Jul 14

Moby Monday: Weekend Fun

20140728-090238-32558362.jpgI had a great weekend full of fun!

On Saturday, my new friend Greg came over and he went for a walk with me and Mom in order to learn my route. He’s going to come play with me a lot mom said! Then when dad came home from his goings on on Saturday, we played in the back yard!

20140728-084318-31398180.jpgHe had a super big stick that I tried to grab, but it was way too long! So I found some smaller sticks that were much easier to keep away from him!

Then on Sunday, mom went for a run. She didn’t take me with her, but she did take me for a walk when she got back. Sunday afternoons, mom goes to the ocean. She won’t let me come with because she said 1) it’s a girls only afternoon and 2) I drink too much ocean water. I decided that if she was going to lay in the sun, so would I!


Sunday night was time for cuddling. Then off to bed and it’s a new week! I had a good weekend because I didn’t have any nightmares for the past 3 nights!

Did you do anything fun this weekend?


Jul 14


Sorry for the lack of post yesterday – I try to usually have everything ready to go a day or two in advance, but we’ve had a rough week.

Moby has been having nightmares for the last week or so and Wednesday night was a particularly bad one. When he has nightmares, Joe or I usually reach out and calmly pet him and talk soothing. That usually calms him down and he wakes up, re-positions and goes back to sleep. Wednesday night, he air snapped, jumped off the bed and cowered. We turned all the lights on so he could see where he was, reassured him that everything was okay and he came back to bed.

I hate that he has nightmares, but I hate even more that I have no idea what do to to make him feel safe at night. He lies on the bed, between Joe and I, snuggled up to one or the other (sometimes both). When the nightmares happen, he whines or cries and twitches. Then Boney growls. I’m not sure if Boney is growling to quiet Moby or if Boney is growling to scare whatever is bothering Moby away (I’m going to go with the latter and pretend that Boney cares about his brother).20140725-092104-33664673.jpg

Does anyone else deal with nightmares? What do you to help the situation?

Jul 14

Wordy Wednesday: Advice

I’m a pretty smart guy. I know lots of things. I told mom that I we should have a “Dear Boney” column. She told me that it wasn’t fair for me to have two days a week when Moby only has one. I say, I’m older and should have more privileges. She says blah, blah, blah.
So, for the next month or so, Wordy Wednesday will become Wisdom Wednesday. Do you need advice on something? Email me with your questions at Boney@WoofSSI.com or leave comments below. I promise I will answer everyone over the next few weeks.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Jul 14

Hamsters, Guinea Pigs and Photos, Oh My!

I’m assuming because you read this blog, you love to look at cute pics of pets. Well, how about this one?


photo courtesy of @hamster_guineapig

Tell me this isn’t one of the cutest photos you’ve ever seen!?!


photo courtesy of @hamster_guineapig


photo courtesy of @hamster_guineapig

If you are on Instagram, I highly recommend that you follow @hamster_guineapig. She has more followers than I could ever hope for, but she hopes to hit 2000 followers by August. Let’s help her out (and in return, we get to see more cute pics of hamster and guineas!)

photo courtesy of @hamster_guineapig

photo courtesy of @hamster_guineapig



Jul 14

Moby Monday: Barking

Recently, I have been trying something new to get mom and dad’s attention: barking.

I heard mom say that she might call my trainer Roy to help out with the situation, but I don’t know what “the situation” is. I mean, I bark, they pay attention. I bark, we go outside. I bark, they talk to me. Seems to be working pretty well to me.

I know I shouldn’t be so greedy with my time, but I just don’t feel like a walk in the morning and play time at night is enough. I want more walks. More playtime. (I think that’s why mom has been talking to different sitters lately). Mom says she can’t take me for walks at lunch right now because it’s too hot. I say “It’s not to hot to sunbathe.” Apparently, she’s worried about the road being too hot on my feet and tells me that the grass in the back yard is not the same aa my sensitive little paws on the road. I say I’m tough – I can handle it.

Do any of you bark for attention? Does it work? Should I do something else instead? Should I be content with my walks and playtime? What is your walk/playtime schedule like? I need some stats before I go to mom with a new plan of attack for what our day should look like!

Jul 14


So…a couple days ago, I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a post by BarkBox (which is a subject for another day!). The picture had a photo of a dog on his back and a big “censored” bar over his you-know-what. Immediately, I tagged Oh Melvin, because well, if you read the blog, you know why. If you don’t read the blog, put it on your daily list of to-dos. For real. It’s good stuff.

