Apr 15

Bed Time

Do you sleep with your dogs? We never used to.

When Brutus got sick, we let him sleep with us because he had to go outside a lot at night. Boney and Dixie still slept in their crates.

Then Dixie got sick and we let her sleep with us and we felt bad that Boney had to sleep alone, so he slept with us too.

Moby was crate trained at his foster home and we bought a crate for him, but we wanted him to feel comfortable with us (and his crate is HUGE) so we decided to let him sleep with us. For a while, Moby AND Boney slept with us.

Generally, there are both good sleepers – Moby only wakes up a few times a night and want to either get out from under the covers or get back under the covers. Boney sleeps pretty soundly until Moby starts to walk around – and then Boney is up for the day. Doesn’t matter if it’s 1:00 am or 4:00 am. So, Boney started sleeping in his crate again and Moby sleeps with us.


Moby and I usually go to bed before Dad – I’m one of those weirdo’s that gets up at 5 am, so I need to go to bed between 8 and 9 to function to be able to function the next day. When dad comes to bed, Moby and I are usually cuddled under the covers. He has his own pillow in the middle of the bed, but often opts to share mine.

I can’t tell you the last time I slept through the night without being woken up by a paw or nose, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Do you sleep with your dog(s)?

Mar 15


We’ve been out of our routine for a while and it’s affected all of us. Most of us do better when our lives have a routine. Moby is one of those.


As you know from the last blog (two weeks ago – sorry!), we had a great visit with the foster parents, Moby got hurt, and Moby passed his CGC. Because Moby pulled a back muscle, he wasn’t allowed to jump up for a week. So he and I slept on the air mattress.

Then I went to Minnesota for a few days. We thought he was better (he was acting better) but he had an episode in bed and airsnapped at bed. So, we extended his medicine and he slept in the living room until I got back from my trip and then we slept on the air mattress together again. Sounds great, right?

Nope. Moby is not keen on the air mattress. It makes him nervous. He’s fine sleeping on it, but during the day, he wants to stay as far away from it as possible. The only reason dad didn’t sleep on the air mattress with Moby was because when he tried to put it up, Moby tucked tail, ran outside and wouldn’t come back in.

When Moby gets out of his routine, he gets more nervous than usual. Because he had almost 3 weeks of no solid routine, he was definitely a little “off” the last few days. Moby doesn’t like to be cornered or feel like there’s no way out. Yet he constantly puts himself in those positions.

This weekend, the boys had an incident. Moby jammed himself under a chair in order to be pet. Boney approached. Moby gave the lip and soft growl. Boney didn’t take head. Next? Air snap. Boney wasn’t retreating. No one got hurt – unless you count Boney slamming himself into the piano leg and having a red face for a while. Boney is easy enough to pick up in order to diffuse the situation. The hard part is – I was across the room and saw it happen before I could even get there to diffuse it before it started. Boney doesn’t know how to properly read signals and Moby doesn’t realize he shouldn’t trap himself to start with.

Routine helps with our normalcy. Last night, we got to sleep in the bed for the first time in 2 weeks. We had our normal bed time. Today had our normal wake up time, breakfast and our normal length walk. Time to get back to routine. It makes everyone happier and healthier.

All too often we’re afraid to write about the “bad” things that happen in our lives. I can’t be upset about what happened – I just have to look at it as two siblings that are having a fight. “Mom, he’s touching me!” For the most part, the boys get along great and enjoy snuggling with their parents on the couch together. We’re normal and things like this happen to everyone. The most important thing is that you can deal with it, move past it and not let it get you down.


Mar 15

Moby Monday: A Whirlwind Weekend

I had a three day weekend that started on Thursday night when I graduated from the Intermediate Obedience class. That meant that I was ready to take my Canine Good Citizen test! Shortly after we got home for class, Foster Mom and Dad showed up!


I was so excited to see both of them, I just didn’t know what to do with myself! It was pretty late, so we snuggled and caught up on what ‘s been happening with them.

Friday morning Mom and Foster Mom took me for a walk before Mom, Foster Mom and Foster Dad went to Savannah for the day. Since they’ve never been here before they wanted to see some of the sights. I spent the day relaxing at home and when they got back we snuggled some more. I even mustered up ALL my braves and slept in their bed with them!


Saturday morning, Mom and Foster Mom went garage saling, while Dad and Foster Dad went to the gun range. That gave me some down time before in the morning to rest and relax for my big party on Saturday night. When Mom and Foster Mom got back, Foster Mom and I played ball in the back yard! It was so much fun!! Then came time for my party. I was really excited at first, but then I got kind of tired and didn’t really want to socialize (Sorry, Mrs. Newberry – I really do like you!!)I spent some time relaxing by myself in the bedroom and came out a little bit later after things had calmed down a little bit. More snuggles and treats!


