Mar 16

Remembering What You Want to Forget

There are days when I don’t want to look at timehop. Those are days that I don’t need to look in order to remember what happened. Today is one of those days.

2 years ago, we said goodbye to our sweet Baby Girl (aka Dixie). It was a day we had come to expect, but nevertheless, didn’t want to happen. She was shy but silly. She’d never turn down a belly rub, no matter who you were. Boney pined after her. She (sometimes) tolerated him. 

I will always remember that day. We spent it doing things she loved – eating yummy foods, going for walks and relaxing in the sun. Then we said goodbye, knowing that she’d be off to play with Brutus and we’d see her again someday.

I love you and miss you, Dixie. You’ll always be my Baby Girl.

Feb 16

The Curse is Broken!

Today, when he woke up, he was ELEVEN. And just like that, he broke the curse. 

Happy Birthday to our toothless, limpy, bossy little man. Today will be a day full of filet mignon, birthday cake, snuggles, and treats. We’ll celebrate a day that you made it past ten. A day that you woke up and ran down the hallway barking for your breakfast (and for your brother to get out of your way).

Never again will we worry about what’s going to happen after the 10th birthday (although you did have us worried when you had those 4 teeth pulled a few weeks back and your loss of appetite). The only curse yet to be broken is that of the stinky butt…

Aug 15

Has It Really Been Two Months?

It’s easy to get out of the routine of regular blogging. Sometimes I think – why do people want to read about the same thing all the time? But then I look back at the blogs I follow that don’t regularly blog anymore (I won’t be cruel and mention any names, but you know who you are!). Reading about other people and what their dogs are up to is a way to gain insight on things that I might be going through myself – or I might know someone with the same kind of issues. Our lives are not perfect and although I try to present everyone in a good light, there are times when I just want to scream (this week was one of those).

In a nutshell, this is what has happened in the last two months:

Mom sliced open and broke her big toe (right foot). It was 6+ weeks before the skin healed and unfortunately, the bone will remain broken (aka crushed) unless surgery is preformed. For now, I’m opting to see how far I can go without surgery.

Mom went on a trip with some other blog friends to Myrtle Beach. She had a great time and really enjoyed getting to know each of them more. Despite having a broken toe (she couldn’t get in the water!) it was a good time for relaxing.

Moby started laser therapy for his back. Our own vet didn’t have the laser equipment, so we were referred to an awesome vet down in Kingsland for the treatment. It’s an hour drive one way, but it definitely seems to be working. Moby has been for 6 treatments in the last 2 months. Our regular vet recently got the laser, so we’re going to start treatment there today.

Mom and Dad went on a camping trip and rented a Little Guy (teardrop trailer). Boney went to stay with Grandma and Papa while Moby had a new sitter, Sienna, come stay with him. He first met Sienna just before mom broke her toe – which worked out perfectly because Sienna came to walk him while mom couldn’t. Moby loves Sienna – she takes him for walks, plays stick, cuddles and gives lots of treats!

Mom now works from home. Moby and Boney spend most of the day snoozing in the home office, but we take breaks on the new side deck that dad built for us – complete with a railing and gate! We can watch the neighbors go by and try not to bark too much.

IMG_6121.JPG IMG_6117.JPG

Tomorrow, Boney will tell you about a new piece of furniture in our house that he thinks was made just for him…

May 15

Wordy Wednesday: What I’ve Been Up To

Dear Loyal Followers Readers,

Thank you for your concern about my whereabouts. Being the King Pug of the House is a much harder job that I let on. Sometimes I just don’t have enough hours in the week to get my message out to the masses.

I’ve been busy overseeing yard work – from the comforts of the porch of course.IMG_5217.JPG

I’ve been practicing riding my new scooter (thanks, Cameron!). Right now, Mom and Dad won’t let me take it out of the yard, but I’m sure that I’ll be cruising around the island picking up the ladies in no time!IMG_5218.JPG

I’ve been catching up on my sleep – back in the big bed! IMG_5219.JPG

Add in all the treat testing, Moby bossing, TV watching and lap warming, a Pug stays pretty darn busy!

