Mar 16

Remembering What You Want to Forget

There are days when I don’t want to look at timehop. Those are days that I don’t need to look in order to remember what happened. Today is one of those days.

2 years ago, we said goodbye to our sweet Baby Girl (aka Dixie). It was a day we had come to expect, but nevertheless, didn’t want to happen. She was shy but silly. She’d never turn down a belly rub, no matter who you were. Boney pined after her. She (sometimes) tolerated him. 

I will always remember that day. We spent it doing things she loved – eating yummy foods, going for walks and relaxing in the sun. Then we said goodbye, knowing that she’d be off to play with Brutus and we’d see her again someday.

I love you and miss you, Dixie. You’ll always be my Baby Girl.

Jun 15

Happy D-Day!

Today would have marked our baby girl’s 12th birthday! In our house, D-Day meant Dixie Day and we celebrated all things Dixie. Hard to believe she’s been gone a little over a year. Miss her every day.


Mar 15

Remembering Dixie

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since you left us. We all miss you (even Boney!), but have a feeling that you and Brutus are having fun with each other while you wait for us. You filled our lives with love in only the way that you could. You were never overly affectionate, but we always knew you loved us and you knew that we loved you. You were and will always be, our Baby Girl.

Jan 15


That’s what his name used to be. It’s funny how much emphasis we put on a name “fitting” someone – whether it’s a person or a four legged companion.

I knew that Moby’s name used to be Logan, but had forgotten about it until it came up in conversation this week. When his Emily and Daniel were his foster parents, they decided that he needed to a new start, including a new name. One that would make him realize he was an awesome dog and that he could conjure up all his braves and find his perfect family. That name? Moby Wonderdog.


Do I look like a Logan?

When we adopted him, we kept Moby but dropped the Wonderdog. It’s not that we didn’t like that name – we just decided that his middle name would be Hawkins – in honor the his foster family. Of course, he would take on our last name. So his new name would be Moby Hawkins Loehle. It fit him well. Of course, once he came to live with us, we realized that “Moby” and “Boney” sounded an awful lot alike! It can make for a pretty confusing conversation sometimes.

Boney – whose full name is Bonaparte Nelson Loehle – was named after Napoleon Bonaparte. It fits him well as he has is known to be bossy for his size. Napoleon’s nickname was also Boney – and he had pugs. So it was the perfect fit. His dad didn’t give him a middle name when he got him (gasp!) so I gave him my maiden name as his middle name. It seemed fitting and kind of made my becoming his mom official.



My first dog, and the only dog I had as a child was a poodle. His name – Lexington Christian Michels. He came with Lexington (I think he had some super fancy name from the breeder, but I honestly don’t remember). Christian and Michels were family names.

I had only recently gotten Brutus when Lexington crossed the bridge – so I hadn’t given him a middle name yet. It seemed fitting to pass the name down, so he became Brutus Lexington Nelson – until I married Joe and he adopted Brutus and his sister, giving them his last name as well. Dixie was never meant to be Dixie. I originally named her Hannah Grace. It didn’t seem to fit her – so it was changed to Dixie Hannah.

Do your dogs have middle names? Do you give a lot of thought to giving them names or did they come with name?



Jan 15

The Pet Shop

Shortly before Brutus turned 10, I heard about Yellow Brick Home for the first time. Shortly after that, we found out our time with him was coming to an end. So, what better birthday present than to get him a custom portrait from The Pet Shop (a division of Yellow Brick Home)? Okay, it was really more a present to us than him, but let’s be honest – if someone were to commission a portrait of you, wouldn’t you feel pretty good about yourself and know that those people really loved you? We were thrilled when the piece arrived and awed at the detail that goes into this little thing (it’s only 4″ x 4″)!


After we got that, I decided that all of the dogs needed one – but felt it was “fair” that everyone had to wait until their 10th birthday to get one. Lo and behold, right before Dixie’s 10th birthday, her lymphoma was detected. So again, it seemed that it was a good time to get the portrait. Once again, the detail was amazing and it couldn’t have depicted our girl any better.


Well, Boney is turning 10 in a month (cross your fingers that he stays in good health!!) so it’s his turn for a portrait. I’m going through the process of choosing photos to send right now. Because I was kind of a procrastinator (not usually what I’m known for), his portrait won’t arrive by his birthday. But don’t worry, he has some other awesome stuff coming his way so this will just be a reason to celebrate again!

Have you ever had art made from your dogs photos? What unusual pieces do you have?



Dec 14

Year in Review

I got an email from WordPress that they had my Year in Review for 2014 ready to go. I thought, what the heck, I’ll take a look. And what I found was pretty interesting – take a look for yourselves!


We started off 2014 a little rocky, with Dixie’s cancer coming out of remission. Although we miss our little girl every day, we were blessed with Moby. Boney has grown into the big brother title rather well and we are a happy little family!


Jul 14

Thankful Thursday

20140717-095312-35592901.jpgWe want to take today to say Thank You! Thank you for reading our blog and for following us on facebook and instragram (@mloehle). Thanks for making us realize that we CAN make a difference.

It’s funny how much I look at Moby and Boney and think “there are no other dogs like them” and while that is true, many of you share the same challenges that we do, the same funnies, the same smiles. It’s good to know (through your comments) that there are others out there that feel the way we feel.

Moby would like to throw a special thank you out to Bonnie and Paul – he got the card in the mail that said you made a donation to Great Plains SPCA in his honor and he blushed with gratitude!

Boney would like to thank all of his loyal servants readers and is happy to know that he’s not the red headed step child – that in fact, he has quite the following himself.

THANK YOU for being you. For loving us for being us. We’ll continue to try to entertain you throughout the week with posts and pictures. It’s hard not to be entertained by a pittie and a pug, right?

As a thank you, we’d like to know what you’d like to hear more of from us. I am in awe of some of the great blogs out there that post every day. I struggle to not only find the time, but also to come up with something that I think will peak your interest!  Let me know what we can do better! And please, send your friends our way too!


Jul 14

Throwback Thursday


Jun 14

Throwback Thursday


Jun 14

Throwback Thursday