Feb 16

The Curse is Broken!

Today, when he woke up, he was ELEVEN. And just like that, he broke the curse. 

Happy Birthday to our toothless, limpy, bossy little man. Today will be a day full of filet mignon, birthday cake, snuggles, and treats. We’ll celebrate a day that you made it past ten. A day that you woke up and ran down the hallway barking for your breakfast (and for your brother to get out of your way).

Never again will we worry about what’s going to happen after the 10th birthday (although you did have us worried when you had those 4 teeth pulled a few weeks back and your loss of appetite). The only curse yet to be broken is that of the stinky butt…

Aug 15

The Many Beds of Boney

We have a lot of beds in our house. Not as many as other dog families we know, but enough. Boney is lucky enough to have a bed in almost every room of the house. He thought he’d show off those beds to you today.

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How many beds do you have?

Aug 15

Vacations and Staycations!

This past weekend, mom and dad went to Chattanooga for a vacation, Boney went to Grandma’s for a vacation and I stayed home for a staycation with Sienna!

Mom and dad went up for the Tennessee State Smallbore Silhouette Match. Dad competed in the standard, hunter and cowboy versions of the sport. The match was Saturday and Sunday, but mom and dad drove up on Thursday so that they could do some fun things on Friday. They decided to Canoe the Sequatchie! The river was pretty low and there were some small “rapids” in parts of it. They got stuck a few times, but never flipped the canoe. Mom said they also saw a bull on a grassy island in the middle of the river!

Saturday they spent most of the day at the range. There were 10 people from their local range that went to compete so they had lots of fun visiting with friends! Dad took home 2nd place and High Animal in AAA Hunter. On Sunday, dad competed in the cowboy match. He’s just started shooting that category and it was only his third match. He did pretty well and shot in his class, but didn’t take any prizes home.


Brad (left) and Dad (right) practicing for the big match.


Sunday afternoon, mom and dad went to Chickamauga National Battlefield and Lee & Gordon’s Mill. Then they met some friends in downtown Chattanooga for dinner at a cute little place called The Blue Plate.

While mom and dad were busy in Tennessee, I was snuggling and playing with Sienna and Boney was keeping Grandma and Allie company.

I always have fun with Sienna stays with me, but I was glad to see mom and dad walk through the door. I know Boney loves Grandma, but he was happy to see dad walk through the door to get him too! Mom and dad had a good time, but they missed being with us and were happy to receive our kisses!





Aug 15

Wordy Wednesday: Medicines

Every third Wednesday, mom gives me a shot. It’s not a “That HURTS!” shot, so I don’t really mind it. I have other medicines I take daily as well.


A few years ago, I was pretty chubby. I was tipping the scales at almost 30 lbs and having a hard time getting around. Mom put me on a diet and I’ve lost (and kept off) 10 lbs! So now, I hover around 20 lbs. I look and feel much better. But I still had some issues with arthritis. My legs will go to sleep if I lay down too long (which is pretty much always) and I had a hard time jumping onto the couch on the first try.

Mom and dad took me to the vet and we’ve tried a few things. The plan that seems to work for me is this:

Every morning, I take 3 pills:


1 Chondro-Flex II (this one is crushed up in my food and mixed in really well because I really don’t like it!!)
1 – 50 mg Tramadol (1/2 of a 100 mg)
1 – 25 mg Rimadyl

The Tramadol and Rimadyl get put in cheese and I LOVE cheese!

On top of those medicines, I also get a shot of .4cc’s of Adequan every three weeks.

It seems like a lot of medicines and some people have asked if we’ve tried alternative methods. Mom and dad are not opposed to alternative care, but when they’ve found something that works so well for me, they are wary to change up the plan. Now I’m able to run around, chase Moby, jump on the couch, jump from the couch to the ottoman and am much more active than in my younger days. While they know that being on these medicines long term could cause issues, they like to know that I’m happy and healthy right now.

Do you have to take medicine for any illnesses?

Aug 15

The Side Porch

A couple of months ago, we decided to tear off the deck that was on the side of the house and replace it. It was small, old and starting to deteriorate. We figured the side of the house could use an update and Joe wanted to start planting herbs (we finally declared our garden a failure after 3+ years trying to grow vegetables).

We decided to extend the deck to the edge of the house and all the way to the backyard fence. We also extended it about a foot into the side driveway. We knew we were going to build a railing around it for the herb planters to sit on. I didn’t want traditional slats for the rails though. We looked at a couple different options and decided to use farm fencing. It was lightweight and the dogs can see through it just fine. My other request was to have a gate – so that the dogs could be on the side porch without the fear of them being able to escape.

The weather has been nice here lately (not squelching hot) so I’ve been working with my office door open and the fan blowing. The boys go back and forth from the porch to in front of the fan. Boney relaxes on his shade lounger while Moby prefers to sit in the sunspots.

We keep Moby on a 20′ lead while the door is open. We have a carabiner that locks the gate shut, but if he REALLY wanted to, he could hop over the side. Lucky for us, he’s a little too scared of things to do that, but we want to be on the safe side just in case! The 20′ gives him plenty of lead to be able to go out all the way to the edges and come back with no problem.

We were really excited about this project because except for a few construction design questions and one cut that we needed special equipment for, we did this all on our own! Joe’s dad is great to help us with our house projects and we love that he likes to do it, but it makes us feel good when we accomplish things just the two of us!


Aug 15

Wordy Wednesday: The Stairs

Personally, I’m glad Moby hurt his back. I feel bad that he didn’t feel good for a while, but I have reaped the benefits!

1) When mom and dad realized that Moby’s back wasn’t get any better, he wasn’t allowed on the big bed anymore. That meant that dad and I had the king bed all to ourselves at night! No mom or Moby to interrupt our sleep!

