Jan 15

44 days.

Until this.

46 days until my Adopt-a-versary. And what better Adopt-a-Versary present than Foster Mom and Dad visiting me! I’m counting down (mom is giving me a few treats every day until they get here!)

Jan 15

Need a ride?

I saw it in my news feed. A friend of a friend had been tagged for a rescue needing transport. She was unavailable.

I’ve always wanted to get involved in transporting rescues. 1) It’s on a weekend – I don’t have to worry about missing work. 2) It’s a reason to get in the car and go somewhere. 3) It helps dogs find their forevers!

I contacted the sharer of the post to see how it worked. She explained it to me. I recruited a friend and signed up! There were two 8 month old deaf Aussies that needed transport from Ocala, FL to Troy, VA.

Photo courtesy Green Dog Unleashed

Photo courtesy Green Dog Unleashed

I prepared early (actually, I was off a week in when I thought we were going!). I picked up two slip leads and extra collars. The morning of, I picked up my friend and we headed to our meet location. The dogs arrived on time and we started down the road. Each leg of the trip was approximately an hour. The dogs were supposed to have a potty break, but they didn’t want to get out of their kennels – so we took a short break at the next stop where we handed them off.

We were instructed that the dogs had to be crated or tethered at all time in our care – and since I didn’t have two doggie seat belts, we left them in the crate. They slept most of our trip and woke up when we stopped for the hand off.


IMG_4089.JPGTransporting is definitely something I would do again! Since I knew the dogs were going to a rescue, I didn’t feel the need to rescue them myself. I don’t volunteer at shelters for that reason. I know how much work it can be driving a pup a long distance (since we did drive 17 hours each way to get Moby and bring him home!) and rescues don’t have that kind of manpower. It felt good to be doing something good and I’d highly recommend to someone wanting to get involved in rescue work that didn’t have a lot of time to give.  A couple hours every month seems totally worth it to be able to help out!






Jan 15

Baths and Furniture and Hiking, Oh My!

Our 3-day weekend started off with a bath for a certain someone.


I’m not THAT dirty, mom!

He enjoyed the Jolly Ball a little too much and ended up with dirt/mud all over the inside of his front legs, on his chest and muzzle. I LOVE that he LOVES the Jolly Ball, but it gets him sooooo dirty!

Saturday started off pretty uneventful – Joe went to a monthly Silhouette shoot (where he got match winner in one round and 1st AAA in the second round) and I watched a bit of tv before heading into town to do some errands with a friend. But what made my Saturday morning, was the new piece of furniture that showed up!


Now, instead of all the electronics in a big pile in the corner, they are all organized on this piece (as of the picture they had not been organized yet). We have been looking for a piece of furniture for this part of the room for a while! We wanted something a little eclectic, but not too crazy. This fit the bill perfectly and it was a major score on pricefalls.com! The cabinet and drawers are metal and the top is wood. I LOVE it!

Saturday afternoon, we worked in the yard on our newest project – a covered outdoor kitchen! We got posts secured Saturday evening and worked more on that project on Sunday while Boney enjoyed some time in the screened porch and Moby laid in the grass chewing on sticks.

Sunday morning, we both started our new running regimens – I haven’t really ran since November when I did the last half marathon and I’ve signed up for a couple 10ks this spring, so I need to get back on that!

Monday, we decided to go down to Fort Clinch (where I took Moby a few weeks ago) to hike the 6 mile trail. It was a good way to spend our day off!


Boney made it clear to us Monday evening that we weren’t relaxing enough. He hopped up in Dixie’s chair, gave us the pouty face and insisted we sit down and relax. We felt obligated after being gone most of the day – so he got his way as usual!


We’re looking forward to a short, busy week – working more on the outdoor kitchen and going for lots of walks!


Jan 15

Miranda’s Monday: A Weekend Recap

I know, you were expecting Moby – but we’re shaking things up a bit in the new year. I know you all love Moby and Boney, but thought you might want to learn a little about the rest of the family (mom and dad, a.k.a Miranda and Joe) so we’re going to be filling you in on what we’ve been doing as well!

On Friday, I packed the car with two friends and we headed 7 hours north to Cloudland Canyon State Park. We were meeting three other friends there to participate in the Rum Bum Tours Cloudland Canyon 11/50m race. Three of us did the 11 mile and the other 3 did the 50 mile. It was my first trail run (I did the 11m!) and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I loved it!

The trail was great – flat(ish) in some parts and technical in others, but had great views and passed by a waterfall – which I could have stared at for hours, but didn’t have hours to finish. We ran about 3 miles on road until we hit the trail – and started our decent into the canyon. According to the website, there are a total of over 1,200 stairs (600+ each way) that we had the joy of descending and then ascending! The trail ending up being 11(ish) miles – meaning most GPS trackers said it was more like 12.5 miles. It was chilly – temperatures for the 50m race started at 12 degrees and I think the high all day was either 32 or 34 degrees. The tube on our bladders froze almost right away – so unless you had another source of water (I didn’t!) you were out of luck until the aid station.

