains that dad doesn’t shoot enough of what she likes so he told her she can learn to shoot those things herself.  She had a good time doing it but was frustrated with the way some of her shots turned out.  Below is a sampling of her favorites.  You’ll have to check out dad’s blog for some shots and more about the trip as well.

It looks like the rest of the day will be spent lounging about on the couch or outside on the hammock, which is fine with me.  A special thank you to Grandma and Papa Loehle for coming over to make sure that I had breakfast, dinner and snacks while mom and dad were gone!

Jun 11

Bleeping Squirrels

Mom and dad called to check in this morning. They left without taking me for a walk yesterday to go camping at a state park a couple hours from the house.

Dad said that a squirrel got into his food bag yesterday when he an mom went for a small hike. The squirrel ate part of the bag (just a dry sack-so it can be replaced easily), part of a granola bar and some GORP that he made from scratch before they left. I knew they should have brought me with to fend off the squirrels for them!

Jun 11

What’s missing?

What’s missing from this picture? My paws!  At least three times a week, usually on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, mommy takes me for a run.  Well today is Friday and I didn’t get to go.  I’m pretty upset about that.  I really look forward to being able to go out in the neighborhood and take in all the new scents – of course leaving some of mine on the path as well!

Today mommy said that she was going to run farther than I could go, so I’d have to stay home.  I can only go about 1.5 miles without getting tired, but it’s just because I’m so excited to be running and to be with mommy at the same time!  It’s a good thing mom didn’t take me though because she ran 5.3 miles!  I don’t think she would have like carrying me the extra 4 miles 🙂  I just hope I get to go for a walk later.

Jun 11

Betsy Grooms (and cuts nails!)

Usually once a week, Aunt Betsy comes over to brush our teeth.  It’s not one of our favorite nights.  None of us have really good teeth, so she has to scrub kind of hard to get all the gunk off.  Mom tells me that my breath stinks all the time, but I think my dog food smells pretty good, so I don’t know what she’s talking about!

Well, tonight we were saved from having our teeth brushed, but she brought The Furminator with her!  As you can see, I had quite a bit of extra fur on me that was causing me to itch.  I felt much better after she did that, but THEN she also cut our nails, which I HATE!  I hate to admit this, but it takes mom and dad to hold me down so she can cut my nails and then I yell at everyone (including Brutus and Dixie) when they finish.  Brutus just ignores me though because he is happy that he gets to eat all the nail clippings.  I think that’s gross, but mom appreciates that he helps to clean up the mess.

I guess next week we’ll be back to brushing teeth…

Jun 11


Hi there!  This blog is a work in progress.  It’s intention is to give me (Brutus), along with my siblings, Dixie and Boney an open forum to discuss things that are going on in our lives, hobbies, interests and just random thoughts.  Our mom and dad may interject from time to time too. We hope you check back often as we’ll be trying hard to make your tail wag!