Nov 14

Moby Monday: Grammie and Grandpa

This weekend, Grammie and Grandpa came to visit me! Well, they said they came to visit all of us, but I think they just didn’t want to hurt mom, dad or Boney’s feelings. Grammie brought lots of treats which she was happy to hand out whenever she went into the kitchen. Grandpa had a bum shoulder so he couldn’t play tug as much as last time, but he still played a good bit with me. We went for long walks and I showed them around my favorite walking spots. We relaxed a lot too. They had to leave to go home today, but I made sure they had a little dog hair on them so they’d remember what a great time they had with me and come back soon!


Nov 14

Wordy Wednesday: Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is my dad’s birthday! IMG_3390.JPGI am thankful to have a dad that has raised me from my puppyhood into my adulthood (mark your calendars now, I’ll be 10 on February 16). I never had to be in a shelter like Brutus or Moby and I’m thankful for that. He’s been my forever since my mom gave me up for adoption and I’m grateful to her for that every day because I can’t imagine a life better than the one I have now. Here’s to you day – I hope your birthday is as special as you make me feel. I love you!

Oct 14

Snuggle Monster

One of my favorite things about Moby is his love of snuggling. He loves to snuggle so much that he doesn’t care who he’s snuggling with! He’ll snuggle with me, dad, Boney, grandma, his sitters…anyone that will let him!

He is a master snuggler at night. When I go to be early, he’s the first one to jump in bed with me and will get in the “spooning” position right up next to me. Often times in the middle of the night, I will have to ask him to move over because he keeps getting closer and closer and eventually pushes me to the edge of the bed.
















Sep 14

Getting Reaquainted with The Crate

Such a handsome face to wake up to, right?



Not really.

Boney has three modes of waking someone up.
1) Run wildly around the bed so that you have to get up for fear that he will fall off.
2) Run wildly around the bed and come up to your face to start covering it with bad-breath kisses.
3) Bark like a maniac.

This morning, he did all 3 of those things. At 3 A.M.

I picked him up, took him to the dog door and shoved him outside to go potty. I told Moby to get back in bed and we closed the door to the bedroom. That worked for about 10 minutes. Boney came back in, wandered around for a while and then stopped at the bedroom door where he woo-woo-wooed. I let him back in. He wouldn’t lay down. We put him back out. He woo-woo-wooed. Needless to say, after breakfast, even Moby was ready to skip his morning walk to go back to sleep. By that time, I was wide awake so just tucked the boys back in bed with their dad and went to work out.

So what are we going to do about it? Boney is going to start sleeping in his crate again. We’ll see how it goes. I’m sure he won’t like it to start with, but he seems to be getting up earlier and earlier every day. Joe likes to blame it on Moby and I’ll admit that Moby does “readjust” a lot during the night, but he’s happy to lay in bed as long as we want to.

Brutus, Dixie and Boney all used to sleep in a crate. At that time we “only” had a queen bed and the 5 of us in bed was difficult to say the least. When Brutus got sick, we let him sleep with us. When Dixie got sick, we let her sleep with us. Then Boney felt left out so we let him sleep with us, too. When we got Moby, he had a crate he could sleep in but I felt bad letting Boney sleep with us and not him – so they both slept with us. We’ll be experimenting over the next few weeks to see if we can find a sleeping solution that works for all of us.

Do your dogs sleep in crates? Do they sleep with you?

Jul 14

Thankful Thursday

20140717-095312-35592901.jpgWe want to take today to say Thank You! Thank you for reading our blog and for following us on facebook and instragram (@mloehle). Thanks for making us realize that we CAN make a difference.

It’s funny how much I look at Moby and Boney and think “there are no other dogs like them” and while that is true, many of you share the same challenges that we do, the same funnies, the same smiles. It’s good to know (through your comments) that there are others out there that feel the way we feel.

Moby would like to throw a special thank you out to Bonnie and Paul – he got the card in the mail that said you made a donation to Great Plains SPCA in his honor and he blushed with gratitude!

