Apr 14


My grandpa and grammie came to visit me for the week. This morning, Grandpa took me to the dog park for a good game of Chuck It! We had a blast. Grammie stayed home with Boney. Mom said to tell you that we’ll try to keep our blogging up over the next few weeks, but apologize if we may fall behind while they are here. If you don’t already, follow us on Facebook for pics of what is sure to be a fun weekend full of play (and naps)!!

Mar 14

Sleeps and Snuggles

Before we brought Moby home, we told him he had one task: teach his big brother Boney to sleep in! When Dixie got sick, she would wake at all hours to eat and, of course, we catered to her every whim. Well, Boney got a little too used to getting up at 4 or 5 in the morning for breakfast and continued to do so even after Dixie no longer did. It was a habit we just couldn’t seem to break him of!

Since Moby has been home, we are happy to report that Boney has only gotten up a couple times at 5 (of course, these days happened to be a Saturday and Sunday!) but has otherwise slept until at least 6! I’d say Moby is keeping his end of the deal :)

If you follow us on Instagram (@mloehle), you’ve seen that the boys actually like to snuggle with each other a lot. Boney, who is usually a daddy’s boy, has taken to leaving dad’s lap to come over to snuggle with Moby on my lap. At times, Boney isn’t too keen on sharing with Moby, but for the most part Moby just ignores it and continues to snuggle away! We can’t be happier that they seem to be getting along as most brothers do – tolerating each other, the “big” brother teasing the “little” brother and in the end loving each other!

Mar 14

Kansas City

As I said in the last post, Kansas City is about 1000 miles away from our home. That’s a 17 hour drive. Some people might think we are crazy for dropping everything to drive 17 hours (there AND back!) to adopt a dog. But Moby isn’t just a dog to us, he’s part of our family. Would we do it again? In a heartbeat!

We had visited Kansas City in November and Moby’s Foster Mom and Dad showed us around quite a bit, but there were still some things that we wanted to do. Of course, first things first – ADOPT MOBY! Once that was under our belt, we had a list of to-dos.

First, we stopped for lunch at Taco Johns (Miranda’s FAVORITE fast food place). We don’t have Taco Johns in Georgia, so whenever we are in the Midwest, we have to stop (at least) once. We went home after that and told Moby that he was adopted, played some Chuck It! and went for a walk. Then we met Fido Fetch Photography for some pictures in Loose Park. Our boy was pretty tired from all that excitement, so we stayed in and Daniel cooked some amazing steak and veggies on the grill. YUM!! After that, we settled in for the night, with Moby of course joining us in bed :)

Saturday was going to be fun (aka Beer) filled. We started out late morning with a short drive around and went to Oklahoma Joe’s for lunch. There was already a line when we arrived at 10:45 (they open at 11) but it was worth the wait! When we left, the line was wrapped around the building! After Oklahoma Joe’s, we went to Boulevard Brewing Company for a brewery tour and tasting. Then we headed to the newly opened Kansas City Bier Company for another tasting. And finally, Beer Kitchen for dinner, drinks and friendly conversation. We met Crystal from Wayward Dogs and Beer Paws there (her and I went to high school together and I actually “introduced” Crystal and Emily through the blog world!) After all that good brew and yummy food, we had to made one final stop of indulgance before going home. Glace has the best ice cream in Kansas City!

KC Bier Company Beer Kitchen


Our bellies were full and we needed to get a good rest for the next days drive. When we got home, Moby was already packed and ready to go!

going home

Tomorrow read about our drive back and how Moby met his brother, Boney, for the first time!

Mar 14


This last week was a bittersweet one. One week ago Saturday, we saw our baby girl take a turn for the worse. We made the decision to say goodbye to her on Tuesday. We had a good weekend together and went for many walks, had lots of snuggles and made all her wishes come true.


Dixie Hannah Loehle
June 6, 2003 – March 11, 2014

Dixie Hannah Loehle made her way over the Rainbow Bridge the afternoon of March 11, 2014 after a courageous battle with lymphoma. Her family was by her side.

Dixie loved to go for runs, walks and car rides and could never turn down a good pizzle. Dixie had many friends and enjoyed having her belly rubbed by anyone that would partake.

Dixie is survived by her parents, Joe & Miranda; brother, Boney; grandparents, aunts, uncles and many cousins.

Dixie joins several other relatives who have already crossed The Bridge, including her older brother, Brutus. They will take good care of her and give her all the love she needs until her family can be reunited.

