Feb 12

I am the King

Posted by Boney

…and I will sit on my throne and rule this household.


You shall bring me treats whenever I request them, feed me large meals and provide me with a lap for sleeping. All toys shall belong to me and will not be shared. You must run to me at every bark, whine and woo woo to fulfill all my wants and needs.

I am King Bonaparte and you are my faithful servants.

Feb 12

My Pajamas

Posted by Dixie

Tonight a storm is in the forecast, so mom said I had to put on my pajamas.


Mom got them for me at Christmas. My pajamas are actually a thundershirt. I like my thundershirt because it’s pink. It also helps me be not so stressed when it’s stormy outside.

Feb 12


Posted by Brutus

Mom told me that I don’t have spots around my eyes anymore. She said I just have really big old man eyebrows. I’m not sure which is better. What do you think?



Feb 12

Naps for Everyone!

Posted by Dixie

As Brutus said yesterday, I haven’t been sleeping much. Last night mom and dad didn’t shut my crate door just in case I had to get up during the night . Well, my tummy was fine but I really liked having the whole house to myself so I walked around a whole lot. Mommy said she could hear me tap dancing all over. So, today I had to get in some extra nap time.


I decided to take a little snooze on the couch. I sure am glad I did because now I have lots of energy for zoomies later on.

Feb 12

Nap Time

Posted by Brutus

I haven’t been sleeping very well because my sister, Dixie, has been getting up a lot at night. She has a very sensitive tummy and sometimes she has to go potty before its time to get up for breakfast. So, I’ve had to get some extra nap time in lately.


I love the Molly Mutt bed that mom and dad got me for the winter holidays. Boney already had one of his own and it was pretty comfy so I asked for one. I’m really glad I did because it’s super comfy. It’s even big enough that if mommy wanted to lay with me she could. I highly recommend them!

Feb 12

They Say It’s My Birthday…

Posted by Boney

Happy Birthday to Me…


Dad tells me I was born 7 years ago in Rincon, GA. Aunt Betsy, Uncle Swen and Dad came to pick me up after it was okay for me to leave my mom and siblings. I don’t remember much about them, but I do remember that Dad loved me from the very beginning! He had Aunt Betsy check me out from head to toe and she agreed that I was one fine Pug! So, we headed home to get to know each other better. I’m really glad that Dad chose me and that now I have Mom, Brutus and Dixie to celebrate with me too!

Mom said she’s going to be baking tonight and I’m pretty sure that includes some birthday treats for me. Today I get to do my favorite things which are: running after Brutus and yelling at him, lay on dad’s lap, play with as many toys as I want, and basically do what I do every day – get loved by Mom and Dad. It’s going to be a great day!

Feb 12

Happy Valentine’s Day

Posted by Brutus

Happy Scmappy…

Mom told me today about all these hot babes in blogland that were looking for hot dates for tonight. Really!?! Today!?! I could be schmoozing it up with Lucy Lou or Mayzie but instead I’m sitting sulking on the couch because the only date I have is with a blanket and my family.

Don’t get me wrong, I love mom and dad…but I’d love to learn about or meet someone new to give me a little skip in my step. After all, I’m not getting any younger! I’d make a great Valentine (or anytime) date!

I hope everyone has a great night and gets lots of love from their forever (or foster) families!

Feb 12

Staying Warm

Posted by Brutus

Sorry we haven’t been keeping you up to date lately! Thanks to Wayward Dogs for giving us (and mom) a shout out! It was just the motivation we needed to get our paws to the keyboard again. It’s been unseasonably warm here – February is usually our coldest month. But the last couple nights it’s dipped into the low 30s at night. When dad gets up off the couch in the morning to go to work (in the next room) he always tucks us in for a nice snuggly nap.



We’ve been staying busy with helping mom and dad around the house and making sure that we sleep enough for both of them. Dixie and I had our annual check ups a couple weeks ago. I lost some weight and am now a healthy 63 lbs. I also changed medicines from Prednisone once a day to a generic version of Atopica. It’s for my allergies and itchy skin. I also have to go back in a couple weeks for the whole day so they can do some bloodwork and test me for Cushings Disease. I’m not really sure what that is but it sounds like something to do with cushions, so I’ve been practicing being extra snuggly with mom and dad. I hope I pass the test! I like going to see Dr. Arbo because they have good treats and I know where they are in every room. I have also perfected “the look” that gets me treats so it should be a good day!

So, that’s about it for now. We’ll be celebrating Boney’s birthday later on this week so be on the lookout for pictures and great recipes!