Posted by Miranda

I love it when the UPS man comes. I love that the dogs can hear him from a block away. Today, a gift arrived for Dixie. A few weeks ago, on Fab.com’s Pet Thursday, I ordered a few items. One of them was a reflective collar lined with pink for Dixie. She often gets mistaken for a boy so I try to buy her girly things whenever possible.

Her collar looks great AND it’s from a manufacturer in Sweden (bonus for me, as I have Swedish heritage)! What I really like about the collar is its just a Velcro on, so she doesn’t have to wear it all the time – only when we go for runs.

The bad part (for Dixie) is that it’s too hot for her to run with me right now and she’ll have to wait until fall to test it out outside. Below is a picture of her modeling the collar in her favorite guard dog pose in her dads office.


What do you think?