Nov 14

Wordy Wednesday: Be Thankful

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. But we don’t always have to wait until Thanksgiving to be thankful, or to say what we are thankful for! I am thankful that I have never had to know what the inside of a shelter looks like. I’m thankful that I get fed meals twice a day and get lots of treats in between. I’m thankful that I have laps and blankets to lay on. I’m thankful for warm clothes when it is cold. I guess I’m thankful that I have a little brother that lets me kiss him even though he knows I’m trying to annoy him. I’m thankful for a mom and dad that would do anything for me.

What are you thankful for?


Nov 14

Wordy Wednesday: Happy Birthday Mom!


Happy Bark-day to You! Happy Bark-day to You! Happy Bark-day to Mo-om! Happy Bark-day to You!

Mom, I just want you to know that even though dad adopted me first and raised me for the first couple years of my life, I’m glad you came along and gave me a middle name. Your lap is my favorite when you have blankie. You give out more treats than dad. If you weren’t here, how would I get up in the bed to cuddle with dad in the mornings? Thanks for everything you do to take care of me. I’ll forgive you for bringing my brothers and sisters into the house.

Love, Boney


Nov 14

Wordy Wednesday: Rawhides!

I.LOVE.RAWHIDES. They way they start out hard and then get all slimy and slither down my throat. Mom hates when they get slimy. Dad always makes her cut off the slimy end when she takes it back from me because I’ve been known to have super long slimy ends that go WAY down my throat.

I never used to get rawhides because Brutus was very possessive of them. Now, whenever Moby gets a Kong, I get something to chew on also. Since I’m not a huge fan of Kongs (though I do have my very own Kong that Moby isn’t allowed to have), mom usually gives me an antler or a rawhide.

A while back, Grammie sent mom a package and she used rawhides as the peanuts! I always knew Grammie was super smart! Now I have rawhides to last me a year!!

Do you have a favorite chew?



Nov 14

Wordy Wednesday: Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is my dad’s birthday!¬†IMG_3390.JPGI am thankful to have a dad that has raised me from my puppyhood into my adulthood (mark your calendars now, I’ll be 10 on February 16). I never had to be in a shelter like Brutus or Moby and I’m thankful for that. He’s been my forever since my mom gave me up for adoption and I’m grateful to her for that every day because I can’t imagine a life better than the one I have now. Here’s to you day – I hope your birthday is as special as you make me feel. I love you!

Oct 14

Happy Halloween!


Moby as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Boney as Danny DeVito in Twins

Moby as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Boney as Danny DeVito in Twins

Allie as Orange is the New Black's Crazy Eyes

Allie as Orange is the New Black‘s Crazy Eyes

Oct 14

World Series Wednesday

We interrupt this week’s normal programming to bring you a message from Boney, Moby and Allie.

Oct 14

Wordy Wednesday: Hanging Out with Dad


While mom’s away, the boys will play…right? Well, I hope not! I’m hoping that while mom is away on business, dad will just sit down on the couch and let me sit in his lap. I’m sure he’s going to be tried since he’ll be getting up early with us every day. And I’m sure that Moby will demand at least a couple walks, but I hope I get to go along for those too! I mean, I am the older brother, so I should get to choose what we do without mom here, right? Breakfast, naps on couch, dinner, naps on couch, bedtime, repeat. Sounds pretty good to me!

Oct 14

Wordy Wednesday: Because I’m Happy


I think I have a pretty good life. I have a big brother who, despite being young and annoying, will always have my back if needed. My mom takes me for walks whenever I want to go. Dad lends his lap to me every night.

Sometimes mom takes me for rides in the car. They usually lead to my Aunt Betsy for a nail trim and/or bath, but sometimes that means that I get a surprise visit from Uncle Swen (I LOVE Uncle Swen). Other car rides lead to the treat store, mom’s workplace or my favorite place, Grandma’s.

I get breakfast first thing in the morning and when mom gets home from work at night. I get treats whenever Moby gets back from a walk. Sometimes Moby lets me clean up after his Kong Wobbler dinner (he can’t get in the small spots where kibble ends up).

I have a pretty good life. Sometimes I am sad to hear that my siblings didn’t always have it as good as I have – dad got me when I was just a baby. He met my parents and everything (I’m from Rincon, GA). I had a good home then, but I’m really glad that dad picked me. Or maybe I picked him. Either way, I’m happy!


Oct 14

Wordy Wednesday: Why Short Curly Tails are Better

Sometimes I wish I had a long tail like Brutus, Dixie or Moby. But then I think about how I’ve never hurt anyone with my tail. I’ve never knocked things off the shelf. I’ve never got it caught in a door. Short curly tails are not only cute, they are safer!


I will further say that nubs are also nice, but I really believe that short and curly is the way to go. I mean, just look at how adorable that little pig tail is! No wonder people find it so hard to resist me! It’s like a magic wand that casts a spell – I magically appear in laps, get treats whenever requested, get carried when I’m too tired to walk, I even get lifted onto the bed! No more longing for the long wispy tail of my siblings – mine is just right!

Oct 14

Wordy Wednesday: Underbites

Dear Boney,

My husband dreams of a dog with an underbite. Can you explain why underbite dogs are more attractive and just all round better than other dogs?



Dear Julia,

It’s true, underbite dogs are better than other dogs. I honestly don’t know why, it’s just a fact of life. The best part about underbite dogs? It’s not just those of us with squishy faces that have underbites. I’ve seen underbites on dogs with long snouts, short snouts, and everything in between! Not that I’m biased or anything, but I personally feel that the squishy face underbites are the best out of all of them. It allows us to camouflage our true feelings, making silly faces or mean faces at any given moment! That makes us more versatile in every day situations, so I guess that’s what makes us better. You should definitely help your husband live his dreams and give an underbite dog a home! I’m sure there are plenty out there looking for their forevers that would love to live with you! Good luck in your search for the perfect underbite – it will be tough since I’m already taken!

Love, Boney