Jul 14

Thankful Thursday

20140717-095312-35592901.jpgWe want to take today to say Thank You! Thank you for reading our blog and for following us on facebook and instragram (@mloehle). Thanks for making us realize that we CAN make a difference.

It’s funny how much I look at Moby and Boney and think “there are no other dogs like them” and while that is true, many of you share the same challenges that we do, the same funnies, the same smiles. It’s good to know (through your comments) that there are others out there that feel the way we feel.

Moby would like to throw a special thank you out to Bonnie and Paul – he got the card in the mail that said you made a donation to Great Plains SPCA in his honor and he blushed with gratitude!

Boney would like to thank all of his loyal servants readers and is happy to know that he’s not the red headed step child – that in fact, he has quite the following himself.

THANK YOU for being you. For loving us for being us. We’ll continue to try to entertain you throughout the week with posts and pictures. It’s hard not to be entertained by a pittie and a pug, right?

As a thank you, we’d like to know what you’d like to hear more of from us. I am in awe of some of the great blogs out there that post every day. I struggle to not only find the time, but also to come up with something that I think will peak your interest!  Let me know what we can do better! And please, send your friends our way too!


Jul 14

Throwback Thursday


Jun 14

Throwback Thursday


Jun 14

Throwback Thursday


Jun 14

Throwback Thursday

Relaxing together.

Jun 14


To many, D-Day is just a day of remembrance – the day the US Army invaded Normandy during World War II.

To us, it’s more than that.

D-Day is also the day we celebrated Dixie’s birthday. She would have been 11 today. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 3 months since we said our goodbyes. We still miss her every day.

Happy Birthday in heaven, baby girl. I hope you and Brutus get to celebrate with your new friends and that you get lots of treats! I love you!


Apr 14

Throwback Thursday

It’s been 45 days. I miss the way she would flip over to ask for belly rubs. The way she would crawl under the covers to spoon with me and then when she was too hot get up and lay on top of the covers – always making sure to touch me. Her deep bark at the knock of the door, doorbells on TV, anything walking by. The way she’d do anything for a pizzle. I miss her snuggles. I miss taking her for car rides. I miss her kisses.





Apr 14

Throwback Thursday

dixie & brutus tbtDixie and Brutus circa Spring 2003


Mar 14


This last week was a bittersweet one. One week ago Saturday, we saw our baby girl take a turn for the worse. We made the decision to say goodbye to her on Tuesday. We had a good weekend together and went for many walks, had lots of snuggles and made all her wishes come true.


Dixie Hannah Loehle
June 6, 2003 – March 11, 2014

Dixie Hannah Loehle made her way over the Rainbow Bridge the afternoon of March 11, 2014 after a courageous battle with lymphoma. Her family was by her side.

Dixie loved to go for runs, walks and car rides and could never turn down a good pizzle. Dixie had many friends and enjoyed having her belly rubbed by anyone that would partake.

Dixie is survived by her parents, Joe & Miranda; brother, Boney; grandparents, aunts, uncles and many cousins.

Dixie joins several other relatives who have already crossed The Bridge, including her older brother, Brutus. They will take good care of her and give her all the love she needs until her family can be reunited.

Feb 14

So much has happened…

Last year, I made a pledge to blog more. Ha! That lasted a few weeks and then I just disappeared off the face of the inter-webs! I’m not going to promise to blog more now, because that will only cause un-due stress when it doesn’t happen.  I will try to figure out how to get my instagram, facebook and blog all intertwined so it’s a little easier to stay on top of things.

A lot has happened since you heard from us last.

In April of 2013, Dixie was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma.  It came as a complete shock to us because she had her annual exam in January and was completely fine! After just having lost Brutus in December, we were not prepared to lose another of our pack! So, she started on chemotherapy and quickly went into remission!

In June, Dixie turned 10. We built a screened porch addition on the house where Dixie can often be found lounging on a wicker love seat enjoying the outside breeze with all the comforts of being on the couch.

In July, Joe and Miranda visited Gettysburg and Crystal Springs Farm outside of Antitem. If Miranda had been thinking sooner, a visit with the famous pooches of Oh Melvin (and Yo Jake) would have been possible, but last minute plans rarely work out.

Summer and fall passed quickly and we had lots of fun with the doggies and other family. Dixie’s chemo continued until mid-October.

Dixie stayed in remission until January 1. On our visit to the oncologist January 2, it was confirmed that her Lymphoma had returned. We were devastated as we thought we’d have much more time with her.

In February, Boney turned 9 and we had the family over for a birthday party. A good time was had by all and the doggies enjoyed a gourmet meal complete with birthday cake and cookies!

March is fast approaching and our time with Dixie is nearing the end.  We are cherishing every walk we can get in with her and all the snuggles and kisses she will let us give.