Jan 13


Like several of you out there, I enjoy feeding my four legged family members nothing but the best. I haven’t always been so good to my own body though.

I’ve recently started CrossFit and with it, am doing a 6 week Paleo challenge. Basically that means no grains, no dairy, no sugar, no beans, no, no, no. Ugh! I’ve been though a pescatarian diet before but never one where I can’t eat my own baked goods. And no cheese? Please!?!


Yummmmm….that looks good. And guess what? Totally paleo friendly! A banana carrot muffin, bacon wrapped date, and coconut macaroon.

The banana carrot muffin and bacon wrapped date recipes are from paleoplan.com. The coconut macaroon recipe needs some tweaking before I post it, but I promise I WILL post it (if you’re interested). I have to say that with the paleo challenge, I’ve lost 10 lbs so far! I still have at least 15 to go, but that’s a pretty good start!

Do you have any favorite “good for you” snacks?


Jul 12


Posted by Boney

Mom says I have a problem with sharing. I don’t necessarily agree with that. I just want to make sure that everything is in its place (my paws, mouth, or toy box) all the time.

Last night, I decided to show mom that she was wrong and I could totally share when I wanted to.


I decided that I would share mom’s pillow with her. Granted, she was using it first…but I feel like I gave her ample room to lay her head.

Do you think I was being too pushy? Are you forced to share with your siblings?

Jul 12


Posted by Brutus

I’m not sure how many of you know this, but mom has another name – The Island Baker.  She makes treats for people – mostly cupcakes and pies.

She’s always made treats for us every now and then, but she recently decided to add PupCakes to her every day menu.  A friend of a friend called and was having a birthday party for their french bulldog, Rhett.  (I didn’t get to meet the birthday boy, but mom and dad did and they said he was pretty cool.)  Rhett’s mom said there were going to be a few guests, so they decided on the small PupCakes.  Mom knew that I’d go crazy when she was baking, so she mixed enough stuff together to make me a large PupCake.  She didn’t frost my cake, but I did get to sample the different frostings that she put on the small ones – YUM!

Mom is also making peanut butter treats to sell by the 1/2 lb.  I like that idea, because anything over the 1/2 lb mark has my name on it!  I think quality control is uber important, so I’ve decided to take the title of Head Taster.

I hope you all have a treat filled week and are enjoying these Dog Days of Summer!

Mar 12

Happy Birthday Brutus!

Posted by Miranda

Today Brutus celebrates 10 years – and almost all of those 10 years have been with me. I adopted him as an adorable little 5 lb puppy from our local animal control. He was a handful – chewing up everything in pure puppy style until he was about 1 year old. He has become quite the sophisticated elderbull and has a very special place in my heart.

He got an early birthday present yesterday (blue dog) that he instantly took too. It only took him a couple hours to pull a seam and get some of the stuffing out, but he’s been a little more gentler with it since then.

This morning he woke me up with his heavy sigh (he sleeps on his favorite Molly Mutt right next to our bed due to his recent arthritis) and a look that said he was ready to get up and enjoy his day. And enjoy it he will! We started off this morning with a big bowl of his dog food followed by a piece of peanut butter toast. Then when dad woke up, Brutus got his birthday present – another toy (lion). He was equally thrilled to have something else that he could call his own and immediately gathered lion and blue dog and layer down on another of our many Molly Mutt beds to enjoy his new presents.


Today at lunch, Brutus will enjoy chicken nuggets and at dinner he and dad will each get a ribeye. We are determined to make this his best birthday ever!

We want to make this birthday extra special because not only is he the big 1-0, but we also found out on Friday that this will most likely be his last birthday with us. We went to the vet for an ultrasound and it turns out that Brutus has liver cancer and is only expected to be with us for another 4-6 months. It tears me up to think of the day that I won’t get to sit on the couch with him snuggling and kissing, but at the same time I only want him to be happy and comfortable. We’re lucky in that Brutus pretty much wears his emotions on his sleeve, so he’ll tell us when it’s time.

Until then, we’re going to live every day to its fullest and love him with everything we have to give.

