Jan 15

Baths and Furniture and Hiking, Oh My!

Our 3-day weekend started off with a bath for a certain someone.


I’m not THAT dirty, mom!

He enjoyed the Jolly Ball a little too much and ended up with dirt/mud all over the inside of his front legs, on his chest and muzzle. I LOVE that he LOVES the Jolly Ball, but it gets him sooooo dirty!

Saturday started off pretty uneventful – Joe went to a monthly Silhouette shoot (where he got match winner in one round and 1st AAA in the second round) and I watched a bit of tv before heading into town to do some errands with a friend. But what made my Saturday morning, was the new piece of furniture that showed up!


Now, instead of all the electronics in a big pile in the corner, they are all organized on this piece (as of the picture they had not been organized yet). We have been looking for a piece of furniture for this part of the room for a while! We wanted something a little eclectic, but not too crazy. This fit the bill perfectly and it was a major score on pricefalls.com! The cabinet and drawers are metal and the top is wood. I LOVE it!

Saturday afternoon, we worked in the yard on our newest project – a covered outdoor kitchen! We got posts secured Saturday evening and worked more on that project on Sunday while Boney enjoyed some time in the screened porch and Moby laid in the grass chewing on sticks.

Sunday morning, we both started our new running regimens – I haven’t really ran since November when I did the last half marathon and I’ve signed up for a couple 10ks this spring, so I need to get back on that!

Monday, we decided to go down to Fort Clinch (where I took Moby a few weeks ago) to hike the 6 mile trail. It was a good way to spend our day off!


Boney made it clear to us Monday evening that we weren’t relaxing enough. He hopped up in Dixie’s chair, gave us the pouty face and insisted we sit down and relax. We felt obligated after being gone most of the day – so he got his way as usual!


We’re looking forward to a short, busy week – working more on the outdoor kitchen and going for lots of walks!


Jan 15

Miranda’s Monday: A Weekend Recap

I know, you were expecting Moby – but we’re shaking things up a bit in the new year. I know you all love Moby and Boney, but thought you might want to learn a little about the rest of the family (mom and dad, a.k.a Miranda and Joe) so we’re going to be filling you in on what we’ve been doing as well!

On Friday, I packed the car with two friends and we headed 7 hours north to Cloudland Canyon State Park. We were meeting three other friends there to participate in the Rum Bum Tours Cloudland Canyon 11/50m race. Three of us did the 11 mile and the other 3 did the 50 mile. It was my first trail run (I did the 11m!) and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I loved it!

The trail was great – flat(ish) in some parts and technical in others, but had great views and passed by a waterfall – which I could have stared at for hours, but didn’t have hours to finish. We ran about 3 miles on road until we hit the trail – and started our decent into the canyon. According to the website, there are a total of over 1,200 stairs (600+ each way) that we had the joy of descending and then ascending! The trail ending up being 11(ish) miles – meaning most GPS trackers said it was more like 12.5 miles. It was chilly – temperatures for the 50m race started at 12 degrees and I think the high all day was either 32 or 34 degrees. The tube on our bladders froze almost right away – so unless you had another source of water (I didn’t!) you were out of luck until the aid station.

After my last half marathon, I said I wasn’t running any long races anymore (10k is my limit!). I had already signed up for this, and told my friend Erin that I didn’t think I was going to do it. She told me just to think of it as a fast hike and not worry about the time. I’m glad she talked me into it because I had a blast. I wasn’t worried about time at all so I didn’t feel bad about stopping to take pictures or hiking most of it vs. running. I ended up finishing in about 4:15 give or a take a few minutes. I definitely want to do another sometime soon! It was fun to be able to share the experience with friends and not feel pressured to have to PR a time. If you like hiking and are even somewhat interested, I suggest you find a trail race around you to try out!

Panoramic of the waterfall area

Panoramic of the waterfall area

Sunday we got up early and drove the 7 hours back home – we all had doggies to get home to! Moby and Boney were excited to see me – even if they did cuddle with dad all weekend long.

Moby snoozing at home with dad

Moby snoozing at home with dad

I hit the sack early – going to bed at 7pm! It’s a new week, I start a paleo challenge on Thursday and we have lots of projects around the house!

Stay tuned to see what Moby and Boney are up to this week!

Dec 14

Tongue Out Tuesday


Nov 14

Mastering the “Stink Eye”

How to give The Stink Eye:

Step 1. Find a comfortable space to sit, lay or stand.
Step 2. Shut your eyes about half way (kind of like when you get sleepy)
Step 3. If you have pointy-up ears, slick them back against your head. If you have floppy ears, try to put them back like you’re listening hard for something.
Step 4. Tilt your head just a bit.
Step 5. Get the attention of whoever you are delivering the stink eye to and give it your best!

When to give the stink eye:
You aren’t getting enough treats.
You aren’t getting enough walks.
You aren’t getting enough attention.
There aren’t any/enough toys on the floor.
Dinner is in 15 minutes and you’re starving.
They’re about to leave you to go to “work.”

