Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately, I’ve been getting into a little bit of trouble lately.  Yesterday I was really bad, so mom picked up all my toys, put them away and shut the lid. To some of you, that wouldn’t be a big deal because you could just use your noses to open the lid back up.  But being a pug, it’s not that easy for me.

Anyway, back to how I got in trouble.  As many of you know, one of my favorite things to do is be the boss (or King Boney as my Uncle Mark calls me).  I chase after Brutus, barking and growling and nipping at his tail.  He usually just pretends I’m not there which I HATE.  I want him to be afraid of me!  Dad always tells me that I’m super lucky that he doesn’t turn around and set me straight just one time.  I think he knows better because he’ll probably get in trouble if he does.  We got into a fight once over a rawhide and because of that, we can’t have those in the house anymore.  Brutus was pretty bummed about that because they were his favorite.

Well, yesterday I was chasing Brutus around and I decided that I would antagonize Dixie.  Really, I love her and if she wasn’t my sister, I would totally ask her out because she is very pretty and tough!  But, I was in a bossy mood and couldn’t help myself.  Well, as I said she’s tough and she doesn’t take anything from anyone (except Mommy because she totally loves Mommy).  She turned on me in a heartbeat and let out a big scary growl and bark.  She didn’t bite me or anything, but I could tell she meant business.  And to make it worse, I was the one that got in trouble.  Dad said that he had been telling me to stop being bossy and mind my own business.  So, that’s how I got put on toy restriction.

This morning I sat by my box, whined and looked longingly at Dad hoping that he would give in and open my box.  I even got up and walked around the corner to find mom and gave her my best “I love you and I’m sorry I’ve been bad” look.  What did she do?  Grabbed a camera to take a picture of me!  That’s not what my goal was.

And to make it worse, she gave Brutus his purple ball RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!  Eventually, my box was opened and before Mom went to work this morning, I had three toys out.  Probably not the best way to get on her good side, but I couldn’t decide which one to play with! Now I’m probably going to take a few naps and get some more playtime before mom comes home.

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  1. you are so lucky to you don’t have to be in a kennel when your Mom is gone.
    Our Mom was gone today to the homeless shelter where she volunteers and we spent most of the day in our “respective rooms”. But now we are out and barking at any dogs that go by. Someone has to protect the yard.

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