Mar 12

Too Many Pills

Posted by Brutus

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written…it’s been a long couple of weeks. The good news is my Cushings test came back negative. Bad news is I had a yeast infection on my neck and fungal infection on my back from my allergies. Arthritis has come on pretty strong in one of my front legs as well. So, for the next couple of weeks, this is what my medicine schedule looks like:

Depending on the day, I get 12 or 13 pills – 4 or 5 at breakfast, 2 at lunch, 4 at dinner and 2 at bedtime. My bedtime vitamins are so big they don’t even fit in the pill box! I can’t complain too much because this just all means extra peanut butter for me.

The medicine for my arthritis makes me kind of sleepy so I’ve been taking a lot of nappies. One of the good side effects of having arthritis is mom and dad feel bad for me, so they moved my big Molly Mutt into their room and I get to sleep on that instead of in the crate. Every night I climb onto my bed and daddy tucks me in. I sleep on moms side of the bed so she checks on me through the night if I wake up or make noises. It’s good to know that I’m loved!


Feb 12

They Say It’s My Birthday…

Posted by Boney

Happy Birthday to Me…


Dad tells me I was born 7 years ago in Rincon, GA. Aunt Betsy, Uncle Swen and Dad came to pick me up after it was okay for me to leave my mom and siblings. I don’t remember much about them, but I do remember that Dad loved me from the very beginning! He had Aunt Betsy check me out from head to toe and she agreed that I was one fine Pug! So, we headed home to get to know each other better. I’m really glad that Dad chose me and that now I have Mom, Brutus and Dixie to celebrate with me too!

Mom said she’s going to be baking tonight and I’m pretty sure that includes some birthday treats for me. Today I get to do my favorite things which are: running after Brutus and yelling at him, lay on dad’s lap, play with as many toys as I want, and basically do what I do every day – get loved by Mom and Dad. It’s going to be a great day!

Dec 11

3 Days…

Mom says that Christmas is in 3 days and I had better stay on my best behavior or Santa Claws isn’t going to visit me. So, I’ve been doing a lot of sleeping so that I can stay out of trouble. I have two ottomans that I sometimes share with dad. Mom said that I have more beds than anyone else in the house. And really, I don’t see any problem with that… I mean, Uncle Mark calls me King Boney do surely that means I should have a lot of thrones. Is everyone else staying on their best behavior? And does that mean that I can be bad starting Sunday afternoon?


Dec 11

So tired…

Whew! Last night mom and dad hosted a party for some friends and neighbors and as usual, we weren’t invited. However, after a while we convinced them to let us in on the fun. Everyone that was here kept commenting on how adorable I was (duh!). Mom and dad said we all did a really good job is socializing – even Dixie who usually runs to her room when there are too many people around. One of our neighbors gave us lots of treats so our bellies were FULL at the end of the night. We’re still tuckered out this morning…Allie had been in bed all morning!


Dec 11

Christmas Wish List

Brutus, Dixie & Boney gave me their Christmas wish lists last month as they know I don’t like to wait until the last minute to buy presents. They all requested a new collar from Sirius Republic. They love their current Sirius collars, but thought it would be nice to have two so they could switch back and forth. Dixie wanted a Thundershirt to help with her thunderstorm anxiety. Boney has said so many good things about his Molly Mutt bed that Brutus decided he wanted one too. We’ve been telling Boney that it’s time to throw away some toy carcasses, so he’s requested some new toys. We’ll see if everyone gets something on their wish list. Do your pooches (or felines) have a wish list for the holiday?

Nov 11

I’ll watch for spills

I’m actually very good at helping in the kitchen. Mom says that I get in the way a lot, but really I need to lay as close as possible to help keep the floor clean. Mom bakes a lot and my favorite part is when she rolls out the pie crust. I LOVE flour and no matter how hard she tries, mom always spills a little on the floor when she is cleaning up. Here you can see she is making some stir fried veggies. They aren’t as good as some of the sweets, but I like the zucchini when she accidentally drops that! Unfortunately, mom and dad don’t eat Thanksgiving dinner at our house, so there won’t be any extras for me tomorrow.