Under Pressure…

A couple of days ago, we were selected to receive the Liebster Award from our friends over at Oh Melvin!

This award is designed to help up-and-coming bloggers gain recognition.  The ‘official’ rules are:

1. Thank the giver(s) and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.

Oh Melvin, we think you’re pretty darn awesome!

2. Reveal your five picks (with less than 200 readers) and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

This is where it gets hard for me because 1) most of the blogs I read have already received this coveted award once, if not multiple times and 2) I can only assume that you all have 200+ readers – you are just that fun to follow!  I’ll try to share the love and if I bestow this award upon you and you’ve had it before, well – I apologize and won’t blame you for not following the rules.

3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.

See above.

4. Hope that the people you’ve sent the award to forward it to their five favorite up-and-coming bloggers and keep it going!

But if you don’t, I’ll totally understand.

Now…for the title of the post.  I totally feel under pressure to mandate blogging nights for each of the doggies in order to keep all my new followers (I’m hopeful!) coming back for more.  And I hope it goes without saying that Love and Six Foot Leash, Two Pitties in the City, Wayward Dogs, Our Waldo Bungie, Oh Melvin and the rest of the 20+ blogs that I check out on a daily basis (no wonder I don’t have time to blog myself!) know that you often bring a smile to my face.  I’m passionate about my kids and I’m excited to know that there are so many others out there that feel the same way.


  1. CONGRATS! And ditto to Emily’s comment. You post at the rate you feel comfortable with. It’s your blog – your rules. 🙂

  2. Congrats on the award! Also, I totally understand the pressure to post regularly. Like Tracey said, just post at a rate that makes you feel comfortable and that you enjoy. The best posts are the ones that are truly from the heart – not just written just to post something! 😉

  3. First off, congrats!!! Second, I totally understand the pressure part. The most important thing is to enjoy the blog, if that means you post daily, weekly or a few times a month, then that’s all good!

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