Sunday was a big day – my CGC test was at 4:00. Mom and Dad took Foster Mom and Dad and showed them the sights of St. Simons and Jekyll Island, while I stayed home to rest up for my test. They saw the Avenue of the Oaks, the Lighthouse, Bloody Marsh, Driftwood Beach and the Jekyll Historic District. Then they came home and Mom and Foster Mom took me to my test. Guess what? I passed!!! I’m now officially a Canine Good Citizen. Thanks to all my friends and family that have helped me work on my Manners and Braves over the past 2 years. Who would have thought that I would be able to to accomplish this! Mom said that we might take a little break from classes, but that we are definitely not done! There’s always something new for me to learn.

After class, we came home and Mom and Dad took Foster Mom and Dad back out to go meet Allie, and finish seeing the sights of St. Simons. Then they came home and guess what?!? More snuggles and treats!

Foster Mom and Dad are headed home. I’m so glad I got to see them after all this time! I was a little worried at first that they had come to take me back to Kansas City, but then I realized that they just wanted to come visit me. As grateful as I am for everything Foster Mom and Dad have done for me, I can’t imagine life without Forever Mom and Dad (and Boney)!

This morning, Mom took me to the vet, because it’s apparent that I hurt my back some time during the weekend. Last night I was pretty sore and didn’t want to jump up for snuggles, so everyone came to my level. When it came time for bed, I had a hard time getting in and I whimpered a lot at night. Then this morning it hurt to go out the dog door. Turns out, I threw out my back at some point (I wiggled instead of waggled!), so now I’m on an anti-inflammatory pain med and have been told that there will be no running or jumping and I can only go on very short walks for a week! Mom can’t believe I felt that bad and still passed my test yesterday – but I knew she was stressed about it and I didn’t want to disappoint her! So, my week will be pretty boring with not a lot going on for fun and games. Just lots of snuggles on the floor. I guess that will do :)



Mar 15

When Reality Hits

He’s not always the perfect gentleman. Last night, at class, he air snapped. At his grandma. The trigger? I’m unsure, but it was probably a combination of things.

His grandma loves him very much, but knows that sometimes Moby can be a little skittish. So, she’s very cautious and tells him how much she loves him and what a good boy is when she pets him.

Last night at class, we had a crowd for the dogs to walk through and for them to also learn to be petted by a stranger. Something we’ve been working on, but it’s always good to get new people involved as the dogs tend to get exicted then (as it is in the real world). Moby went first – he had 3 people come up, shake my hand, ask to pet him, pet him, lift a paw off the ground and brush him. Grandma, Aunt Betsy and my friend Alix. He did great with all 3. I was actually pretty happy that he did that well, as the first (and only other time) he’s met Alix, he air snapped at her and barked at her while she was at our house. This was shortly after we got him, so we were still building up our braves.

When it came our turn to do the same exercise again, a man that Moby had never met was first. Moby sat through the petting and paw lifting like it was no big deal. Then grandma came for a second round and something happened. He got uncomfortable and air snapped.

I’m not going to lie – I was mortified, embarrassed, and deflated. I was mad at myself because I didn’t see any signs that it was going to happen. I was standing next to him, telling him he was a good boy and then BAM – air snap. Thankfully, it was just an air snap, it was no where near her hands and he recovered from it quickly. Also thankfully, it was grandma and not a stranger. She understands his issues too and was quick to shrug it off (Thanks, Lucy!).

After that we sat back down – Moby was pretty good the rest of the night, but he certainly wasn’t himself. We all have bad days and dogs are no different. I have to remember that. It was a good exercise because we know what we need to work on and we will most definitely be working hard on it all week!

Next week is a run through of the CGC test. Snapping is an automatic dismissal (understandably so) so we’ll be working hard to boost Moby’s confidence. Does anyone else have similar issues and if so, what have you done to help your dog through them?

Special shout out to Grandma, Swen, Betsy & Garrick, Alix, Kat & Ryder for coming out last night to help with the crowd and being the strangers!


Feb 15

Weekends are for Parties!

Boney celebrated his 10th(!) birthday this past Monday and Moby’s 4th birthday is tomorrow, so what better way to celebrate than by having a joint birthday party?

We invited some family and friends over for burgers, hot dogs and cake. The boys had a great time, got LOTS of treats, and enough attention to tire them out for the night AND the entire day Sunday! Thanks to everyone that came out to celebrate with us!











Feb 15

Miranda’s Monday: Are there ever enough hours?

Between walks, workouts, projects, play time, training and work, when is there ever time for sleep?

Our day starts pretty early and we have a routine, but sometimes it seems like there are never enough hours. Here’s our typical day:

5:30: Wake up
5:45: Breakfast time!
6:00: Take Moby (and sometime Boney) for a walk
6:35: Training time
6:50: Leave for Crossfit
7:15: Crossfit
8:30: Get ready for work
9:00: Go to work (gotta make money for treats and collars!)
4:30: Go home (except for Mondays and Thursdays when I go to a second job for an hour or so)
5:00: Dinner time!
5:30: Project/training/walk
6:00-8:15: (Tuesdays and Thursdays) Walk to class, class, walk home
8:30: Bedtime for Mom!

