I’m Sexy and I Know It


Today was a big day! I went to see Dr. Arbo for my Annual Wellness Exam and found out I had lost 8 lbs! (Mom asked them to weigh me twice just to be sure) I knew that all that jumping on and off the couch and chasing Brutus around would pay off!

After I got a few treats at the vet (maybe I’m getting too thin!) we went to see Aunt Betsy. I thought we were just stopping by to say hi since she usually comes to us for bath time. But nope – mom left me with her for what seemed like forever so I could clean and get rid of my minor case of the itchies.

Now I feel like a brand new pug just in time for the weekend.

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  1. Congrats! Now if you could only send some of your weight loss mojo my way! 😉

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