After my last half marathon, I said I wasn’t running any long races anymore (10k is my limit!). I had already signed up for this, and told my friend Erin that I didn’t think I was going to do it. She told me just to think of it as a fast hike and not worry about the time. I’m glad she talked me into it because I had a blast. I wasn’t worried about time at all so I didn’t feel bad about stopping to take pictures or hiking most of it vs. running. I ended up finishing in about 4:15 give or a take a few minutes. I definitely want to do another sometime soon! It was fun to be able to share the experience with friends and not feel pressured to have to PR a time. If you like hiking and are even somewhat interested, I suggest you find a trail race around you to try out!

Panoramic of the waterfall area

Panoramic of the waterfall area

Sunday we got up early and drove the 7 hours back home – we all had doggies to get home to! Moby and Boney were excited to see me – even if they did cuddle with dad all weekend long.

Moby snoozing at home with dad

Moby snoozing at home with dad

I hit the sack early – going to bed at 7pm! It’s a new week, I start a paleo challenge on Thursday and we have lots of projects around the house!

Stay tuned to see what Moby and Boney are up to this week!

Dec 14

Year in Review

I got an email from WordPress that they had my Year in Review for 2014 ready to go. I thought, what the heck, I’ll take a look. And what I found was pretty interesting – take a look for yourselves!


We started off 2014 a little rocky, with Dixie’s cancer coming out of remission. Although we miss our little girl every day, we were blessed with Moby. Boney has grown into the big brother title rather well and we are a happy little family!


Dec 14

Moby Monday: Let’s Go!

Mom worked late almost every night last week and I didn’t get nearly as much attention as I should have. She kept telling me that she’d make it up to me, but I didn’t see how that was possible. Then Friday night she kept telling me that we’d go in the morning. Well, boy, did we ever go!!!


I LOVE car rides!!

I could barely sleep Friday night I was so anxious with anticipation about where we were going. I woke mom up early. I thought we were going for a walk, but we ended up going for a car ride! We rode for an hour and half.

Mom told me we were going to Fort Clinch. I had no idea what that meant, but when we got there, we leashed up and went for a 6 mile hike! It was great! Mom said I did really good and stayed ahead, but didn’t pull, the whole time. We stopped every couple of miles so I could get something to drink and eat some treats. I needed all the treats I could get for energy!


Mom, don’t feed the alligators, okay?

After the hike, we got back in the car and rode another hour and a half back to meet dad and some new friends for lunch! Even though it was a little chilly out, mom and dad found a place that had outdoor seating so I could join them and their friends. I had never met their friends before, but they seemed pretty nice and they smelled like they might have some doggies at home too.

After lunch, mom took me to pick up the groceries. I didn’t really like the back opening up by itself, but the girl that brought the groceries out was really nice and told me how handsome I was (duh!).


I’m just going to rest my eyes for a minute.

I couldn’t nap long because we had other friends coming over for dinner and Mom insisted I have a bath. Even though baths are not my favorite, I had a pretty good day and I couldn’t complain much. The only downside to my long hike is that I had 3 ticks! Mom saw one of them when I was getting a bath and got it out. She and dad checked me over good, but 2 more showed up later. I didn’t trust mom and dad to get the ticks off me, so Aunt Betsy came over and she got them so I didn’t need to worry about getting sick! Mom’s going to keep an eye on the spots just to make sure that nothing comes of it. Thanks, Aunt Betsy, for your help in keeping me safe from the nasty ticks!

Dec 14

Wordy Wednesday: I’m Going to Grandma’s

That’s it. I’ve had it. I’ve done everything I can to make him hate me. I lick his nose all the time. I bark at him when he gets off the couch, when he comes in from a walk, when he’s getting ready for a walk. I just don’t get it. Why does he love me SO MUCH? Last night, he really crossed the line.

I mean WTH? Do I want to cuddle? NO, I do not want to cuddle. YES, there is plenty of room for both of us on this bed. But does that mean we both need to lay here together? NO.

As you can see, I had no choice but to go to my man cave. At least he can’t fit in there. This morning, I packed up and asked mom to take me to Grandma’s for a few days for some peace and quiet. IMG_3848-0.JPGAt least I know that Allie isn’t going to try to cuddle with me. Mom begged me to change my mind, but let’s be honest – with mom and dad going to Minnesota and Moby’s buddy Michael coming to stay at the house, Moby is just going to be all the more cuddly. Don’t worry though, I told mom that she could pick me up when they got back to town. (Sorry, Michael for making you take over the cuddling duty – I just couldn’t take it anymore!).