Sometimes we swap walk and crossfit time when I have to be to work early. Sometimes we get up at 5. Sometimes I end up falling asleep on the couch because I’m exhausted. I usually try to fit some me/couch/wine/snuggling time in there, but it doesn’t always happen. I’m struggling to find some time to start running again – I have some races coming up and I’d be lying if I said I was ready!

I know I can’t be the only one with a hectic schedule. Do you have any tricks to finding more time in the day?


Jan 15


February has two birthdays coming – Boney will be turning 10 and Moby will be turning 4.

March brings a couple sad days – we said goodbye to Dixie on March 11. Brutus’ birthday was March 19. But it also brings a happy day – we adopted Moby on March 14. The Fosters are coming for a long weekend to celebrate Moby’s first Adopt-a-versary!

That got me to reminiscing about how I fell in love with Moby to start with – though His Foster’s Blog! I think most of you already follow Our Waldo Bungie – either through their website or through Facebook (or both!). I’d been following them for a while when they first brought Moby home. At the time, I didn’t think anything of it, since they’d had such great luck in adopting out their other fosters. Turns out, Moby would be different. That’s okay by me though – he became a celebri-dog, started his Sirius Republic collar collection, and learned about being brave. And I fell in love. And I brought him home. And we found new friends. It was a win-win all around.

Read about Moby from start to end (scroll down and read from the bottom up) – there are some GREAT pictures of him (though really, can he take a bad picture??).

Jan 15

44 days.

Until this.

46 days until my Adopt-a-versary. And what better Adopt-a-Versary present than Foster Mom and Dad visiting me! I’m counting down (mom is giving me a few treats every day until they get here!)

Jan 15

Baths and Furniture and Hiking, Oh My!

Our 3-day weekend started off with a bath for a certain someone.


I’m not THAT dirty, mom!

He enjoyed the Jolly Ball a little too much and ended up with dirt/mud all over the inside of his front legs, on his chest and muzzle. I LOVE that he LOVES the Jolly Ball, but it gets him sooooo dirty!

Saturday started off pretty uneventful – Joe went to a monthly Silhouette shoot (where he got match winner in one round and 1st AAA in the second round) and I watched a bit of tv before heading into town to do some errands with a friend. But what made my Saturday morning, was the new piece of furniture that showed up!


Now, instead of all the electronics in a big pile in the corner, they are all organized on this piece (as of the picture they had not been organized yet). We have been looking for a piece of furniture for this part of the room for a while! We wanted something a little eclectic, but not too crazy. This fit the bill perfectly and it was a major score on pricefalls.com! The cabinet and drawers are metal and the top is wood. I LOVE it!

Saturday afternoon, we worked in the yard on our newest project – a covered outdoor kitchen! We got posts secured Saturday evening and worked more on that project on Sunday while Boney enjoyed some time in the screened porch and Moby laid in the grass chewing on sticks.

Sunday morning, we both started our new running regimens – I haven’t really ran since November when I did the last half marathon and I’ve signed up for a couple 10ks this spring, so I need to get back on that!

Monday, we decided to go down to Fort Clinch (where I took Moby a few weeks ago) to hike the 6 mile trail. It was a good way to spend our day off!


Boney made it clear to us Monday evening that we weren’t relaxing enough. He hopped up in Dixie’s chair, gave us the pouty face and insisted we sit down and relax. We felt obligated after being gone most of the day – so he got his way as usual!


We’re looking forward to a short, busy week – working more on the outdoor kitchen and going for lots of walks!


Jan 15

Morning Rituals

Every morning, we have almost exactly the same ritual. Moby starts to wake up around 5 am and will jump out of bed somewhere between 5 and 6 (only the latter if he’s really tired). Then it’s time for me to get out of bed, wake up Boney, send him outside, feed the boys, and take Moby for a walk.

Boney is our rooster. If Joe isn’t awake when I let him out of his crate, he’ll be awake within seconds. If it’s extra early, I’ll pick Boney up and carry him to the dog door – this creates less “woo-wooing” and makes the morning a little quieter.


While Boney is outside going potty, I get the boys’ food ready. Moby starts eating before Boney is back in and Boney rushes through the dog door barking like I’m going to forget to give him his. While the boys are eating, I open the door to outside and open the screen porch door. Even though he has the dog doors down, Moby doesn’t really like to go through them when it’s dark outside – if I forget to open the door, he’ll wait patiently for me to do that for him.

After the boys have eaten, I clean their bowls, put them up and start to get ready for our walk. Moby sits – not so patiently, sometimes barking – waiting to get suited up for our walk.



Boney always sees us off at the door – he knows he gets a treat when we leave. Depending on how much time we have, our walk will be anywhere from 1-2 miles. Moby stops to sniff lots of things and gets barked at by a few of the other neighborhood dogs who are also out for their morning walks. He ignores them and keeps walking – I love that about him!

When we get back from our walk, Boney is always waiting on the other side of the door for us. He knows he gets another treat! If dad is up, Moby runs to the counter to greet him for the day, excited to see him.

After all that, it’s usually time for me to either get ready for work or head out to CrossFit. The boys find their respective spots (Moby on the big dog bed and Boney on the ottoman), curl up and take a long nap.

Do you have any morning rituals?