Boney would like to thank all of his loyal servants readers and is happy to know that he’s not the red headed step child – that in fact, he has quite the following himself.

THANK YOU for being you. For loving us for being us. We’ll continue to try to entertain you throughout the week with posts and pictures. It’s hard not to be entertained by a pittie and a pug, right?

As a thank you, we’d like to know what you’d like to hear more of from us. I am in awe of some of the great blogs out there that post every day. I struggle to not only find the time, but also to come up with something that I think will peak your interest!  Let me know what we can do better! And please, send your friends our way too!


Jul 14

Throwback Thursday


Jul 14

Moby Monday: 3 day weekends

20140706-200647-72407358.jpgThe weekend started out great – on Thursday night, mom told me that her and dad had Friday off and it was a 3 – day weekend! They said something about how I needed to be extra brave on Friday because there might be lots of loud noises. I put on my brave hat and there weren’t too many noises, so I did really good!

Saturday we did lots of yard work. That meant deathing sticks, doing zoomies in the yard as I tried to help Boney supervise and of course, laying in the dirt (everyone needs a break now and then, right?). Mom said that I get too dirty when I do that, but you should have seen her! She was so dirty she needed a bath – but luckily, I stayed clean enough that I didn’t. Saturday night it rained and there was more booming than the night before. I snuggled in close to mom on Dixie’s chair and was asleep by 7. All that yard work made me tired!


On Sunday, Boney and I got dad up super early (Sunday is his day to spend the morning with us). We had breakfast and then dad let me get back into bed with mom. At about 7, I thought it was time for her to wake up, so I gently stretched out next to her and gave her love nibbles on her face. Mom and dad did some more yard work replacing fence pickets. I wasn’t allowed to help with that, but had to watch from the screened porch. I figured mom would leave Sunday afternoon to spend time with friends like she always does, but instead, she put on her pajamas, turned off all the lights and snuggled with me and Boney all afternoon! It was SO.MUCH.FUN!


It was a long weekend and I got lots of extra love and snuggles. Did you have a good weekend too?



Jul 14

Happy Birthday, Grandma!!


Today grandma celebrates a big birthday! We won’t say how old she is – just that she and Boney are close in age :) We love you Grandma! We hope you have a great day and we can’t wait to give you kisses at dinner tonight!

Love, Boney (aka The Favorite) and Moby


Jun 14

Wordy Wednesday


Mom told me that all kinds of readers were interested to hear about what Moby thought about living with me. Well I’m here to set the record straight. Moby is my little brother. I love him, but I don’t particularly like him.20140624-200414-72254820.jpg

A long time ago, it was just me and dad. We were the men of the house and I liked it that way. Then mom came along and I thought she was pretty cool – until she moved in and brought two kids with her. Now don’t get me wrong, I learned to love Brutus and Dixie, but I can’t say I was a little delighted when I thought I was going to be an only pug again. A trip to visit Grandma and a few days later and I had another brother.

20140624-201018-72618565.jpgHe’s tall. He’s handsome. He’s muscular. He’s always happy. He’s scared of the dumbest things. He smells good, but not as good as Dixie. I give him kisses and he tries to put my face in his mouth. He’s my brother.

How can I compete with that? I mean I’m pretty awesome. They don’t call me King Boney for no reason. But really, he’s pretty impossible to stand up against. Let’s face it – you read the blog because is him. I’m just a side of mashed potatoes to the filet mignon. But guess what folks? This pug will knock your socks off in the coming weeks. I’m pretty amazing in my own right.

One of these days, I might like Moby. For now, I love him and I’m pretty sure he’ll take what he can get.

Jun 14

The Chair


This chair means a lot to me. We got it shortly before we said goodbye to Dixie. I have always wanted an extra big chair that I could sit in with the dog(s). Dixie loved it because it was right in front of the front window she she could watch all the people go by and bark to her hearts content. Moby doesn’t get on the furniture unless we are on it and Boney sleeps on the big dog bed for the most part. However, when Allie visits she has deemed it her chair. I saw this rare moment with the two pugs in the chair and had to share it!