Apr 14

Dinner time!

Moby likes meal time. Breakfast, dinner, snacks…he loves to eat. Lucky for him, he takes after his father and has a very fast metabolism. His 72 pounds is pure muscle! When he eats, he does so with gusto – so we had to figure out a way to slow him down.

We use three feeders for Moby’s meals.

2014-04-14 19.23.33

His foster family sent a Kong Wobbler with him and that works great – it takes him about 20 minutes to eat a meal. It also makes a MESS on the floor! We’ve discovered that the Wobbler is best for outdoor meals/picnics.

The other two feeders are made by Kyjen. I asked one of our local dog stores, Island Dog, about getting them and they ordered several styles. (I looked at the standard slow feeder with just a hump in the middle and knew that wasn’t going to be enough for our boy!) We alternate between the hills (on the left) and the drop (on the right). Moby gets excited when he sees both, so I don’t know that he has a preference. I usually feed Moby first and then Boney and they seem to finish around the same time (Boney is usually the first to be done).

Slow feeders are definitely a good thing for us. Not only do we not have to worry about Moby gulping his food, causing bloating or stomach flipping, but we don’t have to worry about the boys eyeing each other while eating!

Do you have any special routine or bowls for meal time?


Apr 14

What a weekend!

Dad went out of town on Friday, so it was just me, mom and Boney for the weekend! I knew it was going to be a great weekend when the first thing mom did when she got home from work on Friday was to take me for a car ride!

2014-04-11 17.00.49I didn’t know where we were going, but it didn’t really matter – I mean we were in THE CAR! Mom surprised me and took me across the water to a park called Howard Coffin. There is a really cool walking trail there and a dog park! My cousin Garrick was practicing soccer, so mom thought it would be a good idea for me to walk around a bunch of activity. We took a couple laps around the trail and then saw that the dog park had opened up, so headed over there for a quick game of Chuck It! and back to soccer practice. That was pretty tiring, so we came home – I snoozed on the floor for a bit and then Boney and I snuggled up on Mom’s lap.

Saturday Boney was up early (that man does NOT know how to enjoy a weekend snooze fest!) so I got up with him. Mom gave us breakfast and then left to go to something called CrossFit Grit. She must have been really tired, because she forgot to put me up in the room. I got to stay out with Boney and have free range of the whole house while she was gone! Mom told me later that she meant to do that, but was super nervous because it was the first time she left us alone. She felt a little better about it because she has a super secret spy camera that she could watch to make sure that we were getting along (Boney can be a jerk sometimes!)2014-04-12 08.43.20

The rest of Saturday was pretty uneventful. We went for a couple walks, took a little nap and mom had a friend over for dinner. My braves disappeared for a little bit when her friend was over, but mom says that will happen from time to time and not to worry that one day my braves will be here to stay!

Sunday was a fantastic day (aside from Boney waking up early AGAIN – I really need to have a heart to heart with him about that). We went for a walk, worked in the yard (I deathed a lot of sticks!) and then just relaxed. I did a little sunbathing. Later in the afternoon, we watched the Masters, where I cheered on Bubba Watson. Then dad came home and I gave him some kisses and snuggles. All in all, I’d say we had a pretty productive weekend!

What did you do this weekend?




Apr 14

Kong to the Rescue!

I have a totally awesome father-in-law that is incredibly smart and handy! Our latest project is a cubby in the hall. That cubby requires a lot of cutting pieces and installation.


That makes a LOT of noise. Moby is so-so with that kind of stuff. If he has a safe place to go he’s okay, but they are cutting outside (a safe place) and in the hall (blocking access to his other safe places). So, I thought it best that he and I just chill in one of our guest bedrooms where his crate is right now. To take his mind off the noise (which is right outside the bedroom door) I gave him a Kong. It’s a super yummy one filled with carrots, shredded chicken and beef broth and then frozen.

Because it’s frozen, it takes him longer to get the insides out and is prefect for long periods of needing distraction. He’s barely paid any attention to all the bangs and high pitched power tools – so I call that a win!

What do you use for distractions? Do you have any good Kong recipes?

