Dec 11

Christmas Eve Walk


Mom and dad have been going to the gym when it is still dark out, so I haven’t been able to go for many walks lately. So when mommy invited me on a walk with her and her friend Jennings, I was all in! There’s nothing better than a girls afternoon, especially when it involves going on a walk. We walked for 4 miles – its the farthest I’ve ever gone! I could have gone farther but I won’t lie, I was tired when we got home. It was a nice day with temperatures in the mid 60s.

Mom and dad went to grandma and papas for Christmas Eve dinner. When they get home we’re all going to watch Hercules Saves Christmas. We’re all very excited for this new holiday tradition. Brutus said he might get out his reindog ears too, so stay tuned!

Dec 11

3 Days…

Mom says that Christmas is in 3 days and I had better stay on my best behavior or Santa Claws isn’t going to visit me. So, I’ve been doing a lot of sleeping so that I can stay out of trouble. I have two ottomans that I sometimes share with dad. Mom said that I have more beds than anyone else in the house. And really, I don’t see any problem with that… I mean, Uncle Mark calls me King Boney do surely that means I should have a lot of thrones. Is everyone else staying on their best behavior? And does that mean that I can be bad starting Sunday afternoon?


Dec 11

Early Christmas Presents

Earlier this week mom decided that we needed a leash holder. So she went to the Internet and did a search. She didn’t want just any holder – it had to be something special. After all, she tells us how special we are all the time. She found a store on Etsy that not only makes cool leash holders, but the seller also lives in Mom’s favorite place in the whole world – Minnesota! She knew it must be fate, so she contacted the seller and custom ordered us the coolest leash holder ever! Mom was thinking ahead and since Allie Gator has sleepovers a lot, she got one with 4 holders.


Dec 11

So tired…

Whew! Last night mom and dad hosted a party for some friends and neighbors and as usual, we weren’t invited. However, after a while we convinced them to let us in on the fun. Everyone that was here kept commenting on how adorable I was (duh!). Mom and dad said we all did a really good job is socializing – even Dixie who usually runs to her room when there are too many people around. One of our neighbors gave us lots of treats so our bellies were FULL at the end of the night. We’re still tuckered out this morning…Allie had been in bed all morning!


Dec 11

So comfy!

My favorite place in the whole world is right next to mommy. She doesn’t sit on the couch very often, do when I see her get comfy, I get comfy right on top of her. She’s less likely to move if I lay on top of her. So for tonight, I’m just going to sleep tight with maybe a couple dreams and some snoring. Because there’s nothing better than being next to mommy.


Dec 11

Mommy, It’s Cold Outside


Mommy doesn’t like to turn the heat on in the winter. Something about being cold reminds her of what a winter should be. Usually it’s not a big deal, but sometimes it gets chilly at night. We woke up this morning and the house was COLD! Daddy even put on a sweater. I wouldn’t mind it so much if I had someone to cuddle with me on the couch, but mom is baking all day. Since I don’t have anyone to keep me warm, mommy thought it would be a good opportunity for us to break in our new sweaters from Our Waldo Bungie. Brutus and I look stunning in our sweaters and are staying nice and cozy. Boney claims he’s too cool for a sweater today and is refusing to wear his. He does have a lot more hair than us and quite possibly a little more warmth beneath his hair (I’m not saying he’s fat) than us. So for now, I’m warm. I hope you’re staying warm too!

Dec 11

Christmas Wish List

Brutus, Dixie & Boney gave me their Christmas wish lists last month as they know I don’t like to wait until the last minute to buy presents. They all requested a new collar from Sirius Republic. They love their current Sirius collars, but thought it would be nice to have two so they could switch back and forth. Dixie wanted a Thundershirt to help with her thunderstorm anxiety. Boney has said so many good things about his Molly Mutt bed that Brutus decided he wanted one too. We’ve been telling Boney that it’s time to throw away some toy carcasses, so he’s requested some new toys. We’ll see if everyone gets something on their wish list. Do your pooches (or felines) have a wish list for the holiday?

Dec 11

Hooray Mommy (and Uncle Mark)!!

I’ve been helping her train for a big run. Even though we haven’t gone out together in a while, I still support her and make sure to boost her confidence by telling her how much I love her when she comes back from a big run. Well today was her big run. Yesterday, she and dad picked up Uncle Mark from the airport. Turns out, he flew down just to see us and participate in the big run too! So this morning, we got up and ate an early breakfast (no complaints from Brutus!) so that mom, dad and Uncle Mark could head down to Amelia Island for the run. Mom just called to say that they were on the way back, but that she and Uncle Mark did great! Uncle Mark finished at 1:55.23 and mom came in at 2:33.49. I’m so proud of both of them! Thanks to Jake, Bailey and Biscuit’s mom for the picture!


Dec 11

Chillin’ with Dad

Mom has a Christmas party to attend tonight so Dad said he would hang out with us. After dinner, I hopped up into his lap and he started a game of Madden 12. He’s getting ready for Uncle Mark’s visit – I don’t know why he thinks Uncle Mark will play that dumb game when he’s coming down just to me! It’s kind of hard to nap while dad is playing because he shouts a lot. I think he’s shouting at Brutus for intruding on my personal dad space, but I’m not really sure. I wouldn’t mind of Dixie sat with us, but she only sits with mommy or in mommy’s spot.