Jun 14


On Friday, I laid out all of Moby’s gear for our Saturday fun day – hiking at Magnolia Spring State Park!


We got up early Saturday morning, had breakfast and then Moby waited (im)patiently for us to pack all the gear into the car.


Hurry up!!

A quick stop at Grandma’s to drop off Boney and we were on the road!


We got to the park about 10:30, made a quick stop in the visitors center to get a map and started on our hike. There were several short trails, with the longest being about 1.5 miles. Moby wore his Ruffwear backpack which had water, a collapsible bowl, sunscreen, liquid bandage, an extra leash and poop bags.

Moby did well, but we realized that even though we were in the shade most of the time, it was too hot for him to wear his backpack. So, next time I’ll bring a day pack and carry all of his things. I’m also going to take him for longer walks in the morning to get him conditioned to going further. We choose a state park with short trails because we knew this may be a problem. As long as he could rest from time to time, he had plenty of energy to keep going!

We also joked that we would rename him “Caballito” due to his horse like mannerisms. While hiking, Moby discovered something new to be afraid of – tree roots that go into the path. At the first one, he jumped a foot in the air and then avoided all other tree roots whenever possible.

Do you take your dog hiking? Do you have any good tips for us for next time?

Apr 14

Did I ever tell you about the time Moby…

gave me a fat lip?

I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do it!

I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to do it!

It was our first visit to Kansas City, back in November 2013. I had lured my husband with the idea that we could go to Nebraska Huskers football game and meet Moby at the same time :) We met Moby, fell in love and the rest is history.

But…on our last full day there, we decided to play a little frisbee. If you know ANYTHING about Moby it’s that he LOVES balls and frisbees. So much so, that you have to have two of anything so that you can get the one in his mouth back. We were having a great time, but it was time to stop. So, I put the one frisbee up and went to get the other frisbee out of his mouth. Well, Moby also LOVES to play tug. We played tug with the frisbee, I told him to let go and….he did. The only problem there was that I wasn’t expecting him to let go, and the frisbee came up and hit me smack in the face! I was a little stunned, but felt fine. Until Emily looked at me and said “uh, you’re bleeding.”

This whole time, Joe was getting ready, so he came out to me standing in the kitchen with a bloody washcloth to my face. Not the best impression. All I could do was laugh. Of course, Moby did absolutely nothing wrong, but didn’t understand why we weren’t playing anymore :)

So, that’s how Moby won my heart. He gave me a fat lip :)

Can we play again?

Can we play again?

Mar 14

Kansas City

As I said in the last post, Kansas City is about 1000 miles away from our home. That’s a 17 hour drive. Some people might think we are crazy for dropping everything to drive 17 hours (there AND back!) to adopt a dog. But Moby isn’t just a dog to us, he’s part of our family. Would we do it again? In a heartbeat!

We had visited Kansas City in November and Moby’s Foster Mom and Dad showed us around quite a bit, but there were still some things that we wanted to do. Of course, first things first – ADOPT MOBY! Once that was under our belt, we had a list of to-dos.

First, we stopped for lunch at Taco Johns (Miranda’s FAVORITE fast food place). We don’t have Taco Johns in Georgia, so whenever we are in the Midwest, we have to stop (at least) once. We went home after that and told Moby that he was adopted, played some Chuck It! and went for a walk. Then we met Fido Fetch Photography for some pictures in Loose Park. Our boy was pretty tired from all that excitement, so we stayed in and Daniel cooked some amazing steak and veggies on the grill. YUM!! After that, we settled in for the night, with Moby of course joining us in bed :)

Saturday was going to be fun (aka Beer) filled. We started out late morning with a short drive around and went to Oklahoma Joe’s for lunch. There was already a line when we arrived at 10:45 (they open at 11) but it was worth the wait! When we left, the line was wrapped around the building! After Oklahoma Joe’s, we went to Boulevard Brewing Company for a brewery tour and tasting. Then we headed to the newly opened Kansas City Bier Company for another tasting. And finally, Beer Kitchen for dinner, drinks and friendly conversation. We met Crystal from Wayward Dogs and Beer Paws there (her and I went to high school together and I actually “introduced” Crystal and Emily through the blog world!) After all that good brew and yummy food, we had to made one final stop of indulgance before going home. Glace has the best ice cream in Kansas City!

KC Bier Company Beer Kitchen


Our bellies were full and we needed to get a good rest for the next days drive. When we got home, Moby was already packed and ready to go!

going home

Tomorrow read about our drive back and how Moby met his brother, Boney, for the first time!

Mar 14

…and Hellos

On Thursday, we started our trek across county to Kansas City. The drive is just over 1000 miles. We were headed there to pick up the newest addition to our family, Moby.

We arrived Friday, just before noon. We met Moby’s foster mom, Emily from Our Waldo Bungie at Great Plains SPCA (I can honestly say she has the BEST job ever!!) and got a tour of their amazing facilities! From there, we went to Unleashed – the rescue that we were adopting Moby through. It only took a few minutes to sign the papers and it was official…Moby was now a Loehle!

