May 15

Wordy Wednesday: What I’ve Been Up To

Dear Loyal Followers Readers,

Thank you for your concern about my whereabouts. Being the King Pug of the House is a much harder job that I let on. Sometimes I just don’t have enough hours in the week to get my message out to the masses.

I’ve been busy overseeing yard work – from the comforts of the porch of course.IMG_5217.JPG

I’ve been practicing riding my new scooter (thanks, Cameron!). Right now, Mom and Dad won’t let me take it out of the yard, but I’m sure that I’ll be cruising around the island picking up the ladies in no time!IMG_5218.JPG

I’ve been catching up on my sleep – back in the big bed! IMG_5219.JPG

Add in all the treat testing, Moby bossing, TV watching and lap warming, a Pug stays pretty darn busy!

But, I’ve set aside time in busy schedule so that I can be better about keeping you informed on what is going on in my life. IMG_5216.JPG

Stay tuned for next week, when I give you a flash back to what I was like as a young pup! Until then, have a great week and weekend!


May 15

Boney’s Back

I told Boney that several followers were upset that he hasn’t been writing lately. This is what he told me.

Translation for those of you who don’t speak dog:

Look, I’ve had things to do – treats to eat, naps to take and Moby to boss around. But don’t worry, Wordy Wednesday’s will be back starting tomorrow!

Apr 15

Gardening with Dogs

If it looks like a stick, smells like a stick, and acts like a stick, it’s a stick. Or at least that’s Moby’s interpretation of the situation.

Our backyard is geared towards having a place to relax for us and a place to play for the dogs. It’s shady and hard to grow grass, so on one half the of the yard our “grass” is actually weeds (FYI…weeks require way more mowing than actual grass!). On the other side of the yard, we have pine straw down. If we didn’t, it’d be pure dirt because for some reason, even weeds don’t really like to grow over there.

We have a few beds with some plants in them, but one in particular has not done well.


On the left is grass of some sort. Next to it, Rosemary. In the middle is a Philodendron (we call him Phil), on the the right is a Crinum Lily (we call her Carla). In the front, we’ve had a variety of plants over the last few years – most recently Lantana.  What’s left of the Lantana is shown below.

Yeah – hard to see, right? (The one on the right is camouflaged by all the clover!) That’s because of the above – if it looks like a stick, acts like a stick and smells like a stick, it’s a stick. And Moby LOVES sticks. So, one dying branch by one dying branch, our lantana has become nothing but an actual stick.

So, we set out to ACE Garden Center to get some new plants. We went looking for more lantana. Then it occurred to me – maybe we should check to see if it’s toxic to dogs since Moby likes it. Guess what? It is. Good news – it’s mainly the berries that can make them sick and Moby only cares about the branches. He hasn’t been sick yet, but we didn’t really want to test it out. So, we started looking at some other things and of course, everything we liked was on the list of what wasn’t okay. We never had an issue with Brutus, Dixie or Boney eating things, but Moby is a big fan of anything that he can carry or chew on in the back yard (including things that aren’t plants).


We ended up going with some boring ferns (but haven’t gotten around to planting them yet). Our search continues for a regional shade plant with color that isn’t toxic to the hungry hungry hippo aka Moby.



Apr 15

Spa Day!

Every 3 weeks, I have an appointment to see my Aunt Betsy. I get a bath, get my nails trimmed and get my ears cleaned out. I really like Aunt Betsy a lot, but I DO NOT like baths. Or nail trims.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I guess it’s something I just have to deal with. I know that Mom likes it when I’m clean (she’s kind of a freak about having a clean house). And I get to have TWO car rides (one there and one back home) and sometimes I even get to go to her office after my bath! So, I guess it’s not so bad! Thanks, Aunt Betsy for making me super clean! If you are local, I highly recommend my Aunt Betsy for baths or haircuts. She’s been doing it a super long time (longer than I’ve been alive!) and she’s been voted the Best Dog Groomer on St. Simons every year for the past 6 years by Elegant Island Living readers.

Mar 15


We’ve been out of our routine for a while and it’s affected all of us. Most of us do better when our lives have a routine. Moby is one of those.


As you know from the last blog (two weeks ago – sorry!), we had a great visit with the foster parents, Moby got hurt, and Moby passed his CGC. Because Moby pulled a back muscle, he wasn’t allowed to jump up for a week. So he and I slept on the air mattress.

