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I’m not sure how many of you know this, but mom has another name – The Island Baker.  She makes treats for people – mostly cupcakes and pies.

She’s always made treats for us every now and then, but she recently decided to add PupCakes to her every day menu.  A friend of a friend called and was having a birthday party for their french bulldog, Rhett.  (I didn’t get to meet the birthday boy, but mom and dad did and they said he was pretty cool.)  Rhett’s mom said there were going to be a few guests, so they decided on the small PupCakes.  Mom knew that I’d go crazy when she was baking, so she mixed enough stuff together to make me a large PupCake.  She didn’t frost my cake, but I did get to sample the different frostings that she put on the small ones – YUM!

Mom is also making peanut butter treats to sell by the 1/2 lb.  I like that idea, because anything over the 1/2 lb mark has my name on it!  I think quality control is uber important, so I’ve decided to take the title of Head Taster.

I hope you all have a treat filled week and are enjoying these Dog Days of Summer!


  1. The peanut butter treats – will your mom be selling those by mail? I’d love to buy some for my pups!

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