But, I’ve set aside time in busy schedule so that I can be better about keeping you informed on what is going on in my life. IMG_5216.JPG

Stay tuned for next week, when I give you a flash back to what I was like as a young pup! Until then, have a great week and weekend!


Mar 15

Moby Monday: A Whirlwind Weekend

I had a three day weekend that started on Thursday night when I graduated from the Intermediate Obedience class. That meant that I was ready to take my Canine Good Citizen test! Shortly after we got home for class, Foster Mom and Dad showed up!


I was so excited to see both of them, I just didn’t know what to do with myself! It was pretty late, so we snuggled and caught up on what ‘s been happening with them.

Friday morning Mom and Foster Mom took me for a walk before Mom, Foster Mom and Foster Dad went to Savannah for the day. Since they’ve never been here before they wanted to see some of the sights. I spent the day relaxing at home and when they got back we snuggled some more. I even mustered up ALL my braves and slept in their bed with them!


Saturday morning, Mom and Foster Mom went garage saling, while Dad and Foster Dad went to the gun range. That gave me some down time before in the morning to rest and relax for my big party on Saturday night. When Mom and Foster Mom got back, Foster Mom and I played ball in the back yard! It was so much fun!! Then came time for my party. I was really excited at first, but then I got kind of tired and didn’t really want to socialize (Sorry, Mrs. Newberry – I really do like you!!)I spent some time relaxing by myself in the bedroom and came out a little bit later after things had calmed down a little bit. More snuggles and treats!


Sunday was a big day – my CGC test was at 4:00. Mom and Dad took Foster Mom and Dad and showed them the sights of St. Simons and Jekyll Island, while I stayed home to rest up for my test. They saw the Avenue of the Oaks, the Lighthouse, Bloody Marsh, Driftwood Beach and the Jekyll Historic District. Then they came home and Mom and Foster Mom took me to my test. Guess what? I passed!!! I’m now officially a Canine Good Citizen. Thanks to all my friends and family that have helped me work on my Manners and Braves over the past 2 years. Who would have thought that I would be able to to accomplish this! Mom said that we might take a little break from classes, but that we are definitely not done! There’s always something new for me to learn.

After class, we came home and Mom and Dad took Foster Mom and Dad back out to go meet Allie, and finish seeing the sights of St. Simons. Then they came home and guess what?!? More snuggles and treats!

Foster Mom and Dad are headed home. I’m so glad I got to see them after all this time! I was a little worried at first that they had come to take me back to Kansas City, but then I realized that they just wanted to come visit me. As grateful as I am for everything Foster Mom and Dad have done for me, I can’t imagine life without Forever Mom and Dad (and Boney)!

This morning, Mom took me to the vet, because it’s apparent that I hurt my back some time during the weekend. Last night I was pretty sore and didn’t want to jump up for snuggles, so everyone came to my level. When it came time for bed, I had a hard time getting in and I whimpered a lot at night. Then this morning it hurt to go out the dog door. Turns out, I threw out my back at some point (I wiggled instead of waggled!), so now I’m on an anti-inflammatory pain med and have been told that there will be no running or jumping and I can only go on very short walks for a week! Mom can’t believe I felt that bad and still passed my test yesterday – but I knew she was stressed about it and I didn’t want to disappoint her! So, my week will be pretty boring with not a lot going on for fun and games. Just lots of snuggles on the floor. I guess that will do 🙂



Mar 15

When Reality Hits

He’s not always the perfect gentleman. Last night, at class, he air snapped. At his grandma. The trigger? I’m unsure, but it was probably a combination of things.

His grandma loves him very much, but knows that sometimes Moby can be a little skittish. So, she’s very cautious and tells him how much she loves him and what a good boy is when she pets him.

Last night at class, we had a crowd for the dogs to walk through and for them to also learn to be petted by a stranger. Something we’ve been working on, but it’s always good to get new people involved as the dogs tend to get exicted then (as it is in the real world). Moby went first – he had 3 people come up, shake my hand, ask to pet him, pet him, lift a paw off the ground and brush him. Grandma, Aunt Betsy and my friend Alix. He did great with all 3. I was actually pretty happy that he did that well, as the first (and only other time) he’s met Alix, he air snapped at her and barked at her while she was at our house. This was shortly after we got him, so we were still building up our braves.