Sep 14

Our Trip to Maryland (aka Leaving the Boys in Search of Farm Animals)

On the 5th of September, we woke up extra early, gave Moby a kiss (Boney was already at Grandma and Papas), assured him he would have an awesome time with Greg and started driving north. Our destination? Crystal Springs Farm in Keedysville, MD. It was an 11 hour drive – leaving at 5:30 in the morning, we could have easily done it – but we decided to only go “part way” to Fredericksburg, VA the first day. This allowed me plenty of time to make several rope bones in the car. I ran out of fleece with about 2 hours left!IMG_3126.JPG

At 9 hours, we wouldn’t have too far to go the next day. Joe went to school in Fredericksburg at Mary Washington College WAY back in the day ;) They were having First Friday so a lot of shops and galleries were open later that evening. We enjoyed a nice walk around downtown, stopped at some nice stores (my favorite was Dog Krazy!) and got a good nights rest. As luck would have it, there was a gun show in Fredericksburg that weekend (Joe claims he didn’t know this when we stopped) but it allowed me some time in the fitness center before we started to our final destination.


Dog Krazy selection – couldn’t come home empty handed!

We live in a beautiful area with ocean views, marsh views and beaches. But there’s nothing like the rolling hills of Virginia – especially when you see the open pastures full of horses or cows or my favorite…grapes! We stopped at a cidery on the way to the farm. It was good, but not my favorite. We stopped in small town just 15 minutes from our final destination. Boonsboro, MD was having their Boonesborough Days Festival and Joe’s friend Nick from Duvall Leatherwork had a booth set up. It was good to stop in and see him (I met him for the first time!) He has some awesome leather goods – from belts to dog collars and leashes to growler caddies!

We finally arrived at the farm – just in time to help set up for that evenings entertainment – a fire dancer, a hula hooper and a burlesque dancer were all coming out to the farm from the city! A large group of people showed up and we had a great time. Since that would take up our evening, we had to be sure to feed the animals beforehand (that would become my chore for the week!).

We had to feed Teddy and Sadie (the dogs), Buddy, Holly and Charlie (the sheep), Boarge (the boar), Violet and Chessie (the sows) and Chessie’s piglets. There are also chicken, but they tend to eat everyone else’s food, so I didn’t have to worry about them.

We had a long weekend (into the week) full of visits to a meadery, a cidery, several wineries (Hiddencroft, Doukenie, Breaux, & Hillsborough) and a distillery. Added to this fun was incredible home canned veggies (Carrie is awesome!), cheese, crackers and catching up with friends!

We had some exciting times at the farm (Boarge managed to escape his pen twice – luckily he, like most men, will answer to food), visited Antietam Battlefield, strolled downtown Frederick and Hagerstown, ate some super yummy food, drank some super yummy wine, and relaxed and enjoyed time with friends! We even made time for a morning trip to meet Melvin and Jake (and Tracey)!

We had a great week, but were happy to arrive back home to our own “farm animals.”

Thanks, Emily & Troy for hosting us for the week – we can’t wait to come back and work on some projects with you!

Readers – if you are even remotely in the area of Keedysville, MD, we suggest friending Crystal Springs Farm on facebook – watch for open houses, entertainment and fresh pork! It’s worth a stop in to see the historic farmhouse that also served as a field hospital for the Battle of Antietam!

Sep 14

Please Excuse This Interruption in Service

Mom and dad went on vacation. I’m staying with Grandma, Papa and Allie. Moby is apparently having a week long frat party at the house with his bro, Greg. (BTW, I totally should have gotten an invite to that – pugs know how to party hard!) Anyhow – we’re taking a break from the blog for a week. But stay in touch with us on our Facebook page and we’ll be back before you know it!

Aug 14

Moby Monday: A Long Weekend with Nat

First off, Thursday was my FIVE MONTH adopt-a-versary! And what did mom and dad get me? A new friend!!

Mom and dad left on Thursday to go to Chattanooga, TN for the TN State Silhouette Championship (dad was shooting, mom went for fun). They took Boney to Papa and Grandma’s and they left me all alone to enjoy the weekend with my new friend, Nat. Nat had come over for dinner on Wednesday night to play with me and for mom to give him all my instructions (come on, mom, don’t embarrass me by telling him about my nightmares!).

Nat had to work late on Thursday, so Grandma came over to feed me. It was nice to see her without Allie and Boney – I got some extra love and cuddles!! When Nat came home, I wasn’t really sure what to think, as he’d only been there with mom and dad before. It took me a little while to realize that he was going to be spending the weekend with me, but once he started dishing out the treats and getting all the rope bones out, I knew we were going to have a great time!


We played and played and played. Then we would rest/snuggle on the couch together. Then we played some more. Watched a little TV on the porch and played some more. He even had some friends over that played with me too!! It was super awesome and I got really tired out!

IMG_2870.JPG IMG_2871.JPG

All in all, I missed mom and dad, but I had a really good time and I hope Nat doesn’t wait until mom and dad are gone again to come play with me. Mom told me he was moving away though, so I might not see him for a while. She also told me that I have another friend, Greg, coming to stay with me very soon! I can’t wait!!