Sep 14

Moby Monday: Just the Two of Us


Sep 14

Afternoon Play Time

The boys have been sleeping most of the day lately (probably due to you-know-who waking at the wee morning hours). However, one afternoon this week, I noticed that they were  playing! Enjoy our “reality tv” :)

Sep 14

Getting Reaquainted with The Crate

Such a handsome face to wake up to, right?



Not really.

Boney has three modes of waking someone up.
1) Run wildly around the bed so that you have to get up for fear that he will fall off.
2) Run wildly around the bed and come up to your face to start covering it with bad-breath kisses.
3) Bark like a maniac.

This morning, he did all 3 of those things. At 3 A.M.

I picked him up, took him to the dog door and shoved him outside to go potty. I told Moby to get back in bed and we closed the door to the bedroom. That worked for about 10 minutes. Boney came back in, wandered around for a while and then stopped at the bedroom door where he woo-woo-wooed. I let him back in. He wouldn’t lay down. We put him back out. He woo-woo-wooed. Needless to say, after breakfast, even Moby was ready to skip his morning walk to go back to sleep. By that time, I was wide awake so just tucked the boys back in bed with their dad and went to work out.

So what are we going to do about it? Boney is going to start sleeping in his crate again. We’ll see how it goes. I’m sure he won’t like it to start with, but he seems to be getting up earlier and earlier every day. Joe likes to blame it on Moby and I’ll admit that Moby does “readjust” a lot during the night, but he’s happy to lay in bed as long as we want to.

Brutus, Dixie and Boney all used to sleep in a crate. At that time we “only” had a queen bed and the 5 of us in bed was difficult to say the least. When Brutus got sick, we let him sleep with us. When Dixie got sick, we let her sleep with us. Then Boney felt left out so we let him sleep with us, too. When we got Moby, he had a crate he could sleep in but I felt bad letting Boney sleep with us and not him – so they both slept with us. We’ll be experimenting over the next few weeks to see if we can find a sleeping solution that works for all of us.

Do your dogs sleep in crates? Do they sleep with you?

Sep 14

Wordy Wednesday: Hold Your Head High

Dear Readers,

Sometimes, when you are very wise (like me and Jake), your head gets very heavy. I just wanted to let you know that it’s a-okay to find something to help you keep your head held high. Your person’s arm, leg, lap, chest, the couch, the counter, a pillow…whatever it is it will be there to help you.

What’s your favorite thing to rest your head (or body) on?


Sep 14

Wordless Wednesday: How to Relax in Style

Dear Readers,

My inbox has been empty, so I guess no one needs advices right now.

What do you mean no one needs my advice anymore?

What do you mean no one needs my advice anymore?

So, I’ll take a breather. Wait, maybe none of you know how to stop and relax (and send a pug an email), so maybe you are ALL asking for advice on how to do so.

First things first – find a comfy lap or chair. If the chair you happen to be sitting in can recline, request that your human do that for you. After all – you’ve had a long hard day of napping, checking out strange noises and wandering around the house. you deserve to kick back! If you aren’t allowed on the furniture (please don’t invite me over), a good pillow, rug or dog bed will do just fine – just make sure it is properly fluffed beforehand. Once you are all settled in, ask for a treat or a bone. It’s nice to relax after a long hard day with something to gnaw on! Then you’ll be all set. Sometimes gnawing on your treat can take it out of you and you have to migrate to another spot for a quick snooze. That’s perfectly okay.

So, go get comfy, put on your thinking caps, and ask away…what do you need advice on? Comment below or shoot me a message at boney@woofssi.com!


Sep 14

Please Excuse This Interruption in Service

Mom and dad went on vacation. I’m staying with Grandma, Papa and Allie. Moby is apparently having a week long frat party at the house with his bro, Greg. (BTW, I totally should have gotten an invite to that – pugs know how to party hard!) Anyhow – we’re taking a break from the blog for a week. But stay in touch with us on our Facebook page and we’ll be back before you know it!

Sep 14

Wordy Wednesday: I’m Too Sexy

You all know the song, right?

Well, I’m too sexy for my collar. Moby has lots of collars. Me? One.

IMG_2964.JPGMom bought me the “crabby” collar because she says it fits my personality. But I hardly ever wear it. It’s a pretty awesome collar and I wish I had the variety that Moby did, but I don’t. There are a couple if reasons for that.
1) I have a very sensitive throat. The slightest move and I start coughing.
2) I’m not an escape artist. Mom can outrun me if needed, but trust me, I’m not going anywhere.
So, I wear a harness when we go for walks. Mom is hoping to collaborate with a certain person soon to come up with a good harness option for me that is also stylish.

