Jul 14


So…a couple days ago, I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a post by BarkBox (which is a subject for another day!). The picture had a photo of a dog on his back and a big “censored” bar over his you-know-what. Immediately, I tagged Oh Melvin, because well, if you read the blog, you know why. If you don’t read the blog, put it on your daily list of to-dos. For real. It’s good stuff.

Sorry…back to the topic of point. The comment with the photo said “Excellent us of the ‘Junk Blocker’ sticker from the BarkCam app.” Immediately, I was like “BarkCam App?!? Why haven’t I heard of this before?” Off I went to the App store and sure enough, there it was.

I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome the BarkCam app is. But let me try anyway. When you take a picture, you can choose from a variety of sounds – so if you don’t have a photogenic “smile for the camera” pooch like we do, they’ll at least hopefully look in your direction. There are filters to choose from, just like Instagram. There are fun little stickers (censored bar, sunglasses, wigs, etc) to decorate your already adorable pic of your pooch, different caption bubbles, and you can even make Memes!! I mean, for real…what else do you need?



20140717-152610-55570072.jpgI should note that this app is not just for dogs, though in my opinion, dogs make photographs that much better! You can use the app for taking fun photos of yourself, your cat, your guinea pig, your fish, whatever.

So…what are you waiting for? Download BarkCam today!! (Oh, and I’m sorry if our Facebook and Instagram pages are inundated with new strange pics for a while!)


Jun 14

Wordy Wednesday

I used to be a big guy. At my heaviest, I weighed in at 29 lbs! Mom and dad used to call me (and Brutus) Fatboy. I always thought it was no big deal – I mean we all have a some extra inches, right? Well, about a year ago, mom started this thing called CrossFit. She started eating differently and worked out more (she just ran before). She lost weight and dad jumped on the bandwagon, too.
Because they were trying to be more active, we went for more walks. I had a really hard time walking and started to have a limp. My legs would also go to sleep a lot when I was lying down. Mom got worried about me and took me in to see the vet for a consolation. He recommended some joint medicine, a monthly shot and a diet.
Mom started me on Sojos – a dehydrated raw food that she has to mix up every 4 days. I LOVED it! And in no time I went from 26 lbs to 18! I still take daily joint medicine and get a weekly shot, but I feel so much better and can run and play like never before! I can even jump on the couch again without help! It worked so well that mom actually had to up the amount of food I get (yay!) so I didn’t continue to lose weight. So, if you have a few extra pounds or inches on you – don’t let it overwhelm you! Just take the small steps recommended and you’ll be feeling better in no time.

Jun 14


Yesterday, Great Plains SPCA shared an app on their facebook page. It was by WoofTrax and was called “Walk For A Dog.” Immediately, I was intrigued, as Moby and I walk every day!

What does this app do, you ask? It donates to your favorite shelter! When you download the app, it will search for the shelter nearest you, but you can also change the shelter you are walking for at any time. Since Moby’s Foster Mom works for Great Plains SPCA, he decided that should be our shelter of choice (and that’s how we found out about the app, so it only seemed fair!).

When you go for a walk, you just start the app – it tracks how far you’ve gone and the time. We used it for the first time this morning and it worked well! We went for a run/walk – Moby seemed to want to stretch it out as long as possible. I told him it wasn’t the time that counted, but the miles!

I was curious about how money is donated so I went to the FAQ page on the app’s website. It seems that donations are made about 3 times a year and the amount per mile varies on the number of walkers an organization has (the more walkers, the more money donated). The average amount per mile is 25 cents. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but when I’m already walking, it just seems like a no-brainer to be donating at the same time – every penny counts in the life of a shelter dog!

I urge you to download the app today. You can also like them on facebook or twitter! Moby says, “Get out there and walk!”

2014-03-20 17.04.19

May 14

(Sort of) Wordless Wednesday

This is how I feel about moms lack of blogging lately.


Next week we’ll get back to a regular schedule of blogging – thanks for your patience in the meantime! – Miranda

May 14

Beer Paws

Do you love beer? Do you love your dog? Why not combine the two?

My amazing friend, Crystal, started her own company a while ago called Beer Paws. It started with making bottle openers for dogs collars. Brilliant. Why didn’t anyone think of this before? When I found out about it, I promptly bought a few bottle openers and distributed to my friends who also like beer and dogs! What better way to spoil my dogs with gifts that also serve a purpose?! (Disclaimer: I’m not a beer girl, but these work great on ciders too!)


Since the start of her company, she has been growing leaps and bounds! She offers koozies, bottle sweaters, wine stoppers, coasters, bracelets collars and best of all beer biscuits for your favorite four legged friend! The beer biscuits are quite good – we and our dogs enjoy them :)


When we adopted Moby, I thought it was fitting that he have a collar that represented Kansas City. Crystal, along with her dad, repurpose old belts into dog collars and add bottle caps of your favorite brews to customize them! Here, Moby is enjoying a brew with his dad in his Boulevard collar.


