Mar 12

Smile Pretty!

Posted by Brutus

Last weekend, mom and dad took me to a park for a photo shoot. I don’t get to leave the yard much except for the occasional visit to Dr. Arbo, so you can imagine how excited I was! (Note to self: that might be why I don’t get to go in the car much)

Dad told mom that he wanted to get some special pictures of us together so that she would always remember my smiling face – as if she would ever forget!

Below are the pictures that dad thought were best – he even got in a few! Mom’s favorite is the one of her giving me kisses. I didn’t know dad was taking the photo then – how embarrassing to be seen kissing my mom!

I have to admit, I’m pretty photogenic so there’s not a bad one in the bunch 😉












Mar 12

Happy Birthday Brutus!

Posted by Miranda

Today Brutus celebrates 10 years – and almost all of those 10 years have been with me. I adopted him as an adorable little 5 lb puppy from our local animal control. He was a handful – chewing up everything in pure puppy style until he was about 1 year old. He has become quite the sophisticated elderbull and has a very special place in my heart.

He got an early birthday present yesterday (blue dog) that he instantly took too. It only took him a couple hours to pull a seam and get some of the stuffing out, but he’s been a little more gentler with it since then.

This morning he woke me up with his heavy sigh (he sleeps on his favorite Molly Mutt right next to our bed due to his recent arthritis) and a look that said he was ready to get up and enjoy his day. And enjoy it he will! We started off this morning with a big bowl of his dog food followed by a piece of peanut butter toast. Then when dad woke up, Brutus got his birthday present – another toy (lion). He was equally thrilled to have something else that he could call his own and immediately gathered lion and blue dog and layer down on another of our many Molly Mutt beds to enjoy his new presents.


Today at lunch, Brutus will enjoy chicken nuggets and at dinner he and dad will each get a ribeye. We are determined to make this his best birthday ever!

We want to make this birthday extra special because not only is he the big 1-0, but we also found out on Friday that this will most likely be his last birthday with us. We went to the vet for an ultrasound and it turns out that Brutus has liver cancer and is only expected to be with us for another 4-6 months. It tears me up to think of the day that I won’t get to sit on the couch with him snuggling and kissing, but at the same time I only want him to be happy and comfortable. We’re lucky in that Brutus pretty much wears his emotions on his sleeve, so he’ll tell us when it’s time.

Until then, we’re going to live every day to its fullest and love him with everything we have to give.

Mar 12

Too Many Pills

Posted by Brutus

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written…it’s been a long couple of weeks. The good news is my Cushings test came back negative. Bad news is I had a yeast infection on my neck and fungal infection on my back from my allergies. Arthritis has come on pretty strong in one of my front legs as well. So, for the next couple of weeks, this is what my medicine schedule looks like:

Depending on the day, I get 12 or 13 pills – 4 or 5 at breakfast, 2 at lunch, 4 at dinner and 2 at bedtime. My bedtime vitamins are so big they don’t even fit in the pill box! I can’t complain too much because this just all means extra peanut butter for me.

The medicine for my arthritis makes me kind of sleepy so I’ve been taking a lot of nappies. One of the good side effects of having arthritis is mom and dad feel bad for me, so they moved my big Molly Mutt into their room and I get to sleep on that instead of in the crate. Every night I climb onto my bed and daddy tucks me in. I sleep on moms side of the bed so she checks on me through the night if I wake up or make noises. It’s good to know that I’m loved!


Mar 12

Saturday Nappies

Saturday is usually a “big” day for us. We like to get up early and head out to garage and estate sales. Today we did a bunch of running around, stopping back at home a few times. Every time we would walk in the front door, Brutus and Dixie would be on the couch waiting. Boney would be nowhere in site. We’d call him…no answer. We knew where he was – every time (4!). We’d walk back the bedroom and he’d be curled up between Joe’s two pillows, snoozing (and snoring!). He’s a very sound sleeper and unless you are right over him saying his name and/or shaking him, he won’t wake up. Joe makes a good point – at night, Boney pretends that he has trouble getting up into the bed when we know in fact that he has no problem at all!

Mar 12

Big Day for Brutus

Today is a big day for Brutus. I dropped him off at the vet at 7:30 this morning and can’t pick him up until 4:30! I feel bad for my big guy…he’s going to be poked and prodded for the next 8 hours.

Today is they day that they’ll test for Cushing Disease. I really don’t fully understand the disease or what it means for us. He’s been off prednisone for a little over a month now and seemed to be doing fine the first couple of weeks.

Recently, its been a different story. He’s been scratching at his neck/chest a lot despite being allowed to go collar free to reduce the irritation. He’s had a few accidents where he can’t get outside fast enough (we have a dog door so he can go outside whenever he wants) and this morning he had an accident on the way to the doctor – which has never happened before. He is losing a lot more hair than normal, and is losing more weight. He’s gone from a top weight of around 80 to 63 at our last visit. He also noticeably favors his front left leg – I’m hoping its just arthritis.

Brutus is the oldest of our pack and will be turning 10 in a couple weeks. I’m hoping that most of those symptoms ate just age related and that there isn’t anything major going on. Keep your paws crossed!