When it came our turn to do the same exercise again, a man that Moby had never met was first. Moby sat through the petting and paw lifting like it was no big deal. Then grandma came for a second round and something happened. He got uncomfortable and air snapped.

I’m not going to lie – I was mortified, embarrassed, and deflated. I was mad at myself because I didn’t see any signs that it was going to happen. I was standing next to him, telling him he was a good boy and then BAM – air snap. Thankfully, it was just an air snap, it was no where near her hands and he recovered from it quickly. Also thankfully, it was grandma and not a stranger. She understands his issues too and was quick to shrug it off (Thanks, Lucy!).

After that we sat back down – Moby was pretty good the rest of the night, but he certainly wasn’t himself. We all have bad days and dogs are no different. I have to remember that. It was a good exercise because we know what we need to work on and we will most definitely be working hard on it all week!

Next week is a run through of the CGC test. Snapping is an automatic dismissal (understandably so) so we’ll be working hard to boost Moby’s confidence. Does anyone else have similar issues and if so, what have you done to help your dog through them?

Special shout out to Grandma, Swen, Betsy & Garrick, Alix, Kat & Ryder for coming out last night to help with the crowd and being the strangers!


Feb 15

Weekends are for Parties!

Boney celebrated his 10th(!) birthday this past Monday and Moby’s 4th birthday is tomorrow, so what better way to celebrate than by having a joint birthday party?

We invited some family and friends over for burgers, hot dogs and cake. The boys had a great time, got LOTS of treats, and enough attention to tire them out for the night AND the entire day Sunday! Thanks to everyone that came out to celebrate with us!











Feb 15

Trusting My Gut

Last night, we started the basic obedience class (again). We’re taking it just as a refresher while we take the intermediate and to remind Moby of certain behaviors that we may not practice as much as we should.

We have a pretty big class (8 total) and the sizes and types of dogs are a wide range. There’s everything from a small (I’m guessing) min pin that weighs in at probably 3 or so lbs to a tall mixed breed (again, guessing) boy that is just a bit smaller than Moby.

Of course, everyone is usually very excited and wants to socialize at the beginning of class. We usually sit off to one side so that we only have a dog on one side of us and not both. Though Moby usually calms down pretty quickly, it’s easier for me to handle him knowing I only have to watch out to one side for someone coming at us. Moby hasn’t been aggressive, but he is reactive, especially when on a leash – something that we are working on.

He did great during class and was used as the example of “down” (since we already knew how to do this) so I was very proud. Towards the end of the class, we had about 10-15 minutes to practice in our own areas and he did great concentrating on me and not all the other dogs around. At the very end of the class, our trainer (who I LOVE and who had helped us work wonder with Moby – including conquering his fear of the dog door) said that we could have play time. Everyone would stand up, drop the leashes and let the dogs play.

Right away, I knew we’d leave. It’s not that I don’t think Moby could handle it. It’s that I don’t KNOW if he could handle it. And I’m choosing to set him up for successes, not failures. He loves to play with Boney and Allie, but with both of them, we went for a long walk together before we introduced them. With several people and dogs in a small confined space, I just didn’t feel like that was the best scenario for us. And because he was the biggest, oldest and definitely strongest, I just didn’t want to take that chance.

On the way home, I felt bad. I felt like I was the mom that made the kid leave early. I wondered how he would have handled it. But I also know that I want him to go to class and know he’s there to learn – not to play. That we can play at home. I want Moby to have other friends, but I want to introduce them in a way that I know he’ll succeed. Of course, I had to have second opinions from Joe and Emily and both reassured me that I did the right thing for Moby.

Moby didn’t seem to mind at all. We took our time walking home (learning makes my boy sooo tired!). When we got home, he crawled up on the couch with dad  and Boney and fell asleep instantly.


Do any of you ever doubt your gut feeling when it comes to what is best for your dog(s)?


Jan 15

Baths and Furniture and Hiking, Oh My!

Our 3-day weekend started off with a bath for a certain someone.