Apr 14

Throwback Thursday

2012-03-19 06.38.58


Apr 14

This is NOT a Fanny Pack

2014-04-08 17.58.02It is a treat bag. And Moby knows exactly what that means! Noms = time to learn!

Two weeks ago, I started basic obedience class. Last week, Moby started with me. Our first week of homework was to work on sit, down and stay. We also had to start leaning one of two tricks: roll over or high five. Because Moby isn’t too keen on laying on his side, let alone rolling over, we decided to work on high five. Let’s just say that we did not demonstrate that tonight – his stay is so good that he doesn’t lift his feet to learn it! We did learn some new tips to work on that trick and another, so we’ll do that in the coming weeks! Moby has a great sit/stay and he likes to demonstrate it whenever he thinks noms might be involved.


Sit. Both Boney and Moby know this one well!

Boney has taken every opportunity to learn as well. He only gets as far as “sit” though, well Moby can do also do “down.”



The trainer said he was pleased with everyone’s progress, so we’ll take that! This week we are working on walking nicely. I’ll be wearing the treat bag whenever we are for a walk (which I already do) AND anytime I’m home so that he can learn good habits while we walk around the house from room to room.

Before we know it, Moby is going to be a super star with all his good manners! We certainly have Our Waldo Bungie to thank for starting him on the right track!



Apr 14

Look both ways before crossing the road

One of the things that are continuing from Moby’s foster family is that we always sit before crossing a road. He’s very good at it and of course, looks both ways!

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Apr 14

Did I ever tell you about the time Moby…

gave me a fat lip?

I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do it!

I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to do it!

It was our first visit to Kansas City, back in November 2013. I had lured my husband with the idea that we could go to Nebraska Huskers football game and meet Moby at the same time :) We met Moby, fell in love and the rest is history.

But…on our last full day there, we decided to play a little frisbee. If you know ANYTHING about Moby it’s that he LOVES balls and frisbees. So much so, that you have to have two of anything so that you can get the one in his mouth back. We were having a great time, but it was time to stop. So, I put the one frisbee up and went to get the other frisbee out of his mouth. Well, Moby also LOVES to play tug. We played tug with the frisbee, I told him to let go and….he did. The only problem there was that I wasn’t expecting him to let go, and the frisbee came up and hit me smack in the face! I was a little stunned, but felt fine. Until Emily looked at me and said “uh, you’re bleeding.”

This whole time, Joe was getting ready, so he came out to me standing in the kitchen with a bloody washcloth to my face. Not the best impression. All I could do was laugh. Of course, Moby did absolutely nothing wrong, but didn’t understand why we weren’t playing anymore :)

So, that’s how Moby won my heart. He gave me a fat lip :)

Can we play again?

Can we play again?

Apr 14

Throwback Thursday

dixie & brutus tbtDixie and Brutus circa Spring 2003


Apr 14

Walks, Walks and More Walks

Since Moby is currently benched when it comes to playing ball and frisbee, we go for A LOT of walks. We go for a walk every morning after breakfast. If I’m able to come home at lunch, we go for a walk then. We go for a walk either before or after dinner (depending on what time I get home because heaven forbid if Boney eats a MINUTE after 5:30!). And sometimes we go for a walk before bedtime.

His energy level dictates what type of walk we will have.

Usually the after breakfast walks are pretty calm – he’s still waking up, it’s dark out so there isn’t a lot to peak his attention and he walks almost loose leash.

Lunch time walks are another story. He’s been sleeping all morning and is ready to get out and play! I’m sad to say that I am usually being dragged around the neighborhood when it comes to lunch though sometimes towards the end he gets a little tired.

Dinner time walks are usually a toss up. Sometimes he has a full belly and and is pretty calm. Sometimes (when his dad and brother come along) it’s like he’s never been for a walk before in his life!

Bedtime walks are much like the morning walks. It tends to be a little darker/at dusk so there isn’t a lot going on and he’s almost ready to call it a night.

My favorite walks are in the morning – it’s quiet and it’s just us – not too many others are up and about and I can be in tune with him. It’s perfect.