Here are a couple good examples of what The Stink Eye should look like.

IMG_3633.JPGIMG_3597.JPGLet’s see your best versions of The Stink Eye! Post them here or on our facebook page!


Nov 14

Walking at the Speed of Slow

A while back I read an article about walking the dog. I don’t remember who wrote it or where I read it, so I can’t share of give credit where credit is due (sorry!). But the point of the article was to remind us that walking wasn’t for us, it was for our dogs.


I used to think of going for a walk as a form of exercise. I’ve started to think of it now as Moby’s way to experience the things we take for granted. I had grand illusions of running with him, teaching him agility, playing frisbee and ball for hours. But Moby has different ideas. While he’s extremely athletic, he tires easily. He’d much rather go for a leisurely walk than go for a run. So that’s what we do.

Sometimes I find myself gettting annoyed as a 1 mile walk can take up upward of 30 minutes. Really Mobes? Do you have to smell the same pile of pine straw for a full 60 seconds before moving on? His answer “Yep.”

We have a routine – every morning he wakes me up early, he and his brother have breakfast and then he and I go for a walk. Sometime short, sometimes long, but I’ve been trying harder lately to remember that we aren’t out there for me, we’re out there for him. I let him “stop and smell the roses” or in most cases “stop and eat the cat poop.” If he wants to pull, he can. If he wants to lag behind, he can. As long as he checks in with me periodically and doesn’t act like a fool (this happens occasionally when he’ll see a cat or the neighbor dog on the balcony) I consider our walk to be a good one.

So, walking at the speed of slow is okay with me. If he’s happy, I’m happy.

Nov 14

Wordy Wednesday: Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is my dad’s birthday! IMG_3390.JPGI am thankful to have a dad that has raised me from my puppyhood into my adulthood (mark your calendars now, I’ll be 10 on February 16). I never had to be in a shelter like Brutus or Moby and I’m thankful for that. He’s been my forever since my mom gave me up for adoption and I’m grateful to her for that every day because I can’t imagine a life better than the one I have now. Here’s to you day – I hope your birthday is as special as you make me feel. I love you!

Nov 14

I May Be Biased

I think Moby is incredibly handsome, but I may be biased. Just to be sure, here are a few pictures of his beautiful self for you to enjoy. What do you think?





















Oct 14

World Series Wednesday

We interrupt this week’s normal programming to bring you a message from Boney, Moby and Allie.

Aug 14

DIY Fleece Rope Bones

Moby goes through rope bones like they are going out of style! And at $20+ each, that can get pricey ($$ better spent on more collars, right?!?) So, I did a little online research, bought some fleece (I bought blizzard fleece at JoAnn that was 40% off – bought 1/2 yard of 3 different colors and my total was less than $10!!)

New toys? For me?

New toys? For me?


I started out making a simple braid. That was super easy and Moby loved it! But…he destroyed it in less than 10 minutes. And by destroyed, I mean we had little bits of fleece all over our floor (but as Joe said, at least the gray matched the rug).

So, I did a little more research on the internet and came up with what I did below. I found two videos that demonstrated this method, but they were confusing so I had to watch them several times and then had to have Joe watch it and explain it to me. So…I thought I’d put it in pictures with captions that would make it a little easier to understand. With the fabric purchased, I was able to make the one regular braided rope, 1 small box braided rope, 1 medium box braided rope and 2 large box braided ropes. So….all that for under $10!

The “test” rope ended up being Moby’s outside tug. It’s still in one piece. We don’t allow outside toys to come back inside, for obvious reasons. His inside rope, which was a bit thicker and much longer suffered some but it still in “one” piece. For him, I say that’s a win!


Aug 14


Another new app to make Moby and Boney more awesome than they already are? How can I keep up with these things?!? Petpoc is a new app, similar to BarkCam, but you can do so much more with it! You take pictures directly through the app OR you can upload existing photos from your camera roll!

Petpoc has a diary that keeps all your photos – you can save them to your camera roll or share them directly with friends through the apps. There are a number of “sticker packs” to choose from. A few of the sticker packs are free, but you have to purchase some of them. You purchase them with coins – you can either buy coins, or earn them – by going to the app every day, making pictures, and sharing the pictures with friends! My favorite part of it so far is you can upload to Instagram right from the Petpoc app! Just hit share and you have the option to open the picture in Instragram!

There are also games you can play – with avatars of your pets (you can choose a generic avatar or upload your own picture)! I’m not a big game person, so this doesn’t really appeal to me, but I can see how some might find it fun.

I hope they continue to come out with more sticker packs, I’ve had fun with the free and one purchased, but I can’t wait to get enough coins to unlock another pack :) Be warned…we may be sharing our pictures with YOU! Below is just a sampling of the fun we’ve had with Petpoc (I’m thinking as good as Boney looks in those sunglasses, he might need some Doggles of his own!). Follow Petpoc on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!