The best part about Beer Paws is that a portion of their sales goes to a different rescue partner every week! What are you waiting for? Order your Beer Paws now!

Disclaimer: Crystal did not ask me to write this blog nor am I getting any products for it. I just think she, the products and their purpose are that awesome!


Mar 14

Under Construction…

Please be patient with us as we make changes to the blog over the next couple of weeks! We promise to keep you in the loop with what is happening with Moby & Boney, but will be tweaking our appearance at the same time! ;)

Feb 14

So much has happened…

Last year, I made a pledge to blog more. Ha! That lasted a few weeks and then I just disappeared off the face of the inter-webs! I’m not going to promise to blog more now, because that will only cause un-due stress when it doesn’t happen.  I will try to figure out how to get my instagram, facebook and blog all intertwined so it’s a little easier to stay on top of things.

A lot has happened since you heard from us last.

In April of 2013, Dixie was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma.  It came as a complete shock to us because she had her annual exam in January and was completely fine! After just having lost Brutus in December, we were not prepared to lose another of our pack! So, she started on chemotherapy and quickly went into remission!

In June, Dixie turned 10. We built a screened porch addition on the house where Dixie can often be found lounging on a wicker love seat enjoying the outside breeze with all the comforts of being on the couch.

In July, Joe and Miranda visited Gettysburg and Crystal Springs Farm outside of Antitem. If Miranda had been thinking sooner, a visit with the famous pooches of Oh Melvin (and Yo Jake) would have been possible, but last minute plans rarely work out.

Summer and fall passed quickly and we had lots of fun with the doggies and other family. Dixie’s chemo continued until mid-October.

Dixie stayed in remission until January 1. On our visit to the oncologist January 2, it was confirmed that her Lymphoma had returned. We were devastated as we thought we’d have much more time with her.

In February, Boney turned 9 and we had the family over for a birthday party. A good time was had by all and the doggies enjoyed a gourmet meal complete with birthday cake and cookies!

March is fast approaching and our time with Dixie is nearing the end.  We are cherishing every walk we can get in with her and all the snuggles and kisses she will let us give.


Feb 13

What’s that?

I’m in your spot? Sorry, it’s first come, first serve on this couch!


Jan 13

Channeling Brutus

Lately, I’ve been missing my big brother. I think it’s because mom talks about him ALL the time, like he was the best thing since sliced bread sweet potato chews. I figured since she loved him so much, I’d try to be a little more like him.

Step one: beg from the table.
Step two: eat from Boney’s bowl before my own.
Step three: lay on the couch and pass gas (I must have done a good job because Mom thought it was Boney and blamed him!)
Step four: tuck my nose in behind the pillow (this was Brutus’ favorite way to lay and I can see why – I don’t even smell my stinky gas!)

Step five: give mom lots of extra kisses. She likes it so much, I get extra belly runs in return.

I think I am doing a pretty good job impersonating Brutus, but mom said she loves me just the way I am so I guess I’ll go back to being myself tomorrow.

Do you ever do anything to make your mom or dad extra happy?


Jan 13

A New Year

I know, we’re already a week in to the new year.  But we’ve had a lot going on!  I am going to set some goals for this year for this blog, for me and for the dogs.

1) Try to blog at least once a week.  I love following all the other dog blogs that are out there and to me, they are so much more interesting than us!

2) Teach Dixie to walk better on a leash.  Now that we are down to a 2 dog household, we have made it a habit to every morning and every evening before breakfast and dinner to go for a walk.  However, we have one dog out front (Dixie) and one dog bringing up the back (Boney) with us between.  Ideally, we’d like to all walk together as a family and be able to have a conversation.  Wishful thinking?  Perhaps, but we’re going to give it a try.

3) Take more picture.  With one of us (Joe) having a profession as a photographer, I tend to think that we should have more than enough pictures to go around. Not true.  And I’m still one of those people that likes to have more photos of everyone and everything than I’ll ever need.  I think I get that from my dad.  So, I’m going to try to have my phone handy to take all the pictures to document the things (and make this blog more interesting!) that I think we should remember.

4) Leave more comments on others blogs.  I know how much delight it brings me when I get a comment from someone (there is someone reading this!), so I can only imagine that the feeling is mutual on the other end.

5) It doesn’t have to be all about the dogs.  Granted, they are more interesting than me (at least, in my eyes), but I think I’ll take a cue from Our Waldo Bungie and Wayward Dogs and stray from the every day has to be about a dog scenario. We do lots of DIY stuff, travel and cook – so why not blog about that too?

So…consider this my post for the week.  I now have 7 days to write another :)  Happy New Year to all of you and thanks for looking at this from time to time!