Jul 11


Mom has had a baking extravaganza all weekend long!  It started with key lime cupcakes  with lime-cream cheese frosting on Thursday evening.  Friday night she made a rhubarb pie.  Saturday she made red velvet cupcakes with buttercream frosting and pecan sour cream pound cakes with an orange glaze.  She kept saying she was going to make me something, but I was beginning to doubt it when I didn’t have any new snacks as of this morning.

We slept in and mom got us out of bed at 7:20 this morning.  My belly was super excited because I thought maybe she had woken up really early and made us a breakfast treats.  No such luck.  In fact, she didn’t even give us breakfast before she went for a run….my tummy was growling!  Thankfully, dad got up shortly after that and knew that we needed to eat something.

Mom got home from her run and promptly starting baking again.  This time it was a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.  While the cake was cooling she asked me what I wanted.  So, we got out the cookbook and started looking through them.  I decided that I just wanted a simple peanut butter cookie.  Mom started to gather all the ingredients and realized that we didn’t have cornmeal!  Luckily, she loves me, so she went to the store to pick some up.  It didn’t take long to mix up the dough but then she had to cut out shapes and they had to bake.  My patience was beginning to wear thin!

Finally, they came out of the oven and smelled so good!  She made different sizes for all of us – big and medium sized bones for me and Dixie and little bones for Boney.  She said they had to cool for a little bit, but I just wanted to jump up and scarf them all down! Finally, she put them in a little white bag and gave us a few to sample.  They were really good…well worth the wait.  Now I need to think of a few new tricks so I can get some more!

Jul 11

I Love Dad

As many of you know, dad was away for a FIVE days!  It’s not that I don’t love Mom too, but Dad sits down with me a lot more.  Mom seems to just want to walk around the house and do all my chores. And who am I to take that pleasure away from her?  Sometimes I get all of my toys out and spread them around the house just so she can have something to do.

But now that Dad is back, the best part is relaxing on the couch after a long day and watching TV.  Sometime I have to share Dad’s lap with Brutus, but I have a secret weapon that usually makes him get up and go lay somewhere else.  As you can see, I fit perfectly in Dad’s lap and there is no room for anyone else!

Jul 11

Bath Time?

Ugh.  I don’t like bath time.  I used to like it a lot, but ever since my skin got super sensitive and I have my itchy spots, I really don’t like it.  Maybe because it’s such a chore and not something fun anymore.

But..I can tell today will be bath day.  We woke mom up at 4:30 today.  We didn’t want her to be late for her run, but she found out at 6:00 that it had been cancelled.  She said she’s going to run in a little bit, but right now she’s cleaning.  And she took the sheets off of our beds to wash, which usually means we get a bath.  I admit, I do kind of smell funky right now, so I probably need one.  But still, it just isn’t what I had in mind today.

Mom has a lot of to do’s on her list today, but I’m sure she’ll get them all accomplished pretty early in the day since we woke her so early.  We’re super excited that dad is coming home tomorrow!  We’ll try not to get the house too dirty in the meantime 🙂

Jul 11

No One is here!

I know I saw them.  I think I could even hear it.  I warned mom by barking.  I don’t know why she doesn’t get up to see who it is.  She said “It’s No One.”  I don’t know who No One is, but they sure do some around a lot!  I see them all the time and I always warn mom with a bark or two (or three).  Then Boney and Brutus see No One too and they bark.

After No One has come and gone a few times, mom shuts the shades so I can’t see them anymore.  I don’t think this is smart…I mean, how am I supposed to warn her?

Today’s been a pretty good day – mom has been home with us most of the day except for a little bit this morning when she went to show a house.  Then she spent the rest of the day baking and just finished up.  She was working on something for our Aunt Beth Ann, so she didn’t have time to make our treats.  She said if she has time tomorrow, she’ll make us some…but I saw her to do list, so I kind of doubt that’s going to happen!

Well, I better get back to watching for No One.  Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Jul 11

King of the World…

…or maybe just the couch.  Either way, it’s amazing how much my new collar does for me.  It gets me the attention I deserve.  Mom has told me several times today how handsome I am.  She usually tells me that at least once a day, but today it’s been at least 5 times so far!  It makes me feel good…and sometimes when  I feel good about myself I like to sit on the highest point of furniture possible…like I’m the King of the World. My Uncle Mark actually refers to me as King Boney, so he obviously agrees with my point of view.

The only problem with sitting on top of the couch is that I tend to get scolded.  No matter how handsome I look, mom does not like it when I’m up there.  She’s afraid that I’m going to be clumsy and fall off the back.  I’ve seen Dixie do it a million times…she just wants to get to the other side so she jumps over the back instead of walking around.  I don’t know why I should be any different.  I have to admit, I did fall one time when Aunt Katie was visiting us…mom got really scared, but I showed her how athletic I was when I landed on all four paws!  She was relieved, but not impressed.

Mom is planning on doing some work around the house this weekend as well as baking.  Hopefully she’ll make some treats for us.  I hope you all have a great weekend!  I’m going to nap now in my other favorite spot…under the coffee table.