Sorry…back to the topic of point. The comment with the photo said “Excellent us of the ‘Junk Blocker’ sticker from the BarkCam app.” Immediately, I was like “BarkCam App?!? Why haven’t I heard of this before?” Off I went to the App store and sure enough, there it was.

I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome the BarkCam app is. But let me try anyway. When you take a picture, you can choose from a variety of sounds – so if you don’t have a photogenic “smile for the camera” pooch like we do, they’ll at least hopefully look in your direction. There are filters to choose from, just like Instagram. There are fun little stickers (censored bar, sunglasses, wigs, etc) to decorate your already adorable pic of your pooch, different caption bubbles, and you can even make Memes!! I mean, for real…what else do you need?



20140717-152610-55570072.jpgI should note that this app is not just for dogs, though in my opinion, dogs make photographs that much better! You can use the app for taking fun photos of yourself, your cat, your guinea pig, your fish, whatever.

So…what are you waiting for? Download BarkCam today!! (Oh, and I’m sorry if our Facebook and Instagram pages are inundated with new strange pics for a while!)


Jul 14

Thankful Thursday

20140717-095312-35592901.jpgWe want to take today to say Thank You! Thank you for reading our blog and for following us on facebook and instragram (@mloehle). Thanks for making us realize that we CAN make a difference.

It’s funny how much I look at Moby and Boney and think “there are no other dogs like them” and while that is true, many of you share the same challenges that we do, the same funnies, the same smiles. It’s good to know (through your comments) that there are others out there that feel the way we feel.

Moby would like to throw a special thank you out to Bonnie and Paul – he got the card in the mail that said you made a donation to Great Plains SPCA in his honor and he blushed with gratitude!

Boney would like to thank all of his loyal servants readers and is happy to know that he’s not the red headed step child – that in fact, he has quite the following himself.

THANK YOU for being you. For loving us for being us. We’ll continue to try to entertain you throughout the week with posts and pictures. It’s hard not to be entertained by a pittie and a pug, right?

As a thank you, we’d like to know what you’d like to hear more of from us. I am in awe of some of the great blogs out there that post every day. I struggle to not only find the time, but also to come up with something that I think will peak your interest!  Let me know what we can do better! And please, send your friends our way too!


Jul 14

Wordy Wednesday: How to Train Your Mom


Every morning, I wake up and go to her side of the bed (I don’t want to wake dad, he needs his rest!) and either jump on her or kiss her. Sometimes she tells me to go back to sleep. Usually if she says that I know my alarm clock was wrong and I can hit snooze for a few more minutes. When it is really time to get up, Mom gets up out of bed, picks me up and walks me down the hall to the dog door. From there I go outside and do my thing. Then I come racing back in, where she usually has my breakfast ready to go. If she’s slow moving, I make sure to throw a few woo-woo-woos her way. After all, 4am or not, my breakfast is nothing to be slow with!

After breakfast, mom picks me up, carries me back down the hall and puts me back to bed with dad. Then I sleep until he gets up to get ready for work.

As mom gets ready for the day, treats are usually given out on a regular basis. When she leaves, she gives both Moby and I kisses and makes sure he knows that I am in charge (duh!).

When mom comes home for lunch, she knows that nothing is more important than sitting on the couch so I can have a lap to lay on. Being lapless all morning really makes a pug tired and cranky. When she has to go back to work after lunch, more treats are shared.

When mom gets home from work at the end of the day, I tell her all about my day and also remind her to hurry up and get my dinner ready with a few woo-woo-woos if necessary. After dinner, I usually sit with dad because mom NEVER sits down (something about my hair everywhere and that she always has to be cleaning up behind me and Moby). If mom’s lap is available, I’ll woo-woo-woo at her until she picks me up and puts me in it. I curl up with her and the blanket (mom is almost never without blanket!) and take a little snooze.

When it’s time for bed (mom is usually the first in bed-something about me waking her up at 4 am) I make sure I give mom plenty of time to get good and comfortable in bed. Then, I run back to the bedroom, stand at the side of the bed and put on my most pathetic pouty face. She then gets up, picks me up and puts me in bed and we go to sleep.

Although she needs to work on some things, I think I’ve trained mom pretty well. Have you trained either of your parents?

Jul 14

Moby Monday: Antlers

Antlers are one of my favorite things. We have 3 antlers in our house. A small, medium and one large. I’m a very nice big brother and I share all 3 with Boney. Here are a few pictures of me with my favorite antler. Do you have a favorite chew toy?







Jul 14

Throwback Thursday