Then I went to Minnesota for a few days. We thought he was better (he was acting better) but he had an episode in bed and airsnapped at bed. So, we extended his medicine and he slept in the living room until I got back from my trip and then we slept on the air mattress together again. Sounds great, right?

Nope. Moby is not keen on the air mattress. It makes him nervous. He’s fine sleeping on it, but during the day, he wants to stay as far away from it as possible. The only reason dad didn’t sleep on the air mattress with Moby was because when he tried to put it up, Moby tucked tail, ran outside and wouldn’t come back in.

When Moby gets out of his routine, he gets more nervous than usual. Because he had almost 3 weeks of no solid routine, he was definitely a little “off” the last few days. Moby doesn’t like to be cornered or feel like there’s no way out. Yet he constantly puts himself in those positions.

This weekend, the boys had an incident. Moby jammed himself under a chair in order to be pet. Boney approached. Moby gave the lip and soft growl. Boney didn’t take head. Next? Air snap. Boney wasn’t retreating. No one got hurt – unless you count Boney slamming himself into the piano leg and having a red face for a while. Boney is easy enough to pick up in order to diffuse the situation. The hard part is – I was across the room and saw it happen before I could even get there to diffuse it before it started. Boney doesn’t know how to properly read signals and Moby doesn’t realize he shouldn’t trap himself to start with.

Routine helps with our normalcy. Last night, we got to sleep in the bed for the first time in 2 weeks. We had our normal bed time. Today had our normal wake up time, breakfast and our normal length walk. Time to get back to routine. It makes everyone happier and healthier.

All too often we’re afraid to write about the “bad” things that happen in our lives. I can’t be upset about what happened – I just have to look at it as two siblings that are having a fight. “Mom, he’s touching me!” For the most part, the boys get along great and enjoy snuggling with their parents on the couch together. We’re normal and things like this happen to everyone. The most important thing is that you can deal with it, move past it and not let it get you down.


Mar 15

Moby Monday: A Whirlwind Weekend

I had a three day weekend that started on Thursday night when I graduated from the Intermediate Obedience class. That meant that I was ready to take my Canine Good Citizen test! Shortly after we got home for class, Foster Mom and Dad showed up!


I was so excited to see both of them, I just didn’t know what to do with myself! It was pretty late, so we snuggled and caught up on what ‘s been happening with them.

Friday morning Mom and Foster Mom took me for a walk before Mom, Foster Mom and Foster Dad went to Savannah for the day. Since they’ve never been here before they wanted to see some of the sights. I spent the day relaxing at home and when they got back we snuggled some more. I even mustered up ALL my braves and slept in their bed with them!


Saturday morning, Mom and Foster Mom went garage saling, while Dad and Foster Dad went to the gun range. That gave me some down time before in the morning to rest and relax for my big party on Saturday night. When Mom and Foster Mom got back, Foster Mom and I played ball in the back yard! It was so much fun!! Then came time for my party. I was really excited at first, but then I got kind of tired and didn’t really want to socialize (Sorry, Mrs. Newberry – I really do like you!!)I spent some time relaxing by myself in the bedroom and came out a little bit later after things had calmed down a little bit. More snuggles and treats!


Sunday was a big day – my CGC test was at 4:00. Mom and Dad took Foster Mom and Dad and showed them the sights of St. Simons and Jekyll Island, while I stayed home to rest up for my test. They saw the Avenue of the Oaks, the Lighthouse, Bloody Marsh, Driftwood Beach and the Jekyll Historic District. Then they came home and Mom and Foster Mom took me to my test. Guess what? I passed!!! I’m now officially a Canine Good Citizen. Thanks to all my friends and family that have helped me work on my Manners and Braves over the past 2 years. Who would have thought that I would be able to to accomplish this! Mom said that we might take a little break from classes, but that we are definitely not done! There’s always something new for me to learn.

After class, we came home and Mom and Dad took Foster Mom and Dad back out to go meet Allie, and finish seeing the sights of St. Simons. Then they came home and guess what?!? More snuggles and treats!

Foster Mom and Dad are headed home. I’m so glad I got to see them after all this time! I was a little worried at first that they had come to take me back to Kansas City, but then I realized that they just wanted to come visit me. As grateful as I am for everything Foster Mom and Dad have done for me, I can’t imagine life without Forever Mom and Dad (and Boney)!