Jul 11

I could be a model

What a great day!  We told mom about this great collar company, Sirius Republic, that we read about on Stevie Wonder’s blog, Love and a Six Foot Leash.  Stevie looked so gorgeous in hers that we just knew we had to get some too!

So, mom got online last week and we looked at all the great patterns to choose from…it was hard to pick just the right one!  Mom ordered Preppy Pup for me (and I must say, I do look pretty dashing!), Orange Argyle for Brutus and Peace, Love and Rescue for Dixie.

Mom said that today she read a new blog that we’re going to start following, Twenty-Six to Life, that person had just ordered some new collars from Sirius too!  One her dogs, Nemo, has the same collar as Brutus!  Anyway, mom came home today and brought the mail in…and our collars had arrived!  We were all so excited…Dixie wouldn’t stop running around the kitchen!

Now that we have our awesome new collars mom said she has another surprise coming from Poochy Couture.  I can’t wait to see what that might be!  We are definitely in with the “cool kids” now!  Below you can see Brutus and Dixie in their collars.  Dixie was still really excited and didn’t want to stand still for mom to take her picture.  I guess I need to start teaching her how to pose 🙂


Jul 11

Dad – When are you coming home?

Dad – when are you coming home?  We miss you!  Don’t get me wrong…mom is doing a great job taking care of us, but it’s just not the same here without you.  It’s hard (but possible) for the three of us to fit on mom’s lap.  And she certainly doesn’t have enough hands around to pet all of us at the same time!

Boney is kind of an attention hog when you’re not here too….he even barks at Dixie when she wants moms attention.  I can tell mom misses you too because she let us sleep with her so she wasn’t all alone in bed.  (I do have to admit I don’t mind you being gone just for that luxury!) So…we hope you have fun at the 150th Manassas with your friends and don’t forget to bring us back some treats!

Oh…mom wanted me to show you the picture she got of Dixie this morning…she’s pretty happy with it considering Dixie NEVER smiles for the camera!


Jul 11

The Purple Ball

It’s been a pretty uneventful weekend.  Mom and dad have been around for most of it, instead of off playing somewhere.  I have to admit it’s kind of nice on the days where they choose to sit with us on the couch and watch tv.

Don’t get me wrong…they haven’t been lazy at all – mom did a few loads of laundry, cleaned the house and is getting ready to go grocery shopping while dad worked on getting packed for the upcoming week.  He’s going to the 150th anniversary of the Battle of First Manassas.

Anyway…while sitting around relaxing, I picked up one of Boney’s toys (he has SEVERAL) and of course, he went crazy.  So, mom got out my special purple ball.  It’s special because I’m the only one that’s allowed to play with it.  She doesn’t get it out very often because she wants it to last.  Dad always reminds me not to play hard with it because once it becomes a carcass, it will belong to Boney.  Sometimes after I’m done playing with it, I just sit on the couch with it between my paws (like the picture here).  That way I don’t have to worry about it being stolen.

Jul 11

I’m famous!

For those of you that don’t read my dad’s blog – he posted about me today.  I’m famous.  Not for anything special…just for lying around on the floor to keep cool.

Mom thinks I look great – I was actually somewhat annoyed that dad wouldn’t leave me alone, but at least he didn’t expect me to sit, shake or pose for him.

We’ve had a pretty uneventful week so far.  Mom and dad have been busy with work.  They went for a bike ride last night.  Mom said that one of these days she’s going to get us a Houndabout Dog Trailer so we can go for bike rides too.  I think it’d be fun…a good way to get out of the house without having to walk anyway.  It’s not that I don’t like exercise…it’s just that my version of exercise is walking from my room to the laundry room (where my food is) and back to the couch.  Anymore than that is a bit much if you ask me.  Mom and dad call me lazy, but I’m not as lazy as Boney…at least I go outside a few times a day to walk around the back yard.

Jul 11

What is this?

I was helping mom yesterday with her weekly chore of picking up poop when we came across this.  Do you know what it is?  All mom and I can figure is that it is a mushroom of some kind, but it’s kind of funny because it looks like it’s growing upside down. There is actually another one in the yard pretty close to where this is.

I like to help mom pick up poop because I know where all of it is.  In fact, I help her with it on a daily basis…which she has repeatedly asked me not to.  But I think she secretly appreciates what I do for her!

Yesterday mom and dad got a lot done in the morning and then in the afternoon it started to rain, so we called Uncle Mark on the Xbox 360 Kinect and mom, dad and Uncle Mark talked about their trip in October to hike the Superior National Hiking Trail.  After that, we all cuddled up on the couch and watched some tv.






Today, mom and dad decided to go to Skidaway Island State Park and do some hiking.  They knew about a couple of trails there, but when they got there, found about more, so they were happy.  They hiked about 4.5 miles today.  Generally, when they do outdoorsy stuff they come home in a good mood, which is good for me because it usually means extra treats 🙂

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!