Mar 15


I have Crepitus. What does that mean? Basically, I have really creeky joints in my right elbow and that is what is causing my limp. I’ve had arthritis for a while and have been taking some things for it, but apparently, it’s getting worse in my elbow. Mom and dad were relieved to hear it wasn’t my wrists or that I hadn’t fractured anything, but it’s still something that we need to fix. So, now that we have the cause – what is the remedy?

I’ve been taking adequan and chondroflex for the past year to deal with my arthritis. After our visit, my doctor suggested that keep taking the daily condroflex and up the frequency of my adequan shots to every 3 weeks (instead of 4). I’m also going to be taking rimadyl and tramadol for the next 2 months to see if that helps. At my 2 month check up, if I am better, we’ll see about weaning some of the new meds back. If I’m not better, the doctor suggested cold laser therapy. They’ve seen some great results from others that have gotten it done and it’s especially good when the area is localized (like my elbow).

For now, I’m taking full advantage of the situation. I’m not supposed to jump up or down, so mom and dad have been helping me on and off the couch. If we’re outside doing lots of things and I won’t lay down, mom will carry me around so I can still be with them. They even moved my favorite fuzzy blanket from the couch to my man cave as incentive to stay there during the day!

I’ll be fine in the long run, but would appreciate any positive vibes (or treats) you’d like to send my way :)

Feb 15

Let’s Get a Physical!

Being healthy is important. That’s why mom works out, dad is starting to run and I get to do both. Today, I had my annual exam. It was only the second time I’ve been to the vet here (the first time I just had a heartworm test, so it was pretty easy). Before we went to the Dr, I got to go to work with Mom and met a new friend, Craig! I got a Kong before I went to the vet too, so it was a good morning!

IMG_4387.JPGAs soon as we got to the vet, Mom requested the big room so that I would feel more comfortable (and so we could practice some of our training while we waited). Desi came in to get me and took me to get weighed. Apparently, all the treats from training have added to my waist line – I weigh 80 lbs! But, the Dr. said that that was okay. He said high 70s to low 80s was a good weight for me and said if I could stay where I was that would be fine. I still have a good taper and he could feel my ribs. I might be just a teensy bit chubby, but I have a lot of muscle – and muscle weighs more than fat, am I right?

Today I had bloodwork and a couple vaccines. For the bloodwork, they had to take the blood from my neck – so just to be safe, I put my muzzle on. I haven’t bitten, but I have been known to airsnap when I get nervous and since someone’s face was going to be near my face, I didn’t want to take any chances. I don’t mind my muzzle at all because I get treats while I put it on and then treats after I take it off. And I get lots of kisses while I have it on too.

After my blood was drawn, the Dr. came in to give me my full exam and the vaccines. I let him look in my mouth and in my ears, but got a little nervous and gave some lip when he wanted to touch my back legs, so I put my muzzle on again. More treats! He said I looked great and gave me lots of treats and pets when were done.

Mom gets the results from the bloodwork back on Monday, but she doesn’t expect there to be anything wrong. It’s always good to have a baseline in case something happens in the future.



Mom was really pleased with how things went and how well I did. I still get nervous sometimes meeting new people (especially when I have 3 people leaning over me!) but I didn’t have any airsnaps or growling and I even licked a couple of the girls! Of course, everyone commented on how handsome I am (duh!).

Mom said it was important to let you know all the details, because sometimes people think badly of muzzles or dogs that wear muzzles. I really wear it for my safety. I know that it keeps me from doing something bad out of fear and I know that I get rewarded before, during and after wearing it with treats, snuggles and praise. I’m glad that my foster family and my forever family understand my needs and cater to them while helping me get braver every day! That’s all part of being healthy, too!

Do you get scared when you go to the Dr?

Feb 15

Happy Birthday Moby!

Today is Moby’s 4th birthday! He started out the day early – waking me at 6, ready for breakfast and a walk (in the rain). Since it was his birthday, how could I say no to a walk in the rain?

His birthday eve consisted of training, playing and snuggling.

I hope his 4th birthday is his best ever and that we can live up to all his expectations. He whispered all his birthday wishes into my ear this morning and made sure I knew how much he loved me too.

Then he sat, looked me in the eye and said “Mom, it’s my birthday. Now go get me some treats!” Who am I to ignore what the birthday boy wants?



Feb 15

Weekends are for Parties!

Boney celebrated his 10th(!) birthday this past Monday and Moby’s 4th birthday is tomorrow, so what better way to celebrate than by having a joint birthday party?