My least favorite walks are during the day. In our neighborhood, folks tend to let their dogs roam at large. I’m always on the lookout for what is ahead and aware of anyone else that might be walking their dog as well. I only want to put Moby in situations where I know he will succeed, so I try to avoid those that might end another way. For example, there is a woman in the neighborhood with two dogs that walks by our house every day. She is very nice and always says Hi! but I know that one of her dogs is leash/dog reactive. So, if we see them, we simply choose another route. No need for both of us to get stressed!

This weekend, we weren’t so great at avoiding situations. In fact, we were charged on two separate dogs on two separate walks. It’s almost like we had a target on our back! I’m happy to say that Moby reacted incredibly well (much better than me!).

In the first situation, we turned a corner and I could see someone with their dog a block away, also turning the corner. We moved to the other side of the street so as to avoid a face-to-face walk by. She didn’t see us, but her dog did. Her dog (a schnauzer) barked, jerked at us and backed right out of his collar – can promptly came running and barking at us. My first reaction was to protect Moby. I had no idea what this dog’s intentions were an it was obvious his mom was in shock over him coming loose. Moby sat and I knelt down and shielded him with my body. The dog came right up and stopped once it realized that I wasn’t going give up – and his mother finally made it to us and scooped him up – but with no apologies for his behavior!

In the second situation, we were walking and saw a neighbors dog in their front yard (which I knew he could get out of) so we proceeded to turn around before he realized he could get out. At that point, a tiny Yorkie came charging down the street – growling and snapping. Again, Moby sat and I covered him up. The owner came sauntering down the street to which I hollered (all while huddled over Moby) “He’s afraid of little dogs!” (disclaimer: he’s not, but I was trying not to yell the profanities that were going through my head and that’s all I could come up with). The response: “just kick her away, it’s fine.” Again, no apologies. Next time I won’t be so nice and I WILL kick your little dog.

The thing that makes me maddest about both of these situations is that because of Moby’s size, if he would have taken any action at all – which would have been perfectly legitimate in my eyes as he was the one being attacked – it would have been his fault. And neither owner said they were sorry. I can promise you that if either one of my dogs get out/loose and goes to another dog, I’m going to apologizing up a storm! I’ll also be rethinking the type of collar/harness/leash I use and making darn sure it doesn’t happen again!

We’ve had a couple days of situation free walks since then but I do have to say that it puts me on high alert when we are out.¬†What would you do in those situations? What can you say to those owners without sounding like a jerk?


Apr 14

A Thief in the Night

Moby and I go for a walk every morning after he has breakfast. Most of the time, it’s still dark outside as we tend to get up between 5:30-6. I wear a headlamp so that we can both see what is ahead of us and so that people can see us. I have a blinky light for Moby’s collar, but it doesn’t stay on very well (suggestions for a new one are welcome!).

This weekend, we had a couple close encounters with dogs charging us (more details on that another day) so I have been extra cognizant of what is around, behind and in front of us when walking in the dark. However, I was apparently slack this morning.

One of these things is not like the others.

One of these things is not like the others.

Moby was walking very well this morning – mostly loose leash with just a little pulling. I was very proud of him. He stopped at our usual spots to smell and pee. When we were at this favorite spot (the pond in the neighborhood) I heard him snort. I looked down and asked him if he was okay. I noticed that his mouth wasn’t open as wide as it usually was when we were walking and thought it was odd. It was then that I realized he was carrying something. I said “Moby, do you have a ball in your mouth?” He looked at me kind of sideways like “Nope, nothing to see here. Keep walking, keep walking.” But, I could see the dirty-bright yellow hue of a tennis ball in his mouth. I have no idea whose yard it came from, so I just let him keep it. Sadly, this is not the first time he has stolen a ball from someone’s yard – but the first time I saw it happen, got it back and threw it back into the yard it came from.

I’ll be careful from now in the dark and daylight to watch what my boy is picking up :) To our neighbors who are now missing a tennis ball – sorry!

Well, they weren't using it so it's okay to take it, right? No? My bad.

Well, they weren’t using it so it’s okay to take it, right? No? My bad.