This morning, Mom took me to the vet, because it’s apparent that I hurt my back some time during the weekend. Last night I was pretty sore and didn’t want to jump up for snuggles, so everyone came to my level. When it came time for bed, I had a hard time getting in and I whimpered a lot at night. Then this morning it hurt to go out the dog door. Turns out, I threw out my back at some point (I wiggled instead of waggled!), so now I’m on an anti-inflammatory pain med and have been told that there will be no running or jumping and I can only go on very short walks for a week! Mom can’t believe I felt that bad and still passed my test yesterday – but I knew she was stressed about it and I didn’t want to disappoint her! So, my week will be pretty boring with not a lot going on for fun and games. Just lots of snuggles on the floor. I guess that will do :)



Mar 15


I have Crepitus. What does that mean? Basically, I have really creeky joints in my right elbow and that is what is causing my limp. I’ve had arthritis for a while and have been taking some things for it, but apparently, it’s getting worse in my elbow. Mom and dad were relieved to hear it wasn’t my wrists or that I hadn’t fractured anything, but it’s still something that we need to fix. So, now that we have the cause – what is the remedy?

I’ve been taking adequan and chondroflex for the past year to deal with my arthritis. After our visit, my doctor suggested that keep taking the daily condroflex and up the frequency of my adequan shots to every 3 weeks (instead of 4). I’m also going to be taking rimadyl and tramadol for the next 2 months to see if that helps. At my 2 month check up, if I am better, we’ll see about weaning some of the new meds back. If I’m not better, the doctor suggested cold laser therapy. They’ve seen some great results from others that have gotten it done and it’s especially good when the area is localized (like my elbow).

For now, I’m taking full advantage of the situation. I’m not supposed to jump up or down, so mom and dad have been helping me on and off the couch. If we’re outside doing lots of things and I won’t lay down, mom will carry me around so I can still be with them. They even moved my favorite fuzzy blanket from the couch to my man cave as incentive to stay there during the day!

I’ll be fine in the long run, but would appreciate any positive vibes (or treats) you’d like to send my way :)

Feb 15

Weekends are for Parties!

Boney celebrated his 10th(!) birthday this past Monday and Moby’s 4th birthday is tomorrow, so what better way to celebrate than by having a joint birthday party?

We invited some family and friends over for burgers, hot dogs and cake. The boys had a great time, got LOTS of treats, and enough attention to tire them out for the night AND the entire day Sunday! Thanks to everyone that came out to celebrate with us!











Feb 15

They Say It’s My Birthday!

That’s right! Today is my birthday! And I’m 10! That’s a pretty big deal in this house.


Last year, my birthday was on a Sunday, so mom and dad threw me a big party.


This year, since my birthday is on a Monday, I’m having my party next weekend. I’m pretty excited to have some friends over and I’m guessing if mom had this big of a spread for my 9th birthday, I can only imagine my 10th! The only downside is that Moby has a birthday next week, so we’re having a joint birthday party. I guess that means double the treats though, so I won’t complain.

Mom said I get to open my birthday presents tonight at dinner. I already got 2 Sirius Republic harnesses (and I’m pretty sure I heard here say there’s one more) but I don’t know what else I’m getting. I hope there’s a pig ear in my box!

Since it’s my birthday, I’m going to take every opportunity to lay in laps, take naps and eat anything I want. Happy Birthday to Me!

Feb 15

Miranda’s Monday: Are there ever enough hours?

Between walks, workouts, projects, play time, training and work, when is there ever time for sleep?

Our day starts pretty early and we have a routine, but sometimes it seems like there are never enough hours. Here’s our typical day:

5:30: Wake up
5:45: Breakfast time!
6:00: Take Moby (and sometime Boney) for a walk
6:35: Training time
6:50: Leave for Crossfit
7:15: Crossfit
8:30: Get ready for work
9:00: Go to work (gotta make money for treats and collars!)
4:30: Go home (except for Mondays and Thursdays when I go to a second job for an hour or so)
5:00: Dinner time!
5:30: Project/training/walk
6:00-8:15: (Tuesdays and Thursdays) Walk to class, class, walk home
8:30: Bedtime for Mom!

Sometimes we swap walk and crossfit time when I have to be to work early. Sometimes we get up at 5. Sometimes I end up falling asleep on the couch because I’m exhausted. I usually try to fit some me/couch/wine/snuggling time in there, but it doesn’t always happen. I’m struggling to find some time to start running again – I have some races coming up and I’d be lying if I said I was ready!

I know I can’t be the only one with a hectic schedule. Do you have any tricks to finding more time in the day?