We invited some family and friends over for burgers, hot dogs and cake. The boys had a great time, got LOTS of treats, and enough attention to tire them out for the night AND the entire day Sunday! Thanks to everyone that came out to celebrate with us!











Feb 15

Mustering Up More Braves

As you may have heard me say before, Foster Mom and Dad are coming to see me in 22 days!! Foster mom was talking to Forever Mom and asked if I might sleep with them while they are here.

Of course, I’d love to sleep with them. I just have one hurdle to conquer before that can happen: I have to enter the guest room! I’m allowed in the guest room, but I don’t ever go in there…because I’m scared of the floor.

All three bedrooms in the house have laminate wood flooring and it can be a little slippery with my webbed feet. When I first moved in, mom and dad had to buy a rug for their bedroom so I would go in there. The other bedrooms don’t have rugs, so I don’t go in.

So the first thing mom did was buy a rug. It can yesterday, so we practiced last night coming into the room. I’ll take one step but that’s it. I have a lot to work on over the next few weeks with my training class and now this, but mom is confident I can do it.

Since Boney went in for a bath and nail trim today, mom left a bunch of treats on the rug to see if I’d go in when she’s not home. Most likely I won’t, but I might surprise her and muster up some braves today!

Feb 15

They Say It’s My Birthday!

That’s right! Today is my birthday! And I’m 10! That’s a pretty big deal in this house.


Last year, my birthday was on a Sunday, so mom and dad threw me a big party.


This year, since my birthday is on a Monday, I’m having my party next weekend. I’m pretty excited to have some friends over and I’m guessing if mom had this big of a spread for my 9th birthday, I can only imagine my 10th! The only downside is that Moby has a birthday next week, so we’re having a joint birthday party. I guess that means double the treats though, so I won’t complain.

Mom said I get to open my birthday presents tonight at dinner. I already got 2 Sirius Republic harnesses (and I’m pretty sure I heard here say there’s one more) but I don’t know what else I’m getting. I hope there’s a pig ear in my box!

Since it’s my birthday, I’m going to take every opportunity to lay in laps, take naps and eat anything I want. Happy Birthday to Me!

Feb 15

Trusting My Gut

Last night, we started the basic obedience class (again). We’re taking it just as a refresher while we take the intermediate and to remind Moby of certain behaviors that we may not practice as much as we should.

We have a pretty big class (8 total) and the sizes and types of dogs are a wide range. There’s everything from a small (I’m guessing) min pin that weighs in at probably 3 or so lbs to a tall mixed breed (again, guessing) boy that is just a bit smaller than Moby.

Of course, everyone is usually very excited and wants to socialize at the beginning of class. We usually sit off to one side so that we only have a dog on one side of us and not both. Though Moby usually calms down pretty quickly, it’s easier for me to handle him knowing I only have to watch out to one side for someone coming at us. Moby hasn’t been aggressive, but he is reactive, especially when on a leash – something that we are working on.

He did great during class and was used as the example of “down” (since we already knew how to do this) so I was very proud. Towards the end of the class, we had about 10-15 minutes to practice in our own areas and he did great concentrating on me and not all the other dogs around. At the very end of the class, our trainer (who I LOVE and who had helped us work wonder with Moby – including conquering his fear of the dog door) said that we could have play time. Everyone would stand up, drop the leashes and let the dogs play.

Right away, I knew we’d leave. It’s not that I don’t think Moby could handle it. It’s that I don’t KNOW if he could handle it. And I’m choosing to set him up for successes, not failures. He loves to play with Boney and Allie, but with both of them, we went for a long walk together before we introduced them. With several people and dogs in a small confined space, I just didn’t feel like that was the best scenario for us. And because he was the biggest, oldest and definitely strongest, I just didn’t want to take that chance.

On the way home, I felt bad. I felt like I was the mom that made the kid leave early. I wondered how he would have handled it. But I also know that I want him to go to class and know he’s there to learn – not to play. That we can play at home. I want Moby to have other friends, but I want to introduce them in a way that I know he’ll succeed. Of course, I had to have second opinions from Joe and Emily and both reassured me that I did the right thing for Moby.

Moby didn’t seem to mind at all. We took our time walking home (learning makes my boy sooo tired!). When we got home, he crawled up on the couch with dad  and Boney and fell asleep instantly.


Do any of you ever doubt your gut feeling when it comes to what is best for your dog(s)?


Feb 15

Miranda’s Monday: Are there ever enough hours?

Between walks, workouts, projects, play time, training and work, when is there ever time for sleep?