Feb 14

So much has happened…

Last year, I made a pledge to blog more. Ha! That lasted a few weeks and then I just disappeared off the face of the inter-webs! I’m not going to promise to blog more now, because that will only cause un-due stress when it doesn’t happen.  I will try to figure out how to get my instagram, facebook and blog all intertwined so it’s a little easier to stay on top of things.

A lot has happened since you heard from us last.

In April of 2013, Dixie was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma.  It came as a complete shock to us because she had her annual exam in January and was completely fine! After just having lost Brutus in December, we were not prepared to lose another of our pack! So, she started on chemotherapy and quickly went into remission!

In June, Dixie turned 10. We built a screened porch addition on the house where Dixie can often be found lounging on a wicker love seat enjoying the outside breeze with all the comforts of being on the couch.

In July, Joe and Miranda visited Gettysburg and Crystal Springs Farm outside of Antitem. If Miranda had been thinking sooner, a visit with the famous pooches of Oh Melvin (and Yo Jake) would have been possible, but last minute plans rarely work out.

Summer and fall passed quickly and we had lots of fun with the doggies and other family. Dixie’s chemo continued until mid-October.

Dixie stayed in remission until January 1. On our visit to the oncologist January 2, it was confirmed that her Lymphoma had returned. We were devastated as we thought we’d have much more time with her.

In February, Boney turned 9 and we had the family over for a birthday party. A good time was had by all and the doggies enjoyed a gourmet meal complete with birthday cake and cookies!

March is fast approaching and our time with Dixie is nearing the end.  We are cherishing every walk we can get in with her and all the snuggles and kisses she will let us give.


Feb 13

Visitors Welcome

Our uncles are visiting while Grammy and Grandpa go on some travels. They have made theirselves at home!


Feb 13

What’s that?

I’m in your spot? Sorry, it’s first come, first serve on this couch!


Jan 13

Channeling Brutus

Lately, I’ve been missing my big brother. I think it’s because mom talks about him ALL the time, like he was the best thing since sliced bread sweet potato chews. I figured since she loved him so much, I’d try to be a little more like him.

Step one: beg from the table.
Step two: eat from Boney’s bowl before my own.
Step three: lay on the couch and pass gas (I must have done a good job because Mom thought it was Boney and blamed him!)
Step four: tuck my nose in behind the pillow (this was Brutus’ favorite way to lay and I can see why – I don’t even smell my stinky gas!)

Step five: give mom lots of extra kisses. She likes it so much, I get extra belly runs in return.

I think I am doing a pretty good job impersonating Brutus, but mom said she loves me just the way I am so I guess I’ll go back to being myself tomorrow.

Do you ever do anything to make your mom or dad extra happy?


Dec 12

Saying Goodbye

posted by Miranda

Today was a hard day for us. We said goodbye to our beloved Brutus. He was my heart dog and I will never forget him.

Brutus Lexington Loehle
March 19, 2002 – December 3, 2012

Brutus Lexington Loehle left this world to take his trip over the Rainbow Bridge the afternoon of December 3, 2012 after a battle with liver cancer. His family was by his side.

Brutus loved to try new foods, give kisses, snuggle and spend time with his family. He had many friends, both canine and human. Brutus will be missed by all that had the chance to know him and many that only knew him through stories.

Brutus is survived by his parents, Joe & Miranda; siblings, Dixie & Boney; grandparents, aunts, uncles and many cousins.

Brutus joins several relatives who have already crossed The Bridge, who will take good care of him and give him all the love he needs until his family can be reunited.


Jul 12

So tired…

Posted by Brutus

Last night, we were all on the couch ready for bed. Mom got comfy with her pillow and blanket and I snuggled up next to her and settled in for a good nights sleep (with maybe a couple snacks thrown my way). Dixie came out to snuggle with us too.

Dad put Boney to bed a little too early last night. He started barking almost right away. Mom knew that dad had to get up early (a little later than our normal time) so she went and got Boney to sleep with us. BIG MISTAKE.

1) I know Boney is my brother, but I really don’t like to share mom with him at night.
2) When I try to sleep, he comes up to me and licks my nose incessantly. ANNOYING.
3) He doesn’t understand boundaries in regards to mom’s pillow.
4) He has no sense of time at all, which means that he wakes us all up every couple of hours thinking that it’s time to get up.

All of this results in the following:

20120726-205009.jpgBoney is wide awake.

20120726-205046.jpgDixie is so tired that she is almost falling off the couch.

And I am snoozing next to dad – waiting for my next snack time.


So, my hope is that Boney either sleeps with dad or in his own bed tonight – we could all use some extra zzz’s. I hope you all have a good sleep tonight too!