So tired…

Posted by Brutus

Last night, we were all on the couch ready for bed. Mom got comfy with her pillow and blanket and I snuggled up next to her and settled in for a good nights sleep (with maybe a couple snacks thrown my way). Dixie came out to snuggle with us too.

Dad put Boney to bed a little too early last night. He started barking almost right away. Mom knew that dad had to get up early (a little later than our normal time) so she went and got Boney to sleep with us. BIG MISTAKE.

1) I know Boney is my brother, but I really don’t like to share mom with him at night.
2) When I try to sleep, he comes up to me and licks my nose incessantly. ANNOYING.
3) He doesn’t understand boundaries in regards to mom’s pillow.
4) He has no sense of time at all, which means that he wakes us all up every couple of hours thinking that it’s time to get up.

All of this results in the following:

20120726-205009.jpgBoney is wide awake.

20120726-205046.jpgDixie is so tired that she is almost falling off the couch.

And I am snoozing next to dad – waiting for my next snack time.


So, my hope is that Boney either sleeps with dad or in his own bed tonight – we could all use some extra zzz’s. I hope you all have a good sleep tonight too!

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  1. Simon,Midnight and Curley

    We don’t have a problem sleeping with Mom-Aunt Cathy. Midnight , Curley and I jump up on the bed, give Mom many kisses, I jump down onto my bed ( because Midnight growls at me ) then we all go to sleep. No noise until 5:45 when we need to go out. Simon

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