I’m not THAT dirty, mom!

He enjoyed the Jolly Ball a little too much and ended up with dirt/mud all over the inside of his front legs, on his chest and muzzle. I LOVE that he LOVES the Jolly Ball, but it gets him sooooo dirty!

Saturday started off pretty uneventful – Joe went to a monthly Silhouette shoot (where he got match winner in one round and 1st AAA in the second round) and I watched a bit of tv before heading into town to do some errands with a friend. But what made my Saturday morning, was the new piece of furniture that showed up!


Now, instead of all the electronics in a big pile in the corner, they are all organized on this piece (as of the picture they had not been organized yet). We have been looking for a piece of furniture for this part of the room for a while! We wanted something a little eclectic, but not too crazy. This fit the bill perfectly and it was a major score on pricefalls.com! The cabinet and drawers are metal and the top is wood. I LOVE it!

Saturday afternoon, we worked in the yard on our newest project – a covered outdoor kitchen! We got posts secured Saturday evening and worked more on that project on Sunday while Boney enjoyed some time in the screened porch and Moby laid in the grass chewing on sticks.

Sunday morning, we both started our new running regimens – I haven’t really ran since November when I did the last half marathon and I’ve signed up for a couple 10ks this spring, so I need to get back on that!

Monday, we decided to go down to Fort Clinch (where I took Moby a few weeks ago) to hike the 6 mile trail. It was a good way to spend our day off!


Boney made it clear to us Monday evening that we weren’t relaxing enough. He hopped up in Dixie’s chair, gave us the pouty face and insisted we sit down and relax. We felt obligated after being gone most of the day – so he got his way as usual!


We’re looking forward to a short, busy week – working more on the outdoor kitchen and going for lots of walks!


Jan 15

Miranda’s Monday: A Weekend Recap

I know, you were expecting Moby – but we’re shaking things up a bit in the new year. I know you all love Moby and Boney, but thought you might want to learn a little about the rest of the family (mom and dad, a.k.a Miranda and Joe) so we’re going to be filling you in on what we’ve been doing as well!

On Friday, I packed the car with two friends and we headed 7 hours north to Cloudland Canyon State Park. We were meeting three other friends there to participate in the Rum Bum Tours Cloudland Canyon 11/50m race. Three of us did the 11 mile and the other 3 did the 50 mile. It was my first trail run (I did the 11m!) and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I loved it!

The trail was great – flat(ish) in some parts and technical in others, but had great views and passed by a waterfall – which I could have stared at for hours, but didn’t have hours to finish. We ran about 3 miles on road until we hit the trail – and started our decent into the canyon. According to the website, there are a total of over 1,200 stairs (600+ each way) that we had the joy of descending and then ascending! The trail ending up being 11(ish) miles – meaning most GPS trackers said it was more like 12.5 miles. It was chilly – temperatures for the 50m race started at 12 degrees and I think the high all day was either 32 or 34 degrees. The tube on our bladders froze almost right away – so unless you had another source of water (I didn’t!) you were out of luck until the aid station.

After my last half marathon, I said I wasn’t running any long races anymore (10k is my limit!). I had already signed up for this, and told my friend Erin that I didn’t think I was going to do it. She told me just to think of it as a fast hike and not worry about the time. I’m glad she talked me into it because I had a blast. I wasn’t worried about time at all so I didn’t feel bad about stopping to take pictures or hiking most of it vs. running. I ended up finishing in about 4:15 give or a take a few minutes. I definitely want to do another sometime soon! It was fun to be able to share the experience with friends and not feel pressured to have to PR a time. If you like hiking and are even somewhat interested, I suggest you find a trail race around you to try out!

Panoramic of the waterfall area

Panoramic of the waterfall area

Sunday we got up early and drove the 7 hours back home – we all had doggies to get home to! Moby and Boney were excited to see me – even if they did cuddle with dad all weekend long.

Moby snoozing at home with dad

Moby snoozing at home with dad

I hit the sack early – going to bed at 7pm! It’s a new week, I start a paleo challenge on Thursday and we have lots of projects around the house!

Stay tuned to see what Moby and Boney are up to this week!