(Photo by Fido Fetch Photography)

To read about how it all unfolded and to read more about Moby, visit the Our Waldo Bungie blog this week. We’ll be posting later this week about our trip in KC, making a long drive with our new boy and more about Moby, including meeting his big brother, Boney!

Jul 12


Posted by Miranda

I love it when the UPS man comes. I love that the dogs can hear him from a block away. Today, a gift arrived for Dixie. A few weeks ago, on Fab.com’s Pet Thursday, I ordered a few items. One of them was a reflective collar lined with pink for Dixie. She often gets mistaken for a boy so I try to buy her girly things whenever possible.

Her collar looks great AND it’s from a manufacturer in Sweden (bonus for me, as I have Swedish heritage)! What I really like about the collar is its just a Velcro on, so she doesn’t have to wear it all the time – only when we go for runs.

The bad part (for Dixie) is that it’s too hot for her to run with me right now and she’ll have to wait until fall to test it out outside. Below is a picture of her modeling the collar in her favorite guard dog pose in her dads office.


Mar 12

Smile Pretty!

Posted by Brutus

Last weekend, mom and dad took me to a park for a photo shoot. I don’t get to leave the yard much except for the occasional visit to Dr. Arbo, so you can imagine how excited I was! (Note to self: that might be why I don’t get to go in the car much)

Dad told mom that he wanted to get some special pictures of us together so that she would always remember my smiling face – as if she would ever forget!

Below are the pictures that dad thought were best – he even got in a few! Mom’s favorite is the one of her giving me kisses. I didn’t know dad was taking the photo then – how embarrassing to be seen kissing my mom!

I have to admit, I’m pretty photogenic so there’s not a bad one in the bunch ;)












Mar 12

Big Day for Brutus

Today is a big day for Brutus. I dropped him off at the vet at 7:30 this morning and can’t pick him up until 4:30! I feel bad for my big guy…he’s going to be poked and prodded for the next 8 hours.

Today is they day that they’ll test for Cushing Disease. I really don’t fully understand the disease or what it means for us. He’s been off prednisone for a little over a month now and seemed to be doing fine the first couple of weeks.

Recently, its been a different story. He’s been scratching at his neck/chest a lot despite being allowed to go collar free to reduce the irritation. He’s had a few accidents where he can’t get outside fast enough (we have a dog door so he can go outside whenever he wants) and this morning he had an accident on the way to the doctor – which has never happened before. He is losing a lot more hair than normal, and is losing more weight. He’s gone from a top weight of around 80 to 63 at our last visit. He also noticeably favors his front left leg – I’m hoping its just arthritis.

Brutus is the oldest of our pack and will be turning 10 in a couple weeks. I’m hoping that most of those symptoms ate just age related and that there isn’t anything major going on. Keep your paws crossed!

Dec 11

Christmas Eve Walk


Mom and dad have been going to the gym when it is still dark out, so I haven’t been able to go for many walks lately. So when mommy invited me on a walk with her and her friend Jennings, I was all in! There’s nothing better than a girls afternoon, especially when it involves going on a walk. We walked for 4 miles – its the farthest I’ve ever gone! I could have gone farther but I won’t lie, I was tired when we got home. It was a nice day with temperatures in the mid 60s.

Mom and dad went to grandma and papas for Christmas Eve dinner. When they get home we’re all going to watch Hercules Saves Christmas. We’re all very excited for this new holiday tradition. Brutus said he might get out his reindog ears too, so stay tuned!

Dec 11

Hooray Mommy (and Uncle Mark)!!

I’ve been helping her train for a big run. Even though we haven’t gone out together in a while, I still support her and make sure to boost her confidence by telling her how much I love her when she comes back from a big run. Well today was her big run. Yesterday, she and dad picked up Uncle Mark from the airport. Turns out, he flew down just to see us and participate in the big run too! So this morning, we got up and ate an early breakfast (no complaints from Brutus!) so that mom, dad and Uncle Mark could head down to Amelia Island for the run. Mom just called to say that they were on the way back, but that she and Uncle Mark did great! Uncle Mark finished at 1:55.23 and mom came in at 2:33.49. I’m so proud of both of them! Thanks to Jake, Bailey and Biscuit’s mom for the picture!


Nov 11



A couple of weeks ago, Mom signed up to ring the Salvation Army bell. She asked me if I would volunteer with her again this year (last year we did it with Grandma and Allie). I was quick to jump at the opportunity because not only does it allow me to get out of the house, I also get a lot of loving from complete strangers (note: only allow strangers to love on you if you are with mom and dad or are lost, hungry, lonely, etc), and I get in some good community service hours. Mom is a firm believer that when I am with, people are more giving. While she said it is rude to stare at everyone and expect them to give (we never know what their circumstances are) I can look everyone in the eye and all I expect is some loves. It opens up the conversation and people feel more giving. Since mom had to work this morning, dad was nice enough to help me get my Christmas sweater on and drop me off. It got kind of warm in the sun, so I had mom take my sweater off and took a little nap between visitors to the kettle.20111125-133252.jpg

Afterward, mom stopped to get groceries and I got to ride in the back with them! What a great day.


Oh-I am thankful for a loving mom and dad, Brutus, Dixie and getting to go to Grandmas yesterday.