Oh – I may be too sexy for my collar, but I am most definitely NOT too sexy for my sweatshirts! I can’t wait for the fall weather so Moby and I can strut our stuff together!

Do you have a favorite collar, sweatshirt or harness?


Aug 14

Wordy Wednesday: Deep Thoughts

Hi Boney,
My name is Ellie and my mom is friends with Moby’s foster mom, Emily. They work together at Great Plains SPCA. She has loved keeping up with Moby and learning about you too! In fact, she says you remind her of me because we are both elder-dogs who look kinda grumpy (her words, not mine!). I’ve attached my photo, so you can be the judge. Well, looks like I’m being kind of wordy too, but my question to you is, what occupies your mind all day? You look like you are a wise dog with deep thoughts – what’s going on in that Boney brain? :)
Dear Ellie,
First off, let me say that you look very pretty in your scarf and not grumpy at all. I think sometimes our moms get jealous of how wise we look and in turn, make believe that we are grumpy. I guess it’s just a cross that we, beautiful and handsome squishy face elder dogs, have to bear.
So, what does this handsome wise pug think about all day long? Well, I think about a lot of things.
Sometimes I wonder why I wasn’t enough Pug for mom and dad and why they felt like we needed to adopt Moby.
Sometimes I think about how lucky I am that mom and dad adopted Moby, because he really does keep me entertained during the day with all of his moaning and groaning and repositioning. Perhaps with age he’ll realize that if he just doesn’t move, the day goes a lot faster.
Sometimes I think about how the world would be so much better if everyone had a Pug. Pugs are excellent cuddlers, but we still know how to scold in a loving “woo-woo-woo” way. My grandma realized how important it is to have a Pug in your life, which is why, when she realized that dad wasn’t going to give me up, she’d have to get one of her own.
Sometimes I think about all the treats and how far out of my reach they are and if I could only teach Moby to get them for me…
Sometimes I think about which bed is going to be the most comfortable on any given day. I usually lay in the same place every day, but some days you just have to mix it up, you know?
Sometimes I think that maybe I smell. Like when it’s been a long time since I’ve seen my Aunt Betsy and something just doesn’t quite smell right? I don’t always know if it’s me or Moby. I guess it’s probably Moby because Pugs always smell good (and have good breath).
I guess I think about a lot of different stuff. I don’t have too much to really worry about though. I have a good home, loving parents and a “little” brother that I can tease. All in all, I guess I think about the love that surrounds me.


Aug 14


Another new app to make Moby and Boney more awesome than they already are? How can I keep up with these things?!? Petpoc is a new app, similar to BarkCam, but you can do so much more with it! You take pictures directly through the app OR you can upload existing photos from your camera roll!

Petpoc has a diary that keeps all your photos – you can save them to your camera roll or share them directly with friends through the apps. There are a number of “sticker packs” to choose from. A few of the sticker packs are free, but you have to purchase some of them. You purchase them with coins – you can either buy coins, or earn them – by going to the app every day, making pictures, and sharing the pictures with friends! My favorite part of it so far is you can upload to Instagram right from the Petpoc app! Just hit share and you have the option to open the picture in Instragram!

There are also games you can play – with avatars of your pets (you can choose a generic avatar or upload your own picture)! I’m not a big game person, so this doesn’t really appeal to me, but I can see how some might find it fun.

I hope they continue to come out with more sticker packs, I’ve had fun with the free and one purchased, but I can’t wait to get enough coins to unlock another pack :) Be warned…we may be sharing our pictures with YOU! Below is just a sampling of the fun we’ve had with Petpoc (I’m thinking as good as Boney looks in those sunglasses, he might need some Doggles of his own!). Follow Petpoc on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!





Aug 14

Wordy Wednesday: Cuddle Pug

Dear Boney,

Who is the master cuddler, you or Moby?

Boomer & Dottie

Dear Boomer & Dottie,
This is probably the easiest question I’ve ever been asked. I am definitely the master cuddler. While Moby loves to cuddle, I am smaller and can therefore cuddle almost anytime, anywhere.

I mean, you don’t see Moby cuddling on a pillow, do you? Dad says that I am such a good cuddler, that sometimes he doesn’t even realize I am on his lap or know how I got there! Again, with Moby, you KNOW he’s there! No sneaking around for him!