2) Because Moby was limited in what he could do for a while, he got more inside games, which meant more treats. More treats for Moby equals more treats for me!

3) Mom said she didn’t want to sleep apart from dad and I (who could blame her-I am super handsome and cuddly and I give the best morning kisses ever!!). So, she enlisted the help of Papa to build stairs for the bed.

As you can see, they were obviously built for me. I can go up and down them any time I want! And…when I hear mom and Moby get up in the morning, I just get up, go down the stairs and wait for her to open the door for my breakfast! What more could a pug ask for?

Aug 15

Has It Really Been Two Months?

It’s easy to get out of the routine of regular blogging. Sometimes I think – why do people want to read about the same thing all the time? But then I look back at the blogs I follow that don’t regularly blog anymore (I won’t be cruel and mention any names, but you know who you are!). Reading about other people and what their dogs are up to is a way to gain insight on things that I might be going through myself – or I might know someone with the same kind of issues. Our lives are not perfect and although I try to present everyone in a good light, there are times when I just want to scream (this week was one of those).

In a nutshell, this is what has happened in the last two months:

Mom sliced open and broke her big toe (right foot). It was 6+ weeks before the skin healed and unfortunately, the bone will remain broken (aka crushed) unless surgery is preformed. For now, I’m opting to see how far I can go without surgery.

Mom went on a trip with some other blog friends to Myrtle Beach. She had a great time and really enjoyed getting to know each of them more. Despite having a broken toe (she couldn’t get in the water!) it was a good time for relaxing.

Moby started laser therapy for his back. Our own vet didn’t have the laser equipment, so we were referred to an awesome vet down in Kingsland for the treatment. It’s an hour drive one way, but it definitely seems to be working. Moby has been for 6 treatments in the last 2 months. Our regular vet recently got the laser, so we’re going to start treatment there today.

Mom and Dad went on a camping trip and rented a Little Guy (teardrop trailer). Boney went to stay with Grandma and Papa while Moby had a new sitter, Sienna, come stay with him. He first met Sienna just before mom broke her toe – which worked out perfectly because Sienna came to walk him while mom couldn’t. Moby loves Sienna – she takes him for walks, plays stick, cuddles and gives lots of treats!

Mom now works from home. Moby and Boney spend most of the day snoozing in the home office, but we take breaks on the new side deck that dad built for us – complete with a railing and gate! We can watch the neighbors go by and try not to bark too much.

IMG_6121.JPG IMG_6117.JPG

Tomorrow, Boney will tell you about a new piece of furniture in our house that he thinks was made just for him…

May 15

Wordy Wednesday: What I’ve Been Up To

Dear Loyal Followers Readers,

Thank you for your concern about my whereabouts. Being the King Pug of the House is a much harder job that I let on. Sometimes I just don’t have enough hours in the week to get my message out to the masses.

I’ve been busy overseeing yard work – from the comforts of the porch of course.IMG_5217.JPG

I’ve been practicing riding my new scooter (thanks, Cameron!). Right now, Mom and Dad won’t let me take it out of the yard, but I’m sure that I’ll be cruising around the island picking up the ladies in no time!IMG_5218.JPG

I’ve been catching up on my sleep – back in the big bed! IMG_5219.JPG

Add in all the treat testing, Moby bossing, TV watching and lap warming, a Pug stays pretty darn busy!

But, I’ve set aside time in busy schedule so that I can be better about keeping you informed on what is going on in my life. IMG_5216.JPG

Stay tuned for next week, when I give you a flash back to what I was like as a young pup! Until then, have a great week and weekend!


May 15

Boney’s Back

I told Boney that several followers were upset that he hasn’t been writing lately. This is what he told me.

Translation for those of you who don’t speak dog:

Look, I’ve had things to do – treats to eat, naps to take and Moby to boss around. But don’t worry, Wordy Wednesday’s will be back starting tomorrow!

Apr 15

Gardening with Dogs

If it looks like a stick, smells like a stick, and acts like a stick, it’s a stick. Or at least that’s Moby’s interpretation of the situation.

Our backyard is geared towards having a place to relax for us and a place to play for the dogs. It’s shady and hard to grow grass, so on one half the of the yard our “grass” is actually weeds (FYI…weeks require way more mowing than actual grass!). On the other side of the yard, we have pine straw down. If we didn’t, it’d be pure dirt because for some reason, even weeds don’t really like to grow over there.

We have a few beds with some plants in them, but one in particular has not done well.


On the left is grass of some sort. Next to it, Rosemary. In the middle is a Philodendron (we call him Phil), on the the right is a Crinum Lily (we call her Carla). In the front, we’ve had a variety of plants over the last few years – most recently Lantana.  What’s left of the Lantana is shown below.

Yeah – hard to see, right? (The one on the right is camouflaged by all the clover!) That’s because of the above – if it looks like a stick, acts like a stick and smells like a stick, it’s a stick. And Moby LOVES sticks. So, one dying branch by one dying branch, our lantana has become nothing but an actual stick.

So, we set out to ACE Garden Center to get some new plants. We went looking for more lantana. Then it occurred to me – maybe we should check to see if it’s toxic to dogs since Moby likes it. Guess what? It is. Good news – it’s mainly the berries that can make them sick and Moby only cares about the branches. He hasn’t been sick yet, but we didn’t really want to test it out. So, we started looking at some other things and of course, everything we liked was on the list of what wasn’t okay. We never had an issue with Brutus, Dixie or Boney eating things, but Moby is a big fan of anything that he can carry or chew on in the back yard (including things that aren’t plants).


We ended up going with some boring ferns (but haven’t gotten around to planting them yet). Our search continues for a regional shade plant with color that isn’t toxic to the hungry hungry hippo aka Moby.