Our day starts pretty early and we have a routine, but sometimes it seems like there are never enough hours. Here’s our typical day:

5:30: Wake up
5:45: Breakfast time!
6:00: Take Moby (and sometime Boney) for a walk
6:35: Training time
6:50: Leave for Crossfit
7:15: Crossfit
8:30: Get ready for work
9:00: Go to work (gotta make money for treats and collars!)
4:30: Go home (except for Mondays and Thursdays when I go to a second job for an hour or so)
5:00: Dinner time!
5:30: Project/training/walk
6:00-8:15: (Tuesdays and Thursdays) Walk to class, class, walk home
8:30: Bedtime for Mom!

Sometimes we swap walk and crossfit time when I have to be to work early. Sometimes we get up at 5. Sometimes I end up falling asleep on the couch because I’m exhausted. I usually try to fit some me/couch/wine/snuggling time in there, but it doesn’t always happen. I’m struggling to find some time to start running again – I have some races coming up and I’d be lying if I said I was ready!

I know I can’t be the only one with a hectic schedule. Do you have any tricks to finding more time in the day?


Feb 15

Back to School

One of the things that mom told Foster Mom and dad was that she really wanted me to learn basic obedience. My manners are pretty good, but she said it would help with my braves and it would help people be more comfortable around me. I’m not scary, but I am a big boy, and some people can find that intimidating.

So, shortly after I arrived here in my forever home, mom and I signed up for basic obedience class! And, as you may recall, I passed with flying colors!

With our fabulous trainer, Roy Scarborough

With our fabulous trainer, Roy Scarborough

Mom wanted me to start in the intermediate class, but there wasn’t enough interest. Well, last week, she saw there was an intermediate class starting. She was worried that I might need a brush up, as it’s been almost a year since I graduated, so she signed me up for the basic class again. I said to her “Mom, what if the intermediate class isn’t for a really long time again?” So, she talked to my trainer, Roy, and he said I would be fine taking BOTH the basic and the intermediate at the same time. So, I get to go to class twice a week for the next 6 weeks!

My trainer, Roy, was recently voted the best in our area! I’m so happy that I get to work with someone who is so awesome. He really understands me and is very proud of how far I’ve come.

Photo courtesy St. Simons Puppy Paradise

Photo courtesy St. Simons Puppy Paradise

I was really excited to learn that if I pass the intermediate course, I am eligible to take the Canine Good Citizen exam and Roy is a tester for that! AND Foster Mom and Dad will be here for graduation night! I have a lot of work to do in the next few weeks! Last night was just the first night and I was pooped after class!


Have you gone to school? Do you have your CGC? What tips can you share with me to help me reach my goals?

Feb 15

Going to the Dentist

February is National Pet Dental Health Month! As usual, mom had made an appointment for me to go see the vet dentist to have my teeth cleaned. It’s not my favorite thing to do, but I gotta keep these pearly whites looking good for the ladies! Besides, dad lets me kiss him a little more after I get my teeth cleaned.

IMG_4213.JPGI put on my (what else) Say Cheese! harness from Sirius Republic, hopped in the car with mom and headed to see Dr. Cooke at Island Animal Hospital. When I get my teeth cleaned, I am anesthetized, but all my bloodwork came back completely normal last week, so I was ready for it! Dr. Cooke said I had moderate tartar and calculus on my teeth (I didn’t know my teeth knew how to do math!). I had one loose tooth that had to be pulled, but he said other than that, my teeth looked good!


Before on the left and After on the right

Mom felt bad that I had to have my tooth pulled, so she called Grandma and asked if she would pick me up so I had someone to watch me after I was discharged. It was a nice surprise to see Grandma. I’ll admit, I was a bit groggy, but her lap felt really good! I got a goodie box full of treats, a toothbrush, toothpaste and fluoride for my water.


I have to have soft food for a week, but that’s not a problem because I am back on Sojos (I’ve gained a couple pounds and am trying to get it back off). Dad picked me up from Grandma’s and mom was at home waiting with my dinner. I got an extra large dinner since I had to skip breakfast due to my appointment. Mom and dad had somewhere to go last night, so they left Moby with instructions to look after me.

I have to admit, he was a pretty good little brother last night. He laid next to my man cave almost all evening until mom and dad got home and then I got to sleep with them!



I slept pretty good, taking turns cuddling with dad and Moby (maybe he’s not so bad after all!) and then woke mom up with fresh breath kisses.


Check out my pearly whites!

Do